Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Doc informs Modi family that he removed water from Kokila’s lungs and her life is critical for 24 hours. Gopi cries that nothing can happen to maaji. Hetal reminisces Kokila telling that Gopi is taking care of family well, so she can die now peacefully. She cries vigorously and says she cannot lose her Kokila. Gopi consoles her and says maaji promised her that she will not leave her alone, then how will she go. She stands in front of krishna idol and lights camphor on her palm. Hetal gets worried and asks what is she doing. Gopi asks to stay away and prays god that Kokila is strength and backbone of Modi family and she cannot leave, etc..

Gaura also lights camphor on her palm and prays maatarani to take Kokila’s life. Madhuben also prays that Kokila killed

Radha through Gopi and should not live. Gopi continues praying god with her heavy dialogues to return her maaji’s life, etc… Vidya throws her camphor and hugs her.

Doc comes out of ICU. Ahem asks if mom is fine now. Doc says he cannot say anything for 24 hours. Gopi starts fighting with him how can he be unsure being a doctor. He asks her to calm down. She says she will not calm down and says Kokila is her mother. Nurse asks her not to shout. Gopi says she will and asks them to throw their degrees if they cannot save maaji. Hetal consoles her and she starts crying more vigorously and falls on floor. Jigar consoles her next.

Gopi goes back to temple area and stands praying. Ahem hugs her and says she is mom’s favorite and she should tell mom not to leave them, they cannot live without her. He walks holding Gopi’s hand till ICU room and asks to go in. Gopi says nothing will happen to maaji, she has a lot of responsibilities yet, she has to see Meera and Vidya happy, get tolu/molu married and become greatgrandmother.

Meera says Ahem that daadi will be fine. Ahem slaps her. Gopi asks what is he doing. Ahem asks Meera who is she to interfere in his family issues and says whatever happened is because of her and tries to slap her again, but Gopi stops him. He says Meera favored Gaura and planned to harm mom. He would have been better childless than have child like Meera. Gopi says Meera jumped into lake with her to save maaji. Ahem asks what is the use of fake love. She must have know Gaura’s plan. Meera walks out from there. Gopi tries to stop, but Ahem asks her to let her go. Gopi says Meera is innocent and loves maaji a lot. She tried to save maaji just like she saved her from fire. Her decision to marry Dharam is wrong, but she still loves us. Ahem says he does not need her love.

Precap: Ahem gives police complaint against Gaura for trying to kill Kokila. Inspector arrests Gaura.

Update Credit to: MA

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