Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dr. Krishna comes to Modi bhavan with baaraat. Kokila with Vidya, Urmila, Sona and Tolu brings Gopi in bridal dress. Jigar with Pari and Monnica shouts Kakijiiiii… Kokila angrily looks at him and greets Dr. Krishna and his baraat. She asks him to sit in mantap and makes Gopi sit next to her.

Panditji starts marriage mantras and asks who will do gathbandhan. Kokila looking at Jigar says she wil do gathbandhan. She ties Gopi’s pallu and Dr. Krishna’s veil. Pandital starts rituals. Gopi imagines marrying Gopi and their oaths.

Pandit asks who wil do kanyadaan. Kokila again loooking at Jigar says kanyaadan is the world’s superior daan/charity, so she will do it. She does kanyaadaan. Pheras start. Gopi again reminisces doing pheras with Ahem. Pheras finish and Pandit ask Dr. Krishna to apply sindhoor on Gopi’s forehead.

Dr. Krishna extends his hand to apply sindhoor on Gopi’s forehead. Gopi gets back her memory and stops his hand. She asks who is he and stay away from her. Whole Modi family gets happy seeing her regaining her memory and each one’s face is shown in excitement. Gopi asks Kokila why she is getting her married.

Precap: Kokila says Gopi she did this for her happiness. Gopi says he happiness went away with Ahem, she will not marry anyone now. Kokila orders she has to marry.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. the best epi so far after the leap but i think gopi will accept koki’s order and will ruin her zindagi afterwards saathiya will go off air and a new show will replace its slot.

    1. sns will never end it will run 1000 years 🙂

  2. I thinnk dr krishna will start living in modi housee after marriage

    1. hihihi modi house is dharmshala. anyone can stay here then why not dr krishna

  3. Modi house iz nthng without gopi

    1. hmmm very true

  4. Meera & radha going to enter in to the malayalam version of sns .

    1. Meera vannitt kure naalu kazhinjaaanu radha varunnath …
      Allaathe randu perum onnich alla varunne…

    2. angel r u from kerala?? happy monsoon yar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Meerakku 2 vayasu kazhiyumbozha gopiyude ammayum aniyattiyum enter cheyyunnath

      1. Wow ividayum undo malayalikkal.

  5. Bestem best serial sns

    1. yes yes yes bestum best sns 🙂

    1. wat happen??

  6. Kokila cant force Gopi to marry Krishna

  7. Oh my god what a drama…huh!! She is cheating everyone since past 4 yrs.she could wear dulhan kapade..and done all phere ..and mangalsutra..but last moment she got normal..bahut badiya ..then y did they wait for years..this could can HV done soon after the ahems death..medicine ko koyi faytha nahi..and she saying whatz going on?? What HV done in my life?? What a foolishness.. Suddenly she got memory and Kali roop ban gayi..plz stop this drama soon

    1. no i dnt think so

    2. point to be noted my lord

  8. Ithu nalla serial aanu .kokila ennulla character aanu enne attract cheythathu. Thudakathile kurachu episode maathrammis cheythu.

    1. R u from kerala ennako malayalam korachu arum.tamil ariyumo???

  9. Kokila to go missing in SNS!!!

  10. Lol wht a timing…kya time pe gopi hosh main aayi

    1. hain na kamaal ki baat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Watt how will she go missing

    1. The family will be angry with Kokila (they’ll humiliate her) and she’ll suddenly vanish. No one will know about her whereabouts.

  12. Y kokila go missing? I like koki.. Koki has to stay in the show..

  13. Very nice

  14. dr krishna masterji ka bhai to nahi jo gopi aunty se revenge lene aaya ho??

  15. its very good serial & it is based on a relationship & I love it..

  16. SubuHi ansari

    EPISODE is too good really 9c

  17. Oh there is huge amonut malayalees!Akshay bai i am from kerala u know ?& where r u from?????

    1. hey nisha i m frm rajasthan n it is bhai not bai. well hw r u??

  18. Ritvi eneku tamil nallave theriyum .

  19. Vinaya and paras i know that .bt it was a memory problem .after all they going to enter into the show . there is only a distance ie,time.
    Aur nahi tho kya ye sab logo ko enter karna hi padega

  20. Jaya you can’t say like this about sns. Its really amazing

  21. Awsome ep.

  22. Oh bhai not fine exam chal raha h. Pls mereliye prarthana karo.

  23. Whene akshay brother is here comment box bhar bhar k rahe ga .KYA JAADOO?

  24. Gopi has to marry. Or else the rest of Gopi ‘s life she will alsobspend them by suffering . Sge had been suffering since her childhood . So she will again suffer and Jigar , Paridhi and the rest of the family who stay in Modi Mansion won’t even give a dsmn to her . And she will agai suffer like she used to all this years . She will again go in coma , losing hrr memory reminicing Ahem and all that srupid . Now that she has recovered she should start her life afresh and forget Ahem atleast try to forget Ahem . If there was anyone elsein Gopi’s place then I think she wouldn’t have reacted so much as much as Gopi did all this years. I think Paridhi should have been sensible atleast as noone’s sensible at all in the Modi Mansion except Kokila not even Gopi . Gopi one day will die suffering like this .

  25. jhumkarani????

    Kokila aur gopi dono saas bahu kam…pati patni zyaada lagte hain…kyunki har wakt unko hi attention dete hain….pari jigar ki behen lagti iss naye look mein….monica ko dekho toh aisa lagta hai ki mano buddhi aurath ka make up kardiya??????????…..hetal ko koi naya look nahi diya magar baa OMG abhi bhi zinda hai……lagta hain parag duniya se gaya isliye kokila loud make up aur jewellery aur sindoor nahi pehenti…urmilla ko dekho toh aisa lagta hain ki hair mein kisini aata dal diya hon….ch**tiya banate hain 4-5 saalo thori naa kisi ke baal itne safed ho jaate hain…..aur krishna aatein ho background music dete he (murli ki taanon si)…toh aisa lagta jaise krishna ka nahi gopi ka background music ho…aur ahem aur gopi ki shaadi 4-5 baar hui phir bhi ahem mar gaya….krishna aur gopi ke shaadi keh baad….serial kaa naam hoga “saath mat nibhana saathiya”……

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