Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th January 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th January 2013 Written Update

Koki, ahem, mira & gopi in hall. Koki will be telling a story to mira about some monkeys. Mira becomes calm. Urmi & rashi will be hiding under the stairs and hearing to the story. Ahem will be happy finding mira listening to the story. Gopi says, in our family every one are taking care of mira in different ways. Mira you are so lucky to have this family. Urmi and rashi feels when these people leave so that they can go out. Koki asks gopi & ahem to go to their room as mira is fine now. they three leave. Koki while walking on stairs hears some sound and comes down. But she finds no one so walks upstairs. Urmi & rashi goes to the store room. Rashi shows the mystery door. Urmi takes her hair pin and tries to open the door but she couldnt. Rashi recalls that koki has opened that door in the morning so definitely keys should be in the store room itself. Rashi searches and finds the keys. Both get excited and opens the door. The room will be very dusty and they both couldnt find the switch. Rashi finds a wire and thinks that single switch might be this mystery room’s and rushes outside. Rashi switches on it and the light lights in that room. Urmi and rashi starts searching. Rashi says urmi, every time when some one stores any valuable thing then there will be a snake. A rat passes by and both get scared. Later both get calm looking at the rat. Urmi finds a big box and thinks it is filled with jewelry. They open the box. Both get disappointing finding few clothes, diary and other things. Urmi thinks of searching other than that box. While searching urmi finds a picture of koki with a baby & a man behind her. Rashi says this baby is kinjal. Urmi says the person behind her might be the person with whom koki had an affair in her young age. Kinjal might be his daughter and because of that she has married kinjal with dhawal. Urmi thinks of blackmailing koki and get money from her. Urmi takes a picture of that photo and comes out.

Koki will be ready to go some where. Rashi comes there and gives few medicines. Rashi finds koki wearing a new sari and asks her. Koki says yes. Rashi asks where she is going. Koki replies that she is going to temple. Rashi asks whether she can come with her. But koki denies as she should take care of mira. Rashi comes out and doubts that there is some thing fishy in this. Urmi will be searching her mobile. Kinjal finds the mobile and gives it to urmi. Koki goes outside. Rashi calls urmi and tells that koki has got ready and went out. Urmi scolds rashi for not going outside.

Precap: Urmi and rashi finds koki giving money to an old man (same person seen in the picture).

Update Credit to: Soujanya

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