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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gaura thinks you have done Chatanki and says you should have trapped your daughter but trapped my son instead. You have done wrong. Gopi, Ahem, Vidya and Shravan come home. Hetal rush to them. Ahem asks if mom open the door? Hetal says she is not listening to anyone. Gopi asks about Meera. Hetal says she is in her room. Vidya comes to Meera’s room and cries looking at her. Meera is sleeping. Ahem and Gopi comes to room. Gopi asks Vidya not to worry about Meera and says she is safe with us. Ahem is also sad. Gopi asks him not to worry. She says we have to go to Maa ji as she has not eaten anything. Then we have to meet lawyer also. Vidya is still at Meera’s side and is sad. Gopi asks her to take care of Meera, and also self, gives her sweater to wear. Shravan looks at the sisters and

comes out of room. Ahem and Gopi ask Kokila to open and come out of room.

She says Meera needs you, she is in the house and is fine. She asks Hetal to explain to Kokila. She says we all need you. Ahem worries about her health and says we all are worried. Kokila is sitting on her rocking chair and thinking something. Hetal says today is the dark night and everyone is sad. Gopi talks positively and says tomorrow will bring a good day. Gaura comes to the police station. Inspector informs her that today is Saturday and Dharam will not get bail till Monday. He says dharam can be freed if Meera can take back the complaint. Gaura says dharam is innocent. Inspector says we have an eye witness who had seen the crime happening, and says it is very difficult to free him. Gaura rues that she will save her son. Dharam hears her.

Gopi prays to Kanha ji and asks for the good to happen. She takes the file back in her hands, and says it looks good when the kite flies in the air, but it can be in the sky till the thread is held. She says Meera is like kite who has cut ties with her family and prays to God to unite Meera with the family, so that she can reach new heights. Meera gains consciousness and asks Vidya, what happened to me, and who has brought me here. Vidya tells her everything which is muted, and this shocks Meera. Vidya says Gopi had reached there at the right moment and saved you. Meera says you mean to say that Gopi Modi brought me here. She gets out of room. Vidya follows her. Gopi asks God not to give her pain and talks about the value of a daughter. She says Meera is the apple of her eyes, and she can’t see her in pain. She says whenever Meera is in pain, I get broken, and asks God to give all pain to her instead.

Vidya asks Meera to listen to her. Gopi asks God to return her daughter and says she will get the person punished who had done bad with Meera. Meera gets down the stairs. Hetal and Kinjal try to stop her, but in vain. Kinjal asks what happened to you suddenly. Meera comes to Gopi and keeps hand on her shoulder. Gopi asks are you fine? Meera asks did you bring me here. Gopi says circumstances was such that I had to bring you here. Meera sits down holding Gopi’s feet and apologizes, calling her Maa. Gopi and everyone are surprised and happy. Gopi asks what did you call me? Meera says I am sorry Maa…………Gopi gets emotional and asks Hetal, Ahem and everyone, did they hear what Meera said. She asks her to say again. Meera says Maa….Gopi is emotional and happy.

Kokila slaps Meera making her fall on ground, says you are responsible for your condition and says there is no place in my house for such girl. Meera and Gopi are shocked.

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  1. why did u slap meera for kokila

    1. main kokila modi

      kyunki main itni der tak room me akele khali baithi thi aur mujhe kisi pe hath saf krne the to isliye main meera ko chatakkkkkkkk mar diya

    2. nakli koki aa gayi

  2. atlast meera has realizd hr fault …im happy 4 dem..plsz un9ite famly

  3. Kokila why did you hit meera after a lot of difficulty they got back together you little

    1. main kokila modi

      eeeeee chamchallo juban pe lagam lga wrna bhag ja yaha se badimag badtameez aurat

  4. Kokila why did you hit meera after a lot of difficulty they got back together you little or shall I say big one

  5. but its unfair for dharam 🙁 🙁

  6. Dumb meera realized her mistakes and now stupid kokila is making a scene. Sona was so rude to her inlaws on her wedding night, her and madhuben need to be taken off the show

  7. kokila maa ji….ab kya kiya meri meera ne…tu bina samjhe oose thapad maar rahi hai…paagal ho goi tu..meera achi ban chuki hai aur tu paagal ho chuki hai…samjhi…sharam aata hai ki mai aapki gopi bahu hu…mai neerash hu kyonki mai aap jaisi aurat ki bahu hu.

    1. main kokila modi

      ha lagaya aur ab do char thapad tu bhi khayegi meri hath se bahut juban chal rahi h teri. tu to pagla chuki h pagal aurat sharam kr sharam meera sab natak kr rahi h yad nahi h kya usne tere upr hath uthaya tha tab kyu nahi bhoki tu jo ab bol rahi h pagal kahi ki. aur tu agr itni hi nirash h to chol bhag ja wapas idiot

  8. Itny waqt baad sab theek hogya aur phir kokila ne thapr mara phir nayi musibat is drama main tu hamesha aik ke baad dusri musibat aati hai is liye to ye drama bhi khatam nhi hota

  9. Whats wrong with you TELLY UPDATES there are many episode updates missing!!!!!

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