Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gaura forces Kokila to dance on disco song ye mera dil pyaar ka deewana…instead of garba song. Kokila says she will not dance.

Urmila sees silver spoon at dining table and steals it. She thinks Gaura’s house is lavish than palace and starts checking each room. When she tries to enter a room where Karunesh’s ash pot is kept, servant stops her. She says she is Gaura’s samdhi’s samdhi, so nobody can stop her from seeing home and starts arguing with servant.

Gaura dances on ye mera dil… and repeatedly pushes Kokila making weird faces. she then pushes her from stage. Ahem and Gopi see her falling and hold her on time. Gopi asks if she is fine. Kokila says she is fine. Gaura taunts that she taught she has not forgotten dance, but she

has and says it is good she did not fall on floor, else floor would have damaged and she would have repaired it with dowry money. Urmila comes and asks Gopi what happened. Gaura says nothing, her samdhi is fine and asks everyone to enjoy sangeet.

Lights go off. Gaura asks servant to start generator and stop embarrassing her in front of bride’s family. A girl stand wearing veil. Everyone think who is she. Girl removes veil and everyone are shocked to see Meera.

Dhaval and pappu try to stop taxis to reach Gaura’s home, but no one stops. Kinjal taunts that she used to stop taxi in mumbai in seconds, but father and son cannot stop even a single taxi. Dhaval says this is not mumbai and says he will call rickshaw. Kinjal says she is bride’s bua and what will people say when she will go in rickshaw. Dhaval says there is no other option and she may miss her garba dance.

Meera starts dancing on meri banno ko aayegi baraat…song and apologizes family. Gopi happily hugs her and starts dancing with her.

Dhaval drives rickshaw. Kinjal starts yelling that he should be ashamed and people will insult that modi family’s damad is driving rickshaw and continues….Dhaval stops rickshaw and asks her to get out. She comes out. he says driver is ill, so he is driving rickshaw and he does not feel bad. If she continues yelling, he will drop her here and will go with pappu. She gets into rickshaw.

Kokila tells Meera that she is happy to see her here and is relieved. Gaura thinks what if this girl has changed her mind.

Kinjal asks Dhaval to stop rickshaw and says Vidya’s sasural is 5 min away and she does not want people to embarrass her that her husband drives rickshaw. She starts walking, slips and her slipper breaks down.

Jigar tells Pari that she is looking beautiful. She says she does not need his fake praises. Tolu/molu over mic tell Shravan that they will give him a best gift today. Afghan starts and tolu dances wearing female costume and molu as partner. Kokila tells Gaura that she is happy seeing her grandchildren happy and hopes nobody eyes on their happiness. Gaura says someone has already eyed their happiness…Kokila gets tensed hearing her weird comment.

Precap: Meera tells Kokila she wanted her to fight with Vidya, but she will not. Kokila hears their conversation and calls Gaura.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I don’t understand how they have made Kokila’s character into such a push over. Before no one can get pass her with their nonsense but this Gaura is pushing her physically and she still don’t get it, well the writers still make her look stupid for not seeing Gaura’s meanness

  2. I loved tolu and molu dance??…funny ep.

  3. Meera gopi dance beuttiful meera gopi ye ammannu koopid da chellam .vidya shravan kalyanam nirttungo

  4. is serioul me hamesha se sabse strong nd samajhdaar kokila ko hi dikhaya gaya hai achanak kokila itni dumm kaise hui????????????????????????????????

  5. the show is wow

  6. Nice precap.

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