Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila sees Hetal’s hands injured due to glass pieces in mud and scolds Meera for throwing glass pieces purposefully in mud. Meera says even she is injured because of same glass pieces. Ahem takes Meera to her room and nurses her wounds. Meera says she did not do it and even did not add phenyl in chaas. Ahem says due to her past record, no one will trust her. Meera alleges Pari for taking revenge instead. Ahem gets irked. Meera continues her yelling. Ahem says he will send her turmeric milk and leaves.

Dhaval calls Kokila and informs her about Kinjal’s drama. He expresses concern that she may insult them in front of chawl people. Kokila asks if Urmila did not do anything. He says no. He asks Urmila why did not she do aything. She says she promised her, so she

did not. Kokila says she permits her to do her kalakari/tricks to mend her bahu. Urmila says now wait and watch what she will do.

Kokila with family goes to Hetal’s room. She says she cannot believe Meera can harm Hetal. Tolu says she can do anything to prove her ego.

Kinjal sees AC in Urmila’s room and sleeps on her bed. Urmila comes and asks her to go back to her room. Kinjal warns her not to even talk to her loudly, else she will get her arrested. Dhaval comes and takes Urmila from there.

Kokila asks Meethi to get out all old utensils from store room. She then asks Meera to clean it and Pari to keep them back once done. Pari thinks she burdened her with work.

Kinjal enjoys reading magazine on sofa. Urmila comes acting as getting itching and asks her to apply ointment on her hands. Kinjal yells but applies ointment. Urmila thinks she will teach her a lesson. She asks her to light lamp in temple. kinjal agrees yelling.

Meera sees Pari cleaning utensils and gets happy that she is doing her work. She taunts Pari that she looks good working and asks her to do it fast, else Kokila will scold her. Pari gets irked and shouts at her to get out from there. Gopi comes and asks her why is she scolding Meera. She asks her to ask her daughter itself. Kokila intervenes and scolds Pari instead first and then tells Meera she will not make her sit idle due to her injury make her work as usual.

Precap: Gopi sees Ahem sad and asks if he sad due to Kokila punishing Meera often.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. santhosh naag sai

    Meera is culprit

  2. Meera and Paridhi are awesome. Best serial ever.

  3. No its not Meera. Its little Rashi who has done this!!!! Apparently Rashi heard Pari tell Gopi that she made Rashi an orphan and now even Rashi has become Gopi’s enemy. That is why Rashi purposely dropped the glass of phenyl-mixed chaas on the dining table because she wanted to make Gopi drink that chaas. She had only mixed phenyl in the chaas and not Meets.

  4. I like both me era and Pari .. but not me era’s behavior.
    Gopi is overreacting these days. ..

    1. ✨pradishma✨


  5. i just hate gopi lots of love for pari

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