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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Urmila scolding Rashi for thinking of giving back keys to Kokila and says she is making a big mistake. Rashi says things have changed a lot and cuts call. Tolu/Molu hear Rashi talking rudely to Urmila and say they will also rudely talk to her if she misbehaves with her mother. Rashi thinks Urmila is troubing her and now her kids.

Pooja shows Dhaval a show piece and asks how is it. Dhaval says it is good. Pooja says she gifted herself on her last birthday. Dhaval says he and Kinjal are there for her. She purposefully drops show piece. Dhaval bends down along with her to pick show piece. Kinjal comes there and angrily asks what are they doing. Pooja says they both were picking showpiece. Kinjal laughs and says she is not a good actor, says she brought jalebis

for Dhaval as he likes it. She feeds Dhaval jalebis while Pooja gets shy and goes from there.

Gopi teaches Meera to write and asks her to try. Kokila also asks her to try writing. Gopi says she will learn writing slowly. Kokila says the more she practices, the more she will learn well. Ahem comes and says he will hire a teacher for Meera. He asks Gopi to bring him green tea. Kokila sees Rashi and asks her to bring tea for Ahem. Rashi says she is carrying bottles to throw and asks Gopi to prepare tea. Kokila says since she has taken responsibility, we elders are in peace now and nobody like Gopi’s prepared food. Ahem asks Rashi to send tea to his room. Kokila asks Rashi to bring her lemon water after preparing tea and also asks her to check what kids want to eat. Rashi thinks Gopi is enjoying and she has to work hard. Kokila overhears her.

Baa sees Rashi coming and asks her to help her write bhajans as she is taking part in bhajan competition. Rashi says she is busy, but agrees after Baa insists. She sees a letter and asks what is it about. Baa says she wrote it for her whole family. Rashi reads it and hides letter in her saree. Baa gets heartattack and falls unconscious. Rashi gets worried and calls whole family.

Kokila and Hetal come down and see Baa unconscious. Gopi also comes down. Kokila asks Gopi to call doctor who does so. Hetal asks Rashi to bring sugar/salt water and feeds it to Baa, but Baa does not wake up even after drinking sugar/salt water.

Urmila thinks Rashi must have done something wrong and calls her, but Rashi does not pick call.

Doctor checks Baa and gives injection prescription to bring. Rashi goes to bring injection. Doctor suggests to shift Baa to a hospital. Baa says she will not go to hospital. Rashi gives prescription slip to Meethi and asks her to give it to watchman. Hetal requests Baa to get admitted, but Baa does not agree. She asks if there is any other option. Doctor says they need some machines at home which will cost around 2 lakhs. Kokila says she will get money from Rashi.

Rashi reads Baa’s letter in which she has wished both Gopi and Rashi take care of house together. She writes a new letter and changes it with Baa’s letter. She thinks with this letter, Kokila will have to give keys to Gopi.

Kokila searches Rashi and does nont find her. Gopi goes to search her. Kokila calls Rashi, but she does not pick call. Rashi hears Kokila’s voice and runs out with letter, but her letter falls down. Kokila sees her coming out of room and asks her where was she. She says she was in room. Kokila asks her to take 2 lakhs out from locker. Rashi takes money and gives it to her. Kokila sees ink mark on Rashi’s hand and asks how did she get it. Rashi says she got it while working. Once Kokila goes, she thinks of executing her plan.

Hetal informs Jigar about Baa’s illness and asks about Ahem. Jigar says he is busy in an important meeting. Rashi comes there and gives Baa’s letter to Kokila. Kokila reads that Gopi and Rashi should take care of house, but keys should be with Gopi as she does not want to see her family separated. Kokila sees same ink on letter which was on Rashi’s hand and says letter was not written by Baa.

Precap: Kokila informs her family that Baa did not write this letter, Rashi wrote it instead.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Hmmmm…….it is looking like I am seeing the some repeated shows of the serial… today’s episode the scene in which Rashi changes baa’s letter with another letter written by her resembles the episode previous episode of SNS in which Rashi changes her letter with baas stating baa had a wish too see her bahus dance………isn’t it writerji……what is this if you don’t have anything to write don’t try to make us fools by repeating the same story………..

    1. Now it is very boring

  2. Very true. There is nothing new that they can show with the current team. Even children are too small for … . Please end the serial and start fresh SNS-2 with new theme and new crew.

  3. if no new story then pls shut this story down. Todays episode we have already seen on SNS. Rashi changing ba’s letter. Her not wanting to work.Her wanting to dump work on Gopi all are seen scences. Nothing new.

  4. Gopis dressing is much better with todays times. She is no longer that shy bahu who covered her head at the sight of Ahem. But she has to change a bit more in her attitude. She was away from home taking care of herself and she bought up vidya alone, that confidence should be shown in her behavior. She should not take anymore of urmilas nonsense, should give proper answers

  5. whut nonsense >:( stop this serial there’s no story,rhyme or reason…its becoming more n more like chhota bheem cartoon 😛 nobody in real life is all black or white! kokila needs to shut hell p!whenever go to starplus its saathiya and d great kokila screaming at that rashi’s maa…omgwhy do they torture us viewers with her horrific screeches? stop this shit!

  6. update 11 july fast a,ena

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