Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Urvashi tells that these people accusing my jaggi. Gopi says I shall talk to Sheetal before, since she came here she was trying to come closer to him. Jaggi asks her to come with him to Sheetal’s house. Gopi says you can’t go there else you might have to go to jail. She says we shall not take any wrong step, and have to think wisely. Jaggi asks shall we keep quiet then. Urvashi asks him not to take any wrong step.

Meera asks Chanda, why she is doing this? She says you have our amanat with you, and asks her to try and understand. Gaura asks what happened to you, and asks her to be act wisely. She asks her to get the windows covered with wood and says you will not go out from house now. Meera says but….Gaura says she should be happy that she is staying in this house, and carrying

the baby although she is like a servant. She says let her do the things only in the room. Once Meera and Vidya comes, Gaura smiles. Chanda thinks Gaura is playing her band inorder to teach them a lesson.

Gopi says we will make Sheetal speak the truth and says she has an idea. Pari asks Kokila not to feel bad and says Gopi couldn’t see anything beyond Jaggi. Mona says Jaggi was hiding behind Gopi’s pallu. Pari says Gopi was behaving strangely and supporting Jaggi. Kokila asks them to shut up and says both Gopi and Jaggi are dead for me. She says I couldn’t think that Jaggi could do such a bad thing, and says she felt bad to see that Gopi is supporting wrong.

Sheetal receives a phone call from a person telling her that he will take her interview and asks her to come alone and speak against Modis. Sheetal says no, and refuses to come. Man tells her you will get more famous after this news, and may be you will get film chance. Sheetal agrees to come. Man asks her to come at 9 am and sends address.

Gaura tells Chanda that her children will be born in the room. Chanda is shocked and thinks what she will do now. Meera and Vidya looks on shocked too and leave. Sheetal comes to the place where man called her. Meera brings rope. Gaura asks Meera to tie rope onto Chanda’s foot and says you can roam freely and can even dance. She says mahurat is good and asks them to tie the rope. Meera makes Chanda sit and ties her foot with rope. Gaura says now she will roam freely and we can sleep peacefully. Gaura laughs. Chanda looks on.

Sheetal asks the person if he is from dhamaka times. She asks the person not to come near her and gets scared. The person’s face is hidden with a mask and specs. He /she holds Sheetal. Sheetal tries to protect herself and runs away.

Meera is grinding something in the kitchen. Vidya says it is done. Meera tells that she is very tensed and says if we have done right by tying Chanda’s foot. Vidya says Chanda would have eloped from here, and she will try again. She says once delivery happens we will free her. Meera says we don’t have any option left. Vidya says we will take care of her. Meera says I am just worried and asks if you are doing injustice with her. Vidya says no, and asks her not to think like this.

Sheetal is still in the factory. The person(may be Gopi) comes to her and tries to force herself on her. Sheetal pushes her and tries to hit her with rod. The person’s mask is removed, and Sheetal is shocked to see Gopi. Gopi removes her specs and hat. Sheetal says you.

Pari and Mona talk about Kokila’s reaction. Pari says she will have tea and snacks once Kokila shouts on Gopi. Urvashi hears them and says we don’t need any outsider enemies. She says you people are seeing tamasha. Pari says you are misunderstanding us. Urvashi says I heard everything and says when a person is in trouble, all family members should support that person, if not then don’t don’t make fun of him. She says Kokila’s matter is different, she is upset now. She goes. Pari tells that this illegal bahu gave us lecture. Mona asks her to relax. Pari says why we shall support this illegal mother- son duo, and says Kokila and Gopi was enough to give us an earfull, but now these people. Mona says we will teach everyone a lesson.

Gopi asks Sheetal if she knows now how it feels when a man touches a woman forcibly and forces himself on her. Sheetal says yes. Gopi says this is the truth that nothing happened with you, else you wouldn’t have come here to give interview. She says I had a doubt on you since long, when you came to wrestling ground, I had my eyes on you. She says you was trying to get closer to Jaggi and asks her to confess. Sheetal cries and apologizes to Gopi. Gopi says you have accused Jaggi badly. Sheetal falls on her feet and says Jaggi is innocent. She says I was out of my mind to accuse him and says sorry. Gopi asks I want to know your motive behind this and asks her to tell. She says I can’t agree that you have done this step alone, and asks who filled this dirty thing in your mind.

