Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi and Jaggi ask Bhavani’s address to a passer by. He asks if they know Bhavani well, then why did they come here, they should return as Bhavani speaks only with lathi and gun. Jaggi asks him to just tell address.

Vidya panics in front of Gaura that she killed Chanda, so how will police find her. Gaua tries to calm her then slaps. She says if she panics like this, police will arrest her.

Jaggi with Gopi reaches Bhavani’s house and enters by kicking door. Gopi calls Seeta and they both are shocked to see Bhavani feeding Seeta from her hands and pampering her. Bhavani thanks them for taking care of her daughter and Seeta told they did not kidnap her and took care of her like thier daughter. Jaggi says she entered like a goon and fought with them.

Bhavani apologizes and says she will become Seeta’s Yashoda maa and take care of her well.

Gaura looks at her jewelry and when Dharam enters hides it in cupboard, says she was searching medicine for Vidya. Dharam asks what happened to Vidya, why she panicked when policed talked about Chanda.

Gopi tells Bhavani that she wants to talk to Seeta alone. Bhavani asks Seeta to take Gopi to a room. Gopi asks Seeta to not get afraid and tell if her mother is troubling her again. Seeta says maayi has changed and everything is fine now, apologizes on maayi’s mistake. Gopi says it is okay, she is just worried about her happiness. Seeta says she is happy. Bhavani tells Jaggi that he looks to be doubting her even now. He says she barged in like a goon and even locked them in their house. Bhavani apologizes him. Gopi comes out with Seeta and tells she spoke to Seeta and she seems happy. Jaggi asks Seeta to tell if Bhavani is troubling her, he will burn Bhavani’s lanka and take her from here. Seeta says she is safe in maayi’s hand. Bhavani thanks them for protecting her daughter. Jaggi says Gopi that he does not trust Bhavani. Bhaani says she is defamed already, so everyone think she is wrong. Gopi says Jaggi let us not interfere in their personal issues and leave from here. Jaggi warns Bhavani if she tries to get Seeta married to old man and trouble her, he will destroy her house. Bhavani says she understood. Gopi tells Seeta that she her home doors are always open to her. Jaggi says Seeta that she can call him whenever she is troubled. Gopi and Jaggi leave. Bhavani angrily looks at Seeta.

While walking towards car, Gopi says she feels something is wrong. Kaushal panditji clashes with them. Gopi reminisces Seeta talking about Kaushal panditji who helped her elope. She asks if he is kaushal panditji who helped Seeta escape. He says yes, he has to save Seeta from getting married in 2 days. Jaggi says he will get back Seeta right now. Gopi says they cannot force, so they have to plan something else. They both walk towards home.

Vidya walks at home engrasped in thoughts. Dharam tells Shravan Vidya seems tensed now a days. Gaura starts her explanation.

Gopi and Jaggi reach home and tell Urmila and others what all happened. Jaggi says not to worry, he has arranged his area friends to get back Seeta. A lady comes. Gopi introduces her and says she runs NGO for women empowerment and will help them save Seeta.

Precap: Gopi with Jaggi, police and NGO people to Bhavani’s house and orders to stop this marriage.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. P.N. Bhargava

    Wonderful. Story of Urvarshi, Kokila is forgotten and you have starte story of Seeta and Bhavani.. What next? Gaura will continue to play the villains role and triuph? Most stupid show.

    1. sns team will remove all senior citizen from sns.

  2. goof morning friends. where is everyone? looks so lonely here.
    pls lets all watch “Dil hain Hindustanie” love the singing shows too,

    1. at 9:58 pm Savy u wish us good morning?? i thought u r living in India

    2. Who got eliminated Savvy?Was it Avani?Because the television kept on freezing thats why I didn’t know who got eliminated.

  3. Boss(Siddarth)

    Star Plus long time running show Saath Nibhana Satahiya will show that Urmila and Paridhi era to help Gopi (Devoleena Bhattacharjee) and Jaggi (Mohammad Nazim) saving Sita from Bhavani house.

    As per the tack, Bhavani locks Gopi and Jaggi in the room so that she would get Sita married without any problem but Jaggi call Urmila to come at Bhavani’s house.

    Urmila and Pridhi disguise as dancers and enter in the marriage where they attract people by dancing on the song Laila Main Laila.

    Jaggi and Gopi’s effort befool Bhavani for Sita

    Furthermore, Jaggi, Gopi, Sonakshi try to escape from the Bhavani house along with Sita while Urmila and Paridhi keep everyone busy with their dance.

    Jaggi knows as Bhavani is very much clever but decide as not let Sita’s marriage happened.

    Will Bhavani catch Jaggi and Gopi again?

  4. Boss(Siddarth)

    The upcoming episode of family drama Saath Nibhana Saathiya that is showcased on Star Plus will unfold alot of twist and turns.

    Urmila, Paridhi, Sona, Jaggi and Gopi all are on secret mission of saving Sita from getting married forcefully.

    So then they change their avatar and then they enter Bhawani’s house for taking Sita with them.

    Bhawani catches members of Modi family red handed

    Urmila and Paridhi takes laila avatar and then they dances in Bhawani’s hosue so that Bhawani is not able to recognize them.

    Later Bhawani will catch them and lock them inside room so that they are not able to stop the marriage.

    It will be interesting to see that what Gopi will do now.

    Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.

    1. Paridhi helping gopi and jaggi?? Its weird…i think after they get away with sita, they will bring police of higher commissioner and will arrest bhavani…and they will keep sita with her in modi house forever…

      1. Boss(Siddarth)

        Ya Nandini even I think same some times paridhi WL be postive character.

