Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi takes Ricky to a store room and says this is his room and he has to stay hereon a single bed. Ricky shouts what rubbish. Gopi calls Seeta asks her to wait here until Ricky cleans his room. Ricky fumes.

Vidya asks Meera if she wants to leave her husband and children in Bhavani’s hand. Bhavani killed her husband to get Dharam, she can do anything. Meera is shocked. Vidya says she can ask Bhavani herself and says when they could handle Gaura, Bhavani is nothing. Bhavani enters and laughs that two sisters are planning against her. She is Bhavani Dharam Suryavanshi now and is bahu of this house. She will keep Vidya as she is her step daughter-in-law and will kick out Meera as she is stranger here. Meera shouts enough of her drama now, she is Dharam’s legall wedded wife

and will kick out Bhavani. Bhavani asks if she is challenging her. Meera says yes, gets water and throws on Bhavani’s face. Bhavani stands in a shock.

Ricky tries to broom store room and switches on fan. Dust falls and he yells what the hell. Seeta shows him how to broom floor and says she is just teaching him, he has to clean his room himself and she will see if he will work properly or not. Ricky mops floor and gets very tired and falls asleeep. Seeta feels sorry for him.

Gopi goes to Jaggi’s room and sees him asleep. She switches off light. Jaggi wakes up and yells why she came back to show her greatness and asks to switch on light. She switches it on. Jaggi says she is helping Ricky who insulted Seeta. Gopi says she will try to change Ricky. He says he will not change. Gopi says if he does not, it means her love is incomplete. Jaggi says whatever she tries, she cannot change Ricky.

Vidya takes Meera to her room. Priyal says she was missing Meera maa. Vidya says they were all missing her and her children will sleep with their mother after a long time.

Gopi goes to Ricky’s room, wakes him up and says it is 6 a.m., gives him gayatri mantra and asks to byheart it, he has to recite it during morning pooja. Jaggi does not see Gopi and asks Sona if she has gone to pamper her son. Sona says no.

Ricky goes out and sees Seeta drawing rangoli singing gayatri mantra. He calls her gawar babe and asks to teach it to her. She signs and teaches him.

Precap: Ricky performs pooja and shows aarti to everyone.
He drops aarti thali and Jaggi holds it. Gopi shouts Jaggi ji…Ricky walks proudly. Jaggi pulls his leg and he falls on Seeta’s legs.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I agree with jaggi
    Ricky will never change
    I don’t know why Cv brings back Ricky again maybe he’s jobless or not

    Tomorrow is Ricky Dai maa enter
    We must help sns cv always bring evil. People there

    Not romantic between leaders actors
    Very week news enter and evil plans

    Not charm in SNS angry ? with SNS cv

    1. Riana

      Dont worry Alexia Ricky is actually not a villain soon he will turn positive…As Cvs only motive to bring Ricky was showing Ricita love story…???

  2. SNS will witness high drama as Dai maa/Ricky will plan to kill Jaggi

    Dai Maa and Ricky make master plan for killing Jaggi, they cut the wire of the AC after which water spreads on the floor

    Then Dai maa puts the wire in the water so that Jaggi gets electric shock. Children are also playing there and they were about to get shock

    Just then Jaggi gives entry by jumping from his wheel chair and saves the kids

    Jaggi gets electric shock in the process of saving kids. Gopi comes there and she saves Jaggi by breaking flower pot in the water so that the mud soaks water and JAGGI IS SAVED


    1. Riana

      Maybe after this incident jaggi will be cured…

  3. Riana

    Really Awsome ????…meera splashing water on bhawani was so funny…???…Ricky is been forced to clean his STORE room…???…Meeyal scene was cute…???…Last part was funny n goood???…Precap is Shocking!!!…???

    1. Precap is Ricky /Dai maa enter ??

      Cv will drag jaggi wheel chair track maybe for 2months or three months

      Riana I hope Ricky change because I’m tired with his drama Track

      I don’t think cv will start Ricita love storyline

      Many of SNS fans want cv to shows GoGi love storyline ❤️❤️❤️?? gopi falls in love with jaggi

      Bhavini ,meevi scene was funny ?
      When Meera Threw water To bhavini
      Now Meera relaliz her mistakes

      Proof of dheera fans
      I love DhaVani jodi both rock ??????

