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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Paridhi is behind the planning to send jaggi behind bars. Mona praises her for her wonderful plan. Chandan comes to Meera and says she thought to go to temple and get Mauli tied on her hand, once Doctor reports comes, but Baaji won’t let me go. She asks her to go to temple and do the mannat as she is yashoda of her babies. Meera agrees to go. Chanda thinks she shall do second attack. Samar and Sahil bring Jaggi home. Urvashi hugs him. Jaggi says Rajeev took back the case. Kokila says we don’t want to hear. Jai and Veeru tell Jaggi that they won’t get up until he helps them. Jaggi helps them get up.

Jaggi starts teaching his students. One of the students try to get closer to Jaggi. Jaggi notices her strange behavior. Chanda is going somewhere in Meera’s avatar. Vidya sees

her going and thinks Meera is there. She says I will come with you. She gets the phone call and talks to Shravan. Just then Meera comes back and Vidya is shocked to see her from coming outside. Gaura comes and asks Chanda where is she going? Meera and Vidya shocked to see Chanda in the former’s clothes. Gaura says she wanted to elope from here with our babies, it was good that I caught her.

Jaggi tells Urmila that he called his students. Few men comes there and tell the slogans Jaggi Hai hai and throws stone on him. Urmila asks what is this misbehavior. Woman says they are from women organization and calls Jaggi as woman teaser guy. They say that they will blacken his face and make him roam in the city. Jaggi says you are having misunderstanding. Woman says he tried to flirt with a little girl. Everyone is shocked. The woman asks other woman to blacken his face and make him wear chappal garland.

Woman says Sheetal is just 16 years and he misbehaved with her. We want justice for her. Jaggi says this is a lie. Woman asks her to show the marks under his elbow. Jaggi recalls Sheetal falling and Jaggi saving her. Woman says he tried to misbehave with her and then only he got this scratch. Urmila tells them that whenever Jaggi teaches kids, they were around. Urvashi says Jaggi couldn’t do such a thing. Gopi says matter is something else. Woman says Jaggi is your husband and you will take her side. They ask Kokila to say.

Kokila says Jaggi had a bad eye on Gopi. Gopi is shocked. Jaggi says I married her. Kokila tells that once Urvashi told me, whenever Jaggi wants something he wants to get it somehow and can do anything in such situation. Woman says Kokila gave her opinion and other women to make him sit on donkey. Jaggi tells them that he respects women and asks them not to trouble him. Urvashi asks him to go to room. Jaggi refuses. The women walk towards Jaggi holding black color brush and chappal garland. Gopi holds the brush and stops them. She says Jaggi maintains distance with his students as he knows such things happens. She says he was never alone at home, so there is no point of this situation to come. Woman again asks others to make him sit on donkey.

Gopi says I am a woman, and Kokila Modi’s daughter. She says nobody can raise hand on us, as we always supported truth. She says if Jaggi did this mistake then I, Gopi Modi would have shot him. She says if I have a courage to support him, then I can go to any length to get justice. Woman says Kokila Modi gave a different statement. Kokila is adamant on her suggestion. Jaggi recalls Kokila requesting him to save her daughter Gopi. Woman again tells that they will make him wear chappal garland. Gopi says you have to walk on my dead body. Woman says you are saying this as we came without Police and Media. Gopi asks them to leave.

Gopi tells Urvashi, Jaggi and others that since Sheetal came here, she was trying to get closer to him. Jaggi says he will make her say truth. Urvashi asks him not to do anything. Gopi says she has a plan to make her speak truth.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Hi sunshine group friends.And others also.Unexpected twists are coming in Sathnibhanasathiya serial.Episode is ok.

    1. hi rose yes high voltage drama is awaiting next

    2. Chithu

      Hi Rose. Yes saathiya Is going to witness new twists

  2. Why didn’t kokila support jaggi she herself saying she only support truth than what happened to her but never the less gopi support jaggi good and i hate these two maa and beti i irritate when beti says mom ji my foot

    And hi sowmya nandhini chitu s.p isaaq rani sid shakaib riana rose and all sns fans i hope you all are doing well

    1. Hi pratheek I am very well.

    2. Chithu

      Hi Prateek I am fine. Hope u r good. Pari n Mona duo don’t have any work. So they love to create differences and troubles in modi bhavan

