Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with an emotional Gopi leaving Modi house. Gopi, Krishna and Pramila arrive at their house. Pramila says today Gopi will be welcomed by someone special that is Krishna’s sister. Gopi gets confused and looks at Krishna. Pramila asks Gopi that did Krishna didn’t told u about his sister. Pramila decides to leave discussing this topic and to enter home.

At Suryavanshi ‘s house Meera tells Dharam that when I started to love priyal,Vidya decided to officially give priyal to me but when I adopted her vidya and shravan attitude changed and because of the tension in the house, I decided to send Priyal to hostel so that she don’t get stressed.Dharam is shocked. Meera further instigates dharam that Shravan pointed a knife at her. Dharam goes to confront shravan.Shravan says Meera is trying to brainwash u.Dharam slaps Shravan. Vidya is shocked. Naiya and Meera smirks. Dharam says it’s good that meera sent priyal to hostel. Vidya and shravan are shocked.

In Modi house, Mona applies medicine on her cheek as Pari slapped her. Pari comes with a gift and says I slapped u so that everybody is convinced that we changed for good. Pari says that finally Gopi has gone, for us this is our independence day.They smirk.

Gopi ,after doing the rituals opens Krishna’s sister veil and is shocked to see Mansi.She moves back and recalls previous meetings with Mansi. Pramila
Says it’s not a good sign that u moved back. She gives Gopi a task .Gopi using her intelligence does the task.She enters home and hugs Mansi.

PRECAP -Pramila and Mansi comes with another evil plan to harm Gopi.

Update Credit to: Tanvi

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  1. Isaaq

    One problem is that Cvs will drag Mansi track just like they dragged Gaura and Radha track.
    We will probably see Mansi vs Gopi for another year. I wonder what Gopi will do to Mansi. I hope Mansi doesn’t end up reallt evil and Gopi ends up trying to kill.her.

  2. I just love the twist and turns in this serial. Amazing job directors.

  3. This serial is just getting better day by day. Good job writers.

  4. The show is again moving down from meera vidya side. Anyway what we can do ? Nothing it is just decided by mad and mental writers.
    I think when ahem enter the show he acts as new person with no past memories. And he mis behaves with othes . Suddenly he see gopi and kokila and phr us ko sb yad ajay . Or wo gopi ko support kary in reuniting m0di family and in business.

  5. Who is this mansi? Can anyone tell me why she hates gopi and try to take revenge

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