Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th October 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th October 2013 Written Update

Episode begins with rashi stares at jigar who’s playing dandiya with other girl . She calls other boy and they both play. Jigar stare at her playing with other boy. Ahem and gopi are tensed to see them like that . Ahem goes and switches off the light while then gopi pushes rashi to jigar. Ahem switches on the light. All are glad to see jigar holding rashi . They both starts playing dandiya angrily. One after another trips and is out from the game except kokila-parag, rashi-jigar and ahem-gopi. Baa praises kokila’s style of playing dandiya. Parag tells kokila that they should stop and let the children play. Now only both the couples are playing . A lady says whatever happens the winner will be from modi’s. Savita is about to go when kokila stops her saying to wait

until the winner is announced. Ahem tells gopi now and she fell down. Kokila who sees this thinks that gopi did it intentionally . Rashi and jigar are announced the winners and the prizes are rings . They both exchange rings all are pleased except them and urmila who is shocked .

Gopi ahem moves aside and tells each others how happy they are as rashi-jigar won. Jigar is texting someone and goes the next side of gopi-ahem. Urmila sees him going and instantly goes to gopi and tells how they intentionally won , jigar showing off so much attitude and she’s glad that jigar changed his decision .Jigar hears this and is angry he goes and tells he didn’t change his decision and never will. He goes and gives the ring to rashi. Urmila smiles while gopi-ahem are shocked.Later, hetal asks kokila is she hiding anything and kokila tells gopi made rashi won . Hetal says her not to take tension.

Gopi tells ahem that the problem is getting more and thinks if they have made it worse. Rashi enters her room and takes her things and goes to gopi’s room. She tells ahem to sleep in her room as she can’t sleep with jigar just then kokila enters the room . She asks rashi what she’s doing in that room so later . She says she came to wish them good night . Kokila asks if she’s done she can go . After rashi leaves she too leaves. Gopi and ahem are wondering why kokila came.

Rashi comes to her room and tells jigar that they can’t sleep in one bed. Jigar tells her to sleep on the sofa. An angry rashi tries to sleep but couldn’t . She calls her mom and tells she’s unable to sleep and jigar is showing attitude towards her.

Precap- Rashi asks permission from Kokila to go to rajpalnagar . Kokila gives permission when gopi to comes and asks for the same. Kokila wonders if she’s asking that to stay away from ahem.

Update Credit to: Muskii

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