Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th February 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode kick starts with the wild twins on to new mischief. This time the get the garden pipes onto the kitchen window and one other part of the house. They hide with the thought one enemy is going to be down.

Meethi comes over to the garden and opens the valve. Raashi and Hetal get caught in the water onslaught. Somehow they call out to Meethi to close the valve. Needless to say the twins are in glee.

Raashi while taking Meethi to task, notices footprints in the muddy ground. Raashi follows the footprints and twins get caught.

Later the running race is on. Tolu – Molu end up in their room and lock themselves up. They do not open the door despite threats and pleas.

The twins see Radha’s cellular phone and they call up police

and report falsely that they are being abused / beaten up by their parents.

Just as Police arrive, the twins rush out, others chase them. Raashi picks up a broom and ends up in the hall, face to face with the Police.

Despite Jigar, Raashi, family and even Kokila’s pleas and explanations, Jigar and Raashi are taken into custody for further investigations.

Modi family also go to the Police Station, leaving the children in Radha’s care.

The children are happy, that one of their enemies, Raashi, is out of the way, and they play indoor cricket.

While playing the twins break few antiques pieces.

Hereabouts the L P Gas delivery man comes and delivers the cylinder, while leaving he cautions Radha and informs of the safety measures.

Radha then tries to caution the twins about playing indoors but the twins say they do not like her and they send her away. Radha leaves, goes out of the house. Radha also said that one fine day the twins would blow up Modi Home.

At the Police Station the Officer does not accept any of the explanation from Jigar and Raashi ; Hetal is asked to keep quiet by the Officer.

In the Modi Home the twins smell something odd, I believe is gas leakage, they meddle and search for matches.

In between, Gopi is agitated that something ill is bound to happen and prays to her Lord Sri Krishna. She sings a song or a bhajan.

Urmilaa calls up Raashi and Raashi tells her that she is at the Police Station.

There is also a scene involving Urmilaa brainwashing Pappu, Kinjal comes over and the usual tiff takes place.

The twins feel suffocated and then while going to get the matches in the Puja area they fall unconscious at the step of the base where the Lord Sri Krishna’s Idol is kept.

Savitha is going past the Modi entrance gate, smells the leaked gas, and finds the house locked, calls Hetal and informs her of the gas leak ; just as overbearing Urmilaa enters the Police Officers room.

The Episode Ends On Shocked Faces Of Modi Family – They Have Their Wide Eyes Open ! ! !

Precap :- Modi family rush in to Modi Home. Bit later Jigar finds the unconscious twins ; Jigar and Raashi pick up the two children and try and revive them. Rest of the family are mute spectators.

Update Credit to: Manzz

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