Police comes to arrest Jaggi. Jaggi says I haven’t done anything wrong. Inspector asks him to tell infront of magistrate. Gopi comes and stops the Inspector.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Thanks MA for the fast update, even-though Gaura and Chanda are together it’s funny to see Chanda suffering, lol, how does it feel to be tortured the same way she did to Meera and Vidya? XD hopefully her track will be over and there will be happiness in the family as for Kokila, she should move on and accept Jaggi and Gopi as a married couple. Least Jaggi will keep Gopi safe and not hurt her like her ex husband Krishna, who Kokila forced Gopi to marry thinking she’ll be happy with him, now when Jaggi came, Gopi is happy, just Kokila and her stubborness, like Gopi can’t be a widow for Ahem all her life. She has to move on and be happy. Grow up and move on. -,-

  2. Los directores deben terminar esta serie.

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Everyone see the Spanish barking dog?.

      1. Tu retrasaste

      2. lol Sid, I am learning Spanish so I know what he is saying, bet he is using google translate, doubt he can speak it, like Hola, comas estas? John es estúpido por pensar que puede hablar español cuando realmente lo está haciendo a propósito ya que ustedes pueden hablar inglés e hindi. Puedo hablar español así que sé lo que está diciendo la mitad del tiempo lol

        This is what I said by the ways- John is stupid for thinking he can speak Spanish when really he is doing it on purpose since you guys can speak English and Hindi. I can speak Spanish so I know what he is saying half the time lol

        I can speak French and learning German to. 😛
        Is it okay if I call you Sid rather than your full name? Easy to write.

      3. Also Sid, John is saying this in Spanish- The directors must finish this series. for the first comment and in the second one either he means you go away or this, you delayed. lol

        You delayed

    2. Boss(Siddarth)

      Mental John u dnt hav guts to speak in English so u are loudly barking in Spanish

      1. Callate estupido idiota. Tan solo Vete

      2. Shut up you stupid idiot Just go away- this is what he meant when saying callate estupido idiota. Tan solo vete. Even if he can speak Spanish, why not say it in English rather than make a fuss and writing in Spanish? like are you taking the mick out the other guys who can’t speak Spanish but English and Hindi? That what you implying John? I can Spanish, but not fluently, still learning but still don’t need to call someone stupid or a idiot like don’t want another argument, like last time. Though I was there but I read it and not having another. Please respect each other and try to get along lol

  3. Isaaq

    Omg Nandi I was almost in danger today. My biggest enemy of all time who is the only one who has managed to defeat me so far, an evil psycho who was obsessed with me and claimed to ‘love me’. He was so close but I kept my identity hidden. It’s been almost 8 years and thankfully my identity was not exposed.

    I’m keeping my identity hidden as I don’t my old enemies to harm my lover. I know my life is a drama serial? But unfortunately I have to resort to these things in order to protect my loved ones. I’m keeping my identity hidden so that I can protect my new life with my lover.

    1. Isaaq

      I don’t want*

    2. Isaaq

      But you should of seen the fear on his face. He knew and sensed something bad was going on. He’s suffering now and I saw the sorrow on his face. He kept looking back as he felt this bad luck coming to him. But he never realised that the girl who punished him for his evil deeds was behind him. The same girl who had lost her friends and family’s support. That same girl rose and destroyed his evilness. Today he felt that bad luck coming to him again and he was scared that he quickly ran away from the place.

      That’s what you call evil being defeated. Today I saw my biggest enemy suffering and scared. From Gopi and other serial heroines,. I’ve learnt to always have faith in love and God in order to win a battle

      1. Isaaq

        He never realised that the same girl who got justice for the torture she got 8 years ago, was behind and cursing him for his bad deeds

      2. Chithu

        Although I don’t know ur full story I suppose something bad happened to u years ago from this person. Don’t worry god is with u. He will give u courage to fight him and every person coming to your path. In future everything good will happen to u

  4. episode is good and finally gopi will prove jaggi innocent but now again don’t say that kokila or pari is behind sheetal

  5. Boss(Siddarth)

    The upcoming episode of Saath Nibhana Saathiya will bring alot of twists and turns.

    Urvashi does not wants Jaggi to get arrested and go jail.

    So she requests Kokila to take her complaint back against Jaggi.

    But Kokila refuses to do as she will take revenge from Jaggi an Urvashi for Ahem’s death.

    Kokila shocked as Parag supports Jaggi

    Urvashi begs before Parag and asks him not to let his son go to jail and save him.

    Parag also feels that maybe Jaggi is innocent as nothing has been yet proved.

    So he supports Urvashi and Jaggi against Kokila.

    Parag will try to save Jaggi from going to jail.

    It will be interesting to see that what will Kokila do now.

    Stay tuned for the

  6. Chithu

    Thanks for the updates Sid. Parag is really in dilemma now because the person dead and person who is accused are both his. Want to know the secret behind all these events

    1. # his sons

  7. Chithu

    I missed yesterday’s episode. Wow good that Chanda is being tied up. Even if its Gaura’s plan I am happy that Chanda is getting a dose of her own medicine. Gaura will definitely blame Chanda and try to prove she is a well wisher. It will take Vidya and Meera a while to understand her real intensions

  8. Chithu

    Gopi did a good job as a detective. So smart of her. This will be definitely Pari’s cheap idea and Gaura pulling the strings. Kokila will never do such cheap things.

