Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ahem asks Kokila to come to the doctor. Kokila refuses saying she have to go to God. Gopi asks what are you saying. Ahem says you have to go to hospital. Hetal comes and asks what happened so suddenly. Kokila says my time has come to go. Doctor comes and checks Kokila. Everyone gets worried while the Doctor checks her. Kokila tells Hetal that it is good that you all came. I wanted to see you all before going, but couldn’t see Baa. Doctor tells that she didn’t get a heart attack, but we have to admit her in the hospital. Ahem says that is what I am saying. Kokila asks them to listen to her before she dies. She asks Ahem to fulfill her last wish. Ahem says nothing will happen to you. Kokila asks Ahem to accept Gopi as his wife. Mansi gets upset while everyone gets shocked.


gets irked and leaves from there. Kokila continues that she wants to see them as husband and wife as one last time. Ahem says he won’t do as such and asks her to leave her stubborness. Kokila says you are my son, please accept my Gopi bahu as your life partner. She says she will not die easily and will not get Moksha. Gopi says we will not listen to you and asks her to come to the hospital. Kinjal sees some people taking Mata Rani and gets an idea. She thinks if Maa can do a drama then why not she?

Ahem and Gopi are holding Kokila and taking her outside the house. Kinjal starts acting and asks how can you take my mum from us. You have to save her. She asks how can you do this? You have to get her well. Ahem asks her to get up and Maa will be fine. Gopi assures her that Kokila will be fine. Kinjal says she can’t see her mum in pain and tells Mata Rani to treat Kokila. Doctor says your mum is not well and asks him to take her to hospital. Kokila asks Ahem to accept Gopi as his wife before she dies. She says I saw love for her in your heart. She asks him not to fight with her. Mansi is angry. Kokila says she won’t ask anything again. Gopi asks her to calm down. Kinjal thinks what will happen if Ahem falls in Kokila’s trap. Kokila refuses to go to hospital. Kinjal starts her acting and asks her to punish her instead of her mum. Kokila tells Ahem what you are thinking. She asks him to accept Gopi and gives her promise.

Kokila forwards Ahem hand towards Gopi’s hand, but before they could hold each other hands, Kinjal starts acting and says she can risk her life for her mum. She throws the burning coal and takes oath that she will walk on it until Kokila gets fine. Everyone gets shocked. Urmila wonders about Kinjal’s act. Doctor says Kokila’s health may deteriorates if they get late. Dhaval says he won’t let her walk on it. Gopi says it is blind faith and you don’t have to really do it. Kinjal says Mata didn’t listen to me, I won’t step back from my words. Kokila asks Ahem and Jigar to stop her.

Kokila again asks Ahem to accept Gopi as his wife, infront of her eyes. Kinjal gets shocked and thinks she will have to walk on the coal. She starts walking towards it, but Ahem stops her. He tells that he will fulfill her oath. Everyone get shocked. Gopi says you will not do as such. Ahem says he will fulfill her mannat. Meera asks him not to do. Vidya asks him to stop. Jigar asks her not to do it. Kinjal says she will fulfill the mannat. Ahem says I can’t see walking on the coal. He says I will fulfill the mannat. Everyone plead him not to walk on it. Mansi speaks up and asks him not to do it. Ahem starts walking towards it. Everyone gets tensed. He forwards his foot to keep it on the coal. Kokila gets shocked.

Kokila tells that truth is that she is not ill. She says I lied so that you returns to Gopi and family. Ahem gets shocked and asks her to stop.

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  1. This serial is full of twists and turns. That is why I love this shows. All the casts are so good actors and actresses. The best Indian shows ever.

    • asal

      You are the most disguesting person with the most disguesting comment I have ever read. If you can not wait for the update than get off your lazy ass and watch the serial yourself! Have some respect and watch what you say! You sit there waiting for the update instead of getting of your ass and doing something productive. Smh dumb f***

    • janu (john ka beta)

      hey disgusting person don’t spread grabage. keep it with youself. do respect of public forum

  2. Sharmi

    Maybe kokila is sick but she lied and said that she is not so ahem doesn’t walk on hot coal. Stupid kinjal put her own mother’s life in jeopardy for her selfish means.

  3. bhagirathjanjaria

    the most disgusting and boring serial.why this serial is still running do not understand

    • janu (john ka beta)

      why are u watching this serial? no one kill u if u don’t watch this serial. believe me

  4. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

    dia kokila ahem & vidya r living in urmilas house & othrs in modi house bt fr tuday dey hav cm to see kokila to urmilas house thatsall

  5. Xxxx

    Hey writer please make Gopi and ahem get together. Hope he understand his family comes first .
    Also hope nothing happen to kogila modi. She needs to see Gopi and ahem are happy .
    Then will be another drama with Kinjal to kick her out from modi house. That’s going to be too much for Gopi. Instead time for them to have peace in their lives . Oh boey!!!!!

  6. janu (john ka beta)

    ahem should be slapped by gopi n gopi must end her all relation with ahem how n why do a women tolerate thus type of disgusting man who insult her why?? gopi should throw out ahem from her life n takes a fresh start with dignity.

  7. janu (john ka beta)

    i m sorry liya actually many girls blame for misbehave ( truly misunderstanding) so i don’t know u like or dislike if i comment for u so i did it n sweet n achu know me so i am frankly chating with them if u blv on me thn take a step toward u “” Hi liya good morning have a nice day 🙂 well how r u??””

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    Please maintain the harmony of the site.

    Your’s Sincerely,
    TU Team.

  9. janu (john ka beta)

    yes liya n look at strict warning form tu no personal discussion so nw i m thinking about meera i hope she will turn in positive character

  10. janu (john ka beta)

    initially paridhi was not good but gradually her character turn in positive so may be possible with meera also

  11. OMG first tym saw meera laf in fridays episode i think she suits that character more than being mean also i wish this happend meera nd vidya found da truth out as to why gopi lft em nd den dey tried gtin der parents bk 2 gether coz it propaa killed it by none ov her daughtes forgivin her nd i hope it becomez a happy fam again

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