Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sameera walks in her room anxiously. She hears door knock and opens it, but does not find anyone. She sees a bouquet and a greeting written happy third month anniversary to my dear wife. She panics and runs down stairs and sees Ricky holding cake for her. She shouts this cannot happen, she had killed him. Sita, Jaggi and Urmila watch hiding. Pinku comes and Ricky hides. Sameera says she saw him again. Pinku darling takes her in. Jaggi tells Urmila that they will frighten Sameera so much that she will accept she killed Ricky. They go to room and praises Sahir for his acting. Sahir wakes up and says he did not get out of room at all. Urmila gets afraid that Sameera really saw Ricky.

Jaggi and Sita go to hospital to check Gopi. Jaggi asks Sita why she came as Sia, Sameera

and Pinku will not come here. She says she may have to go to meet Sameera irectl from here as she was sounding afraid. Doc calls Jaagi and goes to meet him. Seeta enters with Ricky. Ricky tells comatosed Gopi that he is alive and wants her to well soon. Sia/Seeta tells him that Gopi kaki is in shock hearing his death news. He thanks her for saving him and reminisces Sia saving him just before car blasted. He says he was a fool to trust Sameera and not his family. They hear Jaggi opening door and Ricky hides. Sia/Sita comes out takes Jaggi aside. Ricky silently walks out. Jaggi informs that family is coming to see Gopi and they will be here for 2 hours.

Meera peeps into Karan’s room and is shocked to see her name written on Karan’s chest. Karan sees her and wears towel. Meera says Dharam is calling him. He says he will come and thinks she did not see his chest. Meera then informs Vidya and even she is shocked that Meera’ doubt was right, Karan has planned all accidents at home.

Sia informs Ricky that Modis are going out of house for 2 hours to see Gopi, so they have 2 hours to frighten Sameera. Ricky praises her that she is helping him so much. She hopes he realizes it Sita who is helping him. They reach Modi bhavan and hide. Pinku calls Sameera and informs that she can relax for 2 hours at home as Modis have gone out. Sia and Ricky inject hypnotic and he collapses shouting. Sameera walks in and sees smoke and Pinku’s dead body. She cries. Ricky comes there and says even she will die. She pleads to spare her.

Precap: Ricky asks Sameera to kneel down and speak out all her sins, only then his soul will get peace and he will go away forever Sita records their conversation.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Riana

    Hi everyone…Today’s episode was Tremendously superb !…Precap is too good…???????

  2. Siddharth

    Jaggi gets Gopi home. Gopi’s return brings happiness in the family. Ricky calls Gopi as Maa. Gopi asks everyone did they hear what Ricky called her. She was longing for her son. She hugs Ricky. She thanks the Lord for uniting her with her son. Ricky then does puja prayers. He has turned into an ideal son. He keeps all the traditions of the Modi family. Ricky asks everyone if he can chant the Gayatri mantra, if he does any mistake, Kokila can correct him. Ricky chants the mantra. Gopi gives him prasad. Ricky says I understood today, what’s the real taste of mother’s handmade sweets. He touches Gopi’s feet and thanks her for always understanding him. Kokila always had belief that Ricky will change by the family love.

    Ricky hugs Gopi. He says now your tears will end, just happiness will come in your life. Ricky has changed completed. Everyone gets happy. Ricky apologizes to everyone for all the troubles they faced because of him. He apologizes to Sita for hurting her so much. He has done much bad with her, even then Sita has saved his life. Sita turns away to avoid Ricky. Ricky values her true love now. Sita thinks Ricky loves Sia, not Sita. Ricky tells Sita that he knows she is Sia and loves her the way she is. Ricky will be winning Sita’s love. All gets well for Modis.

  3. Siddharth

    Star Plus’ popular show ‘Saath Nibhana Saathiya’, which has been ruling the TRP charts for around seven years now, is finally coming to an end now.

    The news was confirmed by television actress Devoleena Bhattacharjee who plays the female lead Gopi Bahu in the daily soap.