    1. Isaaq

      Thank you Chitu! Yes he did very bad things years ago that no human being will ever do. Today I’m only worried about my lover and I hope no old enemy enters my life again and harms him. My lover is too sensitive and he doesn’t want to lose me.

      He’s a really nice person and he can easily be tricked and manipulated. He has a soft heart and can break down easily. I hve to keep my identity hidden so that I can protect him. So far in 8 years, my biggest enemy doesn’t know how I look like and doesn’t know that I’m even studying law right now.

      If you want to know what he did, he liked me a lot and he wanted me to be his from the very start. I never loved him at all. There’s difference between my lover and my enemy. Both like me very much but one is evil and good. So he tortured me mentally and physically until I finally had the courage to face him. 5 years ago, my lover entered my life and suddenly my happiness returned and from there I started my new life.

      And now I’m here?

      1. Hello isaaq how are you? I don’t know about true love because i have many friends in my school but don’t know about love perhaps i am too young to give consolation to you but don’t worry my friend from now everything will be good with you ok

        Hello chitu how are you? May i ask you one ques are you married? Asking generally as a friend don’t be angry my friend you are v nice girl

      2. That’s bad. All ur hardships would be over. U both r thr to support each other mentally n physically no other person will disturb ur life
        U r really a strong girl and I am happy that but pursuing law. U will definitely b able to teach that evil person a lesson. God bless u dear

    2. Isaaq

      On a good note, I dreamt that me and my lover will have a son? It was such a confusing dream

      1. Chithu

        Wow tats nice. U r dreaming about future. Wait its going to be fulfilled soon

  9. Hii Isaaq! When i read about ur enemy above,, i was like loooool!! He is nothing just suffering for all of his sins thats why he got too scared to face you when he sensed something strange behind him,, not knowing it was actually you! You have faith in God and in ur love…So no danger will ever approach you dear! If it does then it will run away like dat psycho did today!??
    And its nice to hear about ur dream!! Its a good sign!??

    1. Isaaq

      Yh you right? Today seeing my lover happy and smiling all the time makes me happy. It brings me joy that I successfully protected him from all troubles and finally he’s really happy.

      He doesn’t even know that who has been praying for his happiness all the time. I used to cry to God to bring him happiness as I don’t want to see him fail. Now he’s finally a successful man living in London due to my efforts? I smile seeing all
      Pictures on social media, seeing how happy he is and jolly. It shows how pure my true love is for him. They say everyone successful man has a woman supporting him throughout like a dutiful wife. We aren’t married but still I fulfil my duties as a wife to protect him and support him all the way?

      1. Isaaq

        Even though I’m very modern, I have a lot of sanskaar that I’ve learnt from my parents and my lover?

  10. Hii dear sunshiners! It was an interesting episode…gopi has taken a clever step to sort out the big problem of jaggi…but this is only for few days…she will go against him and will hate him when she hears about ahem’s death!
    Friends i am really scared right now because in chennai its storming and raining heavily from last night??? now the situation has gone so worse…please pray for me the storming must stop…people are too scared to go outside due to heavy winds!!..

    1. Oh my god nandhini yes i read in the news about chennai storming don’t worry my friend/di everything will be fine v soon i will pray for you daily before go to school and if you scared over the line than come delhi

    2. Nandini I am equally scared as u as my brother is working in Chennai. He is staying alone too. I pray that all chennai people are safe and the storm pass away quickly. Stay safe

    3. Isaaq

      Nandi don’t worry. Whenever I pray for my friends and family, they are always under protection. Just have faith in God and you will always be safe

    4. huge fan of dipika kakar

      prayers prayers and prayers

  11. Hi Prateek I am not at all angry my friend. I am married n have a little daughter.

  12. Isaaq

    Hi kp? Thank you! Yh I’m very sure everything will be fine. My life is finally perfect and me and my lover are finally going towards our dreams. I’m going to become a corporate lawyer at a big international law firm and he’s going to become an accountant/auditor at a big accounting firm. He lives in London and I’m hoping to move there after my degree?

  13. Isaaq

    Thank you again Chithu!? Yh my hardships are over now because I finally have a saathiya to support me. I’m a very strong girl.
    I’m finally at peace and I’m really happy now. There’s nothing that can ruin my happiness. Like you said, from now we are supporting each other mentally and physically. Now I have my saathiya and I’m the happiest person in the world?

  14. huge fan of dipika kakar

    hi friends !! EID MILAAD UN NABI mubarak

  15. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Nandini don’t worry everything wl be Fyn ?.
    And Issaq u wl become successful lawyer Best o luck ?

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