  4. hello everyone not because i am not commenting here it means persons should point fingers at those who are loyal to ‘SUNSHINE GROUP’ i am not getting the time i have my final exam on friday and by the grace of lord shiva i hope i am successful i want to become a surgeon i am fascinated with the surgeons at the hospital when i go in with them in that operating room i have a different feeling i know i have to give it my best after all i am in there to help save a life so rishi i am still a family and i do take interest who are in the group because i am loyal it will be insulting to the members to our group if i should say it don’t matter to me who is in the group and who left that is like disrespecting my family i may not be on as often as i should but i am here i do not know when again i will be on and thanks nandhini for clarifying that i am a she and not a he lol bye

    1. Chithu

      Raven all the best for ur exams i am sure u will be the best surgeon. We r really proud of u. Go and come out with flying colors. We r waiting to hear tat gud news from u.

    2. Riana

      Thats the spirit Raven ???….People like u will always be the member of our “Sunshine group”…All the best for ur success…keep commenting…We feel proud on you…???…Bst of luck again…u will definitely achieve your dreams…???

    3. Nandhini

      Hey Raven you are welcome lol?…all the very best for ur will definitely do well in ur exam and become a reputed surgeon soon??

  5. You guys do realize that this is just a show right? This is not real life. So getting upset and angry about a show is really foolish. I understand that most of you are uneducated, but a TV show is just for ratings- there is not truth behind it. Ricky is played by an actor and so is Seeta and the rest of the cast. They read a script that is assigned to them. There is no reason to get so emotionally involved because it is just a TV show!

    1. I absolutely agree with u.

    2. Sonya johal if you want to critique ppl here tis better you can stay away
      Because all here go school and we’re educated
      If you don’t have anything to say….. better Close his mouths ? or ge hell

    3. Isaaq

      How dare you?? There are so many educated people on here. We can comment whatever we like. We understand its just a show. We aren’t getting upset about the actors and actresses, we are angry about the story.

      Do try to understand that this is a story as well and viewers can get happy or sad about any concepts in this story. I’ve studied English Literature so I understand the difference between a show and a story. This show is a play with actors portraying the story- therefore we are upset about the story, not the show itself.

      And your point about getting emotionally involved… stories are made so that readers could visualise and sympathise with characters. We cant help to get emotional about the show/ story.

      We understand this isn’t real life but it is still a story and every story deserves a happy ending.

      I’m currently watching an American tv show where a man has to save his fiancé from getting killed by the evil villain. I’m upset because I want a happy ending and I want him to save his wife so they can get married and live happily ever after

    4. Nandhini


    5. Riana

      Btw Practical Jol… (loool)…????…Do u think that we r aliens??…??…Not right??then why u came to here to get insulted…If u want to insult the show or want to give complement then its yours decission…BUT WHO R U TO SAY THAT WE PEOPLE R UNEDUCATED…People like u must be behind bars…???

    6. Riana

      And we guyzz definitely dont know that it is a serial….Actually we thought that this happening inside our Idiot Led tv boxes…???….So we r connected to Modi bhavan like neighbours…Definitely we r uneducated???….????…But its better to be uneducated if people talks like u…??

    7. Uneducated we all are educated!

  6. Whatever meera did today was right, bhavani deserve it, meera should have slap that bhavani too, then it would have been more fun.

  7. Chithu

    Precap looks interesting. Meera u have destroyed ur own life. Hope u sent Bhavani to jail forever for killing her husband and u to become more caring n attentive. I just hope they dont show bhavani harrasing vidya as her saas i am tired of vidya playing a victim

    1. Vidya is Maha like her mum gopi
      Seeta is MaHa like her saas
      So se have three Maha in one show

      SNS Cv continué to torture us include with three Maha like us

      We can call down ???????

      1. Nandhini

        Yes Alexia..we are the greatest ‘MAHANS’ to watch these three Mahans suffer???

