Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

m this. Kokila starts her moral gyaan and says she is her inspiration and the one who stood behind family their thicks and thins. She should get Meera and Vidya out of this. She further says that she saw Gaura speaking over phone to someone and smiling, so she feels Dharam is not dead and it is must be Gaura’s plan to punish Meera. Gopi says even she feels same and she will get truth out at any cost. Kokila says they have to go to Gaura’s house to find out clues.

Kokila with Gopi goes down and tells Hetal and others that they have to go to Gaura’s house to prove Meera innocent. Sona consoles Gopi and says not to worry, everything will be alright Gopi says she knows she is trying her best to convince Pari, but she should not let anyone harm her dignity. Sona nods yes. She continues her moral gyaan.

Shravan asks Durga to have some food. She says no, without Dharam, there is no meaning to her life and it is better if she dies. Shravan cries not to say that.

Inspector and constables torture Meera and ask her to accept that she killed Dharam. She reminisces Kokila’s words not to utter anything and deny that she killed Dharam and repeats same. Inpector tortures her more and shouts to accept that she killed Dharam as Gaura gave her statement and told she wanted divorce from Dharam. Meera says she wanted divorce, but she loves Dharam. Constable pulls her hair and says she will feel more pain if she does not utter truth. Inspector says it is time to present her in front of magistrate. Meera cries why did Dharam leave her alone.

Precap: Kokila tells Gaura that even she knows Meera is innocent. Gaura looks at her silently.

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  1. Why is durga behaving like this…did really presence of dharam mattered to him???….what rubbish..

  2. So small!!

  3. I think durga will help find the truth n saves meera

  4. forget that stupid durga she is not going to save meera,did u not see her slap meera on the day of dharam [email protected]

  5. I hope meera get set down for murder because I can’t stand her an as for her family it one rule for them an another one for everybody else because Kokila an Gopi say so

  6. Ohh all this foolish drama and more nonsesnses creating by Gaura. When will this drama end. Please close this chapter for once and for all.

  7. Precap-kokila ask gaura that she even know meera is innocent but gaura taunts her.Gopi says lets ask dharam so that he can tell the truth.Gaura is shocked…

  8. I think it means gopi n kokila r succesful to find dharam

  9. Here the precap is incomplete

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