  5. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Sunshiners wer r u all why less comments. New sunshiners comment. Friends kokila is quitting the show .

    1. its good now gopi will turn in kokila n sita will become gopi overall replacement of actor but character will be same. i guess gopi’s son will be arrogrant like ahem. he will hate seeta n have a girlfriend but gopi will force him to marry sita then sour sweet relation between gopi’s son n seeta, unncessary twist n villian will be added to make spicey episode.

    2. I am here sid…sorry for commenting late…kokila can quit but i want meera to stay back…

      1. Boss(Siddarth)

        Its k Nandini ?

  6. Hi sunshines boss, shakaib, akshay, Isaaq, rose, average girl, arvind, nisha, sowmya, nandhini, shakaib,pratiyusha, ramona, mahi, vp,shivani, sp,pratik, arvind, ragini, priyanka, rani, chithu, chinu, gettu, fiza, Savy and all sns family,today episode is OK but I think meera and vidya can’t live the show. I love them.

    1. Hii Saba di! Meera and vidya are the next lead characters…so they must not quit the show…even i want them back…

    2. Boss(Siddarth)

      Hi Saba di HW r u.

  7. Sunshiners did you hear Kokila(Rupal Patel)is leaving the show because new actors are being roped in.

    1. na rani i didn’t hear that news but its ok if she leaves bcoz she is playing pivot role for 6 years n suddenly her role become less important so its good for her.

  8. Merry leaving the show is good for this show.

  9. i hope gopi gat Sita before it too late n look into vidya n meera Wat happening with thrm

    1. its strange meera is missing for many days but no one inform gopi about it

      1. Boss(Siddarth)

        Hi Akshay even I think same and dharam&Shravan also not much serrious about meera’s missing.

  10. Shakaib

    Hi all sunshine friends…hi saba di… Yes rani and sid bhai…I’ve heard it…. It is going to be very sad..wish kokila’s character doesn’t end….guys..episode is okay today.

    1. hi shakaib. is kokila leaving sns?

  11. hi mahi how r u? i m sorry for late reply yes my study is going good. exam date is still not published. rpsc is studying supreme court decision. so they will update soon.

  12. isaaq, nandi, neha, chithu i hate u so much. u r caring n talking about only momji. no one is talking about Yamuna – the only supporter of momji n umeir. note her greatness she was silent reader but she opened her mouth only for momji. but still u don’t care about her. how selfish r u!!!!!!! yamuna oooooooo yamuna plz come yar. i m eagerly waiting of ur comment.

    1. Sorry Akshay?lol…as yamuna is a silent reader, she will remain silent as of now…she will comment only when negative commentors start to take charge with their criticism…

    2. Boss(Siddarth)

      Yes Yamuna had disappeared.

  13. this pari mona will never change, they like to see people in problem, they should get on a big problem, then they will stop laughing at gopi.

  14. Isaaq

    Gopi is surely going to become an orphan now. I can’t believe CVs are going to destroy the bond of Kokila and Gopi. It’s going to be so sad for Gopi. Kokila was the first person who cared about her and supported her. She was her real mother. I don’t know how Gopi is going to cope.

    As much as I find Kokila irritating, I’m actually sad she’s leaving.

    1. Hey Isaaq! My hearty congratulations for ur higher scores in ur results!??..sorry for my late comment as i was roaming continuosly for the past 2 days due to some works and i was a bit tired…didnt watch the episodes either…will catch it on hotstar…and you and ur team going to London for a competition! Dats great! Its a huge opportunity to set everything right…I wish you meet Adam there soon and tell everything…i want everything to get better hereafter…

  15. If Rupal Patel (kokila) is leaving I am not going to watch this stupid show anymore. In my opinion, Rupal Patel is the best Actress in all hindi TV shows. Who wants to watch Vidya going crazy and the stupid extra character they just added to fill in the scenes with the Modi family.

  16. Kokila is leaving the show??!! Its good..i am happy she is leaving…her stretchy,, lenghty dialogues will be no more seen…but the makers must end her character on a positive note…not like she got defeated by Gaura and going off…before leaving she must save her modi family from Gaura,, expose her, get her punished and then leave…so then the next generation story starts with gopi, jaggi and new actors…

  17. Boss(Siddarth)

    And Sunshine friends b4 some days wen Meera is about to quit show . Makers told kokila is a permanent character of the show and her character WL b der even after generation leap. But HW cm makers changed decesion so quickly.

  18. Hii Raven! Thank you for the warm welcome dear? as of now in SNS, gaura killed chanda and tries to put the blame on vidya…gopi and jaggi are on a mission to save sita (the next lead character) from her evil step mom bhavani from stopping sita’s marriage to a old man…and kokila is in jail for a false accusation..soon she will exit the show…

  19. Debasmita sinha

    Frnds, still it is not confirmed that she is leaving because she herself did not confirmed the news So chill.

  20. Hi friends I’m little busy with studies.
    But I’ll comment whenever I get free time.
    Sid,isaaq,chithu,Nandi,Akshay,rani,Raven, shakib, Sowmya,rose, Priyanka,Namrata how r u all
    Sorry if I forgot anyone’s name
    Is kokila really quitting the show??? She is like back bone of SNS I’ll miss her for sure..
    Congrats isaaq for ur high scores.keep going on dear?

  21. Isaaq

    Guys I think after Kokila death, there will be a generation leap.

    I guess Gopi and Kokila bond will finally be over???

    1. Isaaq

      No Ahem and no Kokila.

      Urmilla will be the only person there that has been in the show since 2010.

  22. Boss(Siddarth)

    Mahi wr r u ,Rishi,Sharad

  23. Its t9oooooo boooring drama

  24. this drama is getting boring -_-

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