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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sona tells Sahir that she does not like being at Modi bhavan as she does not want to see Pari’s irritated face. Kokila says if they stay here, Gopi’s goal of reuniting family will be accomplished. Gopi says Pari’s behavior will also change soon. Dr. Krishna says Sona not to worry, she is getting even free doctor’s service in this house.

Vidya pampers Priyal and cries. Shravan says it is not her mistake. Meera brings porridge for Priyal and feeds it. Urmila asks Vidya to stop crying now and tells Priyal she has to attend Sona’s goad bharai function with mamma and papa and she can play with Jai and Veeru. She pampers her and leaves asking Vidya to take care of Meera.

Urmila goes back to Modi bhavan and informs Gopi and Kokila that Meera

scolded Vidya for Priyal and was showing more concern for Priyal, she feels something is wrong as Meera hated Priyal for 5 years and now suddenly loving her. Gopi says she will call Vidya and ask. Kokila says not now, when they come to goad bharai function tomorrow, she will ask them directly.

Naiya in her room gets tensed that she mixed salt and not chemical in aloo sabji. Meera comes and locks door and gives her a tight slap and shouts how dare she is to mix chemical in Priyal’s food, she will expose her if she tries her dirty tricks. Naiya warns her to shut up, if she is trapped, even she will not be saved.

Kokila calls Gopi and says they have to give money to Mehta as he promised to give discount only if he gets full cash. She gives 20 lakhs and asks her to keep it in her cupboard. Gopi says she forgot about her business due to Sona’s goad bharai and asks how does she remembers everything. Kokila says she is a mother. Gopi smiles. Dr. Krishna enters says what a beautiful scene, hope someone loves even him. Kokila says naughty…Dr. Krishna touches her feet and says he is going to hospital and does not mind if no one loves him. Kokila says she loves him. Gopi says nobody will miss him. Dr. Krishna leaves saying he knows Kokila will missing him. Kokila asks Gopi not to be harsh on Krishna. Gopi gives back money and says tomorrow we will inaugurate their business with this money. Mona hears their conversation standing near door and thinks she will see how they will.

Meera says Priyal she will bathe her and dorn new clothes. Priyal says only Vidya mamma can bathe her. Meera asks why can’t she. Priyal says she plays with mamma during bathe. Meera asks why can’t she. Vidya comes with dress and says Priyal let us go for bathe. Priyal says she liked dress color. Meera gets jealous but acts as smiling and asks Vidya to get Priyal ready soon as they have to go to Sona’s goad bharai.

Mona tells Pari with her plan, they will defeat Gopi and even get 20 lakhs. Pari asks what is it. Mona murmurs in her ears and Pari gets happy.

Meera in her room fumes shouting how can Vidya get Priyal away from her. Naiya comes and aunts her that a mother knows child’s needs and not aunty. Meera gets more jealous. Naiya keeps Vidya’s designer dress and leaves thinking it is easy to brainwash dumb Meera against her sister, Vidya did not give her child, so she will take revenge.

Goad bharai function starts. Sona sits wearing beautiful red sari. Kokila performs ritual and says Sona is looking very beautiful and says Pari her bahu is looking beautiful like moon. Pari says yes. Sona says Gopi she is feeling weird as everyone are watching her. Sahir comes with Jigar. Pari yells that she has to act for roadster Sona, she hopes Mona would have been pregnant instead of Sona. Mona says no way, she is very conscious about her figure. Sona asks where is Meera and Vidya. Vidya enters followed by Meera holding Priyal, and Priyal calls her mom. Urmila and Kokila notice that. Gopi hugs Priyal. Meera says Gopi’s forehead injury and asks how how did it happen. Gopi says it is nothing. Priyal goes to play with Jai and Veeru. Meera greets Kokila and Urmila. Gopi asks Vidya if everything is alright. Vidya says yes. Gopi asks why is Priyal calling Meera as mom. Vidya says she taught Priyal. Gopi asks then why did Meera yell on her yesterday. Vidya says she mixed some chemical in Priyal’s food unknowingly, so Meera scolded her. Priyal falls down and Meera runs and picks her. Vidya says Gopi she told Meera has changed. Pari and Mona discuss their plan to steal money. Urmila notices it and thinks what are these shoorpanakha and Manthra planning.

Precap: Mona steals 20 lakhs from Kokila’s cupboard and thinks now Mehta will not get 20 lakhs tomorrow. Kokila enters and Mona gets tensed.

Update Credit to: MA

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