Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari says she will teach Radha a lesson and needs Kokila, Gopi and Hetal’s help. Gopi says Radha tried to trouble even Kokila, so she won’t forgive Radha and is with Pari now. Hetal says she is feeling bad for Pari that she has not gotten her right as a bahu and has to face all this.

Radha reminisces Pari’s papa trying to kill her and gets worried. She receives courier and it is a wedding invitation card. She drops it on floor and asks Meera to pick it. Meera says she will not. Radha asks her to remember how she tortured her before. Gopi comes and rescues Meera and asks Radha dare not to touch her daughter again. Pari sees card on floor and asks about it. Radha says it is a wedding invitation of Rajkot’s rich businessman and she will go with them

and insult them in front of whole society. Pari says we will skip it. Kokila says without us, they will not let you in. Pari asks Meera to lock her room before sleeping as there is a news about a mad chudail/ghost wandering in houses and who knows it may be Radha. They all laugh and disperse leaving Radha irked.

Kinjal says Madhu that she knows what she is feeling and says she last time held her responsible for Radha’s menace, so she wants to apologize her. She says she and whole Modi family know that you are always worried about Modis. Madhu cries hugging her emotionally and says Gopi’s life is ruined because of her own sister Radha. Just then they hear Urmila making sound with utensils and ask what is she doing. Urmila says she is announcing Modi’s destroyal. Kinjal asks her to remember that even her gradsons are from Modi family.

Pari sees Jigar speaking on phone happily and asks what about it. Jigar says that he is opening a business in Rashi’s name and got client has accepted his proposal also. She happily hugs and even he reciprocates. He says his whole family is invited today evening for a function. She says she will inform this good news to whole family. He thanks her.

Dhaval sees Urmila rushing out and asks where is she going. She says she is going to get Tolu/molu from Modi bhavan as they are not safe there. He says they are safe there and asks who said her. She says Kinjal. He angrily calls Kinjal and asks her about it. She says she did not tell, but Urmila says she is lying. Dahval says whole family is there to take care of them. Urmila does not listen to him and walks towards Modi bhavan. Dhaval scolds Kinjal for brainwashing Urmila and walks out before she could explain.

Jigar informs whole family about him about function and asks them to accompany them. Pari happily gets an arti thali, performs Jigar’s arti and even hugs him. Jigar gets shy that his whole family is watching him and leaves for office. Hetal and Kokila talk that they should not let Radha know about this function. Pari sees Radha listening to their conversation and starts acting that they don’t consider her as their bahu. Hetal sees Radha in mirror and realizes Pari’s drama. Kokila says Pari that she is their bahu and not Radha. Pari walks out and Radha enters asking for breakfast. Kokila says once it is prepared, she will get it.

Kinjal gets a call from Gopi who invites her for Jigar’s function tonight and informs about it to Urmila. Urmila asks why is she not invited, she wants to go and scold Modi’s in front of everyone.

Radha hears Paria nd her father’s conversation that they will take her to temple and kill her by pushing her from the cliff. Radha thinks she will not accompany them.

Precap: Urmila informs Radha about Jigar’s function and its venue. Radha thinks of going there and creating a drama.

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  1. radha please dont make a drama or else it wouldnt be fun

  2. No, radha make a drama. Its more fun. Pari and Radha are so good actresses. I don’t no why people hate them so much.

  3. Radha……….. Such an idiot………… But radhas acting was good during episodes with tripti………..not now!!!!!!!

  4. when radha want to ruin gopi s life why d hell she s interupted in jigars life…. modis are so stupid tat dy listen all radha s words… ALL MEN IN MODI FAMILY ARE SPEECH LESS , help less, y cant the ladies do sum tng .. to kick radha out of the om……. Serial s gettng AWFUL day by day after RASHIs death.

  5. if not good episodes are telecasted btter stop dis stupid serial………. atlest dnt misguide the viwers ….plz……………

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