  8. Mansi

    Superbbbbbbb episode?????????…..Bhavani’s face was to see when Meera threw water on her??????????…..Ricky cleaning his new room which is store room?????…..After how long heard Meera’s this dialogue “understand u better Understand”??????????…..Precap is also superbbbbbbb?????

  9. hello isaaq i find the serial very interesting and you sound snobbish by saying you do not care or something of the sort who left the group or who are in you think very highly of yourself my dear the higher you climb the harder you will fall the time you will take being someone’s enemy its better you stay quiet this life is too short to have enemies smile and the world will smile with you cry and you cry alone do not i repeat try to be more nice to persons i know you do not like me i am just a normal 21 year old and rishi do not mind the negative comments about yourself it will only make you stronger and do comment more often

    1. Nandhini

      C’mon!..she is being nice with you but again you are criticising her…same thing what you said in ur comment as advice applies to you.

    2. Leila I am glad u come here and comment. I really liking reading your comments as the is truth in your words.

      1. Riana

        Rishi…Why r u wasting time here??…?? Instead of that go n wash your clothes…Clean utensils…Cook for family…go for office…????…It will be best for u…????

      1. Hahahaha?????????? Riana you are the best ??????
        I like you reply to Rishi
        Isaaq be strong ?? don’t let Rishi and leila make you down ???? both of them are evil like Gaura

    3. Isaaq

      I’m not scared of any enemies at all. Who are you to say I’ll cry and they’ll smile? I’ve never accepted defeat before and I never will.

      And I will not stay quiet. There’s a reason I am very snobbish and courageous which I will not share with you.

      And enemies make me stronger, not weaker. This is the worst advice I’ve ever seen. Nobody should be quiet in this life. If we stay quiet, then we suffer and enemies laugh. My whole Childhood and early teens, I’ve had people mock me and bully me but finally had the power to stop them. I finally have the strength to protect myself and those who I love the most.

      I’m 19 and you’re 21. You maybe older than me but I’ve seen a lot in my life that has taught me a lot about life, love and family. I hav full faith in my values and upbringing. I have full faith in God.

  10. Nandhini

    I hope this time meera dont lose her brains and now better she fight for her family…jaggi is right..this ricky wont change unless any miracle happens…

    1. Hey nandhini I think Ricky will never change
      Cv don’t want its

      Jaggi is ? % right to says to gopi her son is criminal ect… will never change

      If Ricky wants change
      Ricky wouldn’t bring his so call Daiimaa to come help he
      To take revenge from GoGi
      Modi house drama and SV house drama
      Why cv do this ????????
      I’m very upset with Cv
      Cv will never learn n good lesson from us

      1. Riana

        Alexia i am absolutely not happy with this daimom’s entry…????…Btw which actress will be playing her role???…

    2. Riana

      I think jaggi should consult with God (Director) about this fake leg injury…and make him normal again…?…Btw Ricky n meera both r gopi’s children…Is it really looks??…??

      1. GOPIs children has koki blood theirs grandmother never listens to others persona in her family koki always takes wrong decision after she relaliz she will say sorry to everybody they will accept that early

        Ahem and Kinjal was the same
        Koki blood is not good ??????

        I know we hate daimas hell
        As gaura ????
        Meera will start say understand you better understand to Bhavini ?????

        Ricky says come man 3time
        Its gopis children language when they are angry ? ?????

  11. Oye u all tail of baghwan !!! That can never move from his place stay at one place and is sooooo black that even a child saw him and never sleep till three days or long saying he saw a ghost andand u all are fool saw drama stupid gopi and what a big bullshit that two brother aref same and one come after aham s death hahahaha alll are duffers fans hahaah fans of sns like fans o f pig shishit

  12. In movie kanchana u all can saw real value of baghwan . he print pics of all baghwans and pandit on his bed sheet and when he sleep on bed he pressed all baghwans under him and show them their value and did sweat on them and gave them bath with his susu and yes in pk movie the poor pk thought bagwanz are real but the bgwan is fake and the smaosa is given by a lafandar hahahaha

    1. Hey mental hospital patient just shut ur mouth and get lost or else I WL make u sit in donkey and send u back to ur aslyum???

  13. Both Gohem children are both vain.

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