    While talking to Pinkvilla, Devoleena said, “I am not happy about the show going off air. It was 8 years long show where I have spent my 6 beautiful and successful years. It is indeed sad but I am grateful to each and everyone associated to the show from the channel to Rashmi mam to my whole crew members and not to forget my strength my Fans for being supportive. I am very proud of being a part of Saathiya. Its not just a show for me. Its a part of my life and the way my family, my friends are!! But again every journey ends, So it has too. Its a beatiful journey indeed with lots of love, caring, support and critics.”

    She further added, “Saathiya has created its own landmark and it will be remembered till years and years. Gopi bahu will live like Tulsi and Parvati. I wont be able to stop myself if I get chance to talk about saathiya. So ending up saying Thank you Saathiya!! And for my fans will come back soon with something new.”

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    While she didn’t reveal the reason behind the shows end, the media reports suggest that ‘Saath Nibhana Saathiya’ is being pulled off reportedly post a conflict between the show makers and the channels.

    Earlier, Tanya Sharma, who plays the role of Meera in the show, too had expressed her emotions about ‘Saath Nibhana Saathiya’ going off air’.Tanya, while talking to to ABP, said, “Saathiya’ is finally ending, but will always stay in my memory. I have been exploring different shades in the same show. Meera was queen of her father Ahem, mom Gopi, sister Vidya, grandmother Kokila and husband Dharam’ heart.”

    Talking about her experience, Tanya was all praises for the entire team of ‘Saath Nibhana Saathiya’ and said she is going to miss the show.

    “It was a great experience working with the crew. I took breaks several times and made a comeback too. It was like a roller coaster. Every journey has to end some day. So, ‘…Saathiya’ is ending and I’m sad. I’ll be missing it, but where one journey ends another one starts. So, I’m also excited for my new journey,” she added.

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    The daily soap which also features Mohammad Nazim in the lead, will reportedly wrap up on July 23.

  4. Siddharth

    Hi my SUNSHINE Friens
    Episode was good so ricky is alive and karan is such a psycho . Friends only 13days left sns wl end and this forum also . So pls wl make maximum comments from today.
    Akshay,Raven comment daily friends . Nandhini plz come back and mansi u also comment daily soumya Isaaq

    1. hi sid sns’s last episode will be aired on 23 july. i guess aug sep me ek saal is group ko bhi ho jata. sweet memories………….!!!!!!!! yes nandi, nisha should come back. ye registration k bad login n password milega kya?

      1. Siddharth

        Yes Akshay last year on September 1st 2016 we formed Sunshine group with 5 members You me Nisha Aisha Raven we hav completed 11 months .

      2. Sayyeda

        Hi akshay, u are right nandhini and nisha should come back because sunshines love them.

    2. hi sid sns’s last episode will be aired on 23 july. i guess aug sep me ek saal is group ko bhi ho jata. sweet memories………….!!!!!!!! yes nandi, nisha should come back. ye registration k bad login n password milega kya? ?

    3. Sayyeda

      Hi boss, i love this episode, sita is rock because she save Ricky. SNS is happy drama again.

  5. Can anyone tell me about Sita & Ricky’s love song?& how can i find out this song from google?I tried but couldn’t find anything about it.Please help me

  6. i’m going to comment sometimes since the show is ending.At least Meera and Vidya know about Karan plan!

  7. Hi i’m new to this… Always read these updates as I do not understand hindi only English but over the years I’ve been growing up watching sns and now that the show is coming to an end i’ll really miss it for me it was a source of motivation especially gopi she thought me that nothing is impossible and good will always win over evil even if sacrifice needs to be made.. I so loved today’s episode with sister saving Ricky from the car blast.. And now I’m hoping that u could make friends with some of you as I really enjoy reading your comments

    1. Of course you are welcome in this forum because you watch the show.

      1. Ohk Rani thanks for your warm welcome it’s a pleasure

    2. Siddharth

      Hi mira welcome to Sunshine group

      1. Hi siddharth

    3. Sayyeda

      Hi mira, welcome tô sunshines and comment daily ok? Sunshines is my family Ho o love a lot.

  8. Good that meera vidya came to know that karan is not a good guy, it was fun to see sameera getting scared by seeing ricky and thinking him as a ghost.

  9. It good the truth is about to prevail n sameera will be kick out n into jail where bhavani is n I hope meera n vidya set up Karan so dharam can see Wat kind of friend he has

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