    3. Hey prateek! I am good bro!? ohh yeah i saw some words you typed…was that in tamil?? But i thought those were telugu words lol??
      As you said i also dont get why this kokila is acting so negatively…she must have supported jaggi as she knows very well jaggi wont do such things…if she was angry on him thats ok but when it comes to outsiders blaming him for a crime she should atleast not go against him on dat the head of the modi family (she says dat herself always) she should have interrogated him…but gopi done a very good job by acting at right time…

      1. hi prateek and nandi di even i thought those were telugu words as he gave rply to rose and for a moment i felt like i don’t know telugu haahhaaa

      2. I am laughing hard sowmya after read your comment hahaha you are absolutely right the reply to rose was in the telgu but my friend i gave reply to nandhini in tamil and i am still laughing as you said i don’t know telgu

  3. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi now i think kokila is not acting as she really hate Jaggi bcoz he is the son of her sautan .
    As Issaq said now kokila is in negative character and she is crossing her limits now . Hw can she say that Jaggi has bad eye on girls . Before doing all this she shud remember hw her life was in last 4 years only after Jaggi came kokila&Gopi’s life become good and If Jaggi has not acted as ahem in front of Mansi Modi family would hav been lost their house and they might hav stayed in chawl . Only bcoz of Jaggi today kokila gained her position back that she shud remember

    1. You are true Sid.Kokila is impossible.koi uske ichcha ke virudh un logon ki khud ke liye kuch kare tho vo un logon se janam janam ki dushmani kayam karke bithegi.Chahe vo log apni dil ki karib ho ya apni khoon ki rishtedar ho ya tho uski parivar ki ho ya uski khud ki beta ya maa bhiho vo un logon ko jindagi ko narak banadegi.vo pehle bina soch keGaura ki Bhai par chedchad ka arop lagakar indirectly uski mowth ki karan bani.Ab jis Jaggi aur Gopi ki vajah se vo apni position mein aur jinda hai(bomb,nakli koki episodes)unhi logon par bina soch ke galatjustice de rahi hi.Unpredictable aurat.

  4. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Sunshine friends
    Saba,Mahi,Priyanka SP,Chanu,Rithika,
    Rani,Arvind,Ashu,Ann Simona,Rose.
    Hw was episode.
    Upcoming episodes are going to be bad as Gopi&Kokila wl register case against Jaggi and they wl send him to Jail in Ahem’s murder case. Urvashi wl beg infront of kokila to take case back but kokila wl be admant in her decesion and she wl try to take revenge against Jaggi.

    1. Chithu

      Hi Sid. I cant blame kokila for not withdrawing the case. How can she forgive killing her son. It is a difficult piece to digest.

    2. Hii Sid! Upcoming episodes will be very sad to see jaggi suffering so much…and once again kokila admitted in hospital of heart attack…and gopi filing case against jaggi…so many bad moments! Hope ahem comes back at dat time or jaggi reveals himself as ahem!

  5. Boss(Siddarth)

    Jaggi tells Urvashi that he is going to do new work of truck driving now. Urvashi worries. He asks her to forget what happened 5 years ago. Gopi hears them and asks what is their secret. Urvashi gets worried and tries to hide the matter from Gopi.


    Kokila comes and tells Gopi that Jaggi is Ahem’s murderer. Kokila slaps Jaggi and scolds him with the blame that he has killed her son Ahem. Jaggi gets in shock by the blame, not the slap. Jaggi can’t believe it himself. Kokila and the entire family get against Jaggi for killing Modi heir Ahem. Jaggi falls down and cries. Jaggi was no where in the serial story before, and now poor Jaggi is held responsible for Ahem’s death. Kokila reminds everyone the sorrowful day when they saw Ahem dead. Ahem’s death secret has come out. Kokila got out of control knowing Jaggi has killed Ahem. Urvashi tells Gopi that Jaggi did not kill Ahem. She tells Gopi that Jaggi has done Ahem’s accident, but when police was investigation, there was confusion and case did not get booked against Jaggi.

    Urvashi tells them that Jaggi did accident, but it’s not proved that Jaggi has killed Ahem. Jaggi did not do Ahem’s accident and knows he is innocent. Kokila asks Jaggi did he come to light their house by blowing off their Kuldeepak. She threatens to call police and get Jaggi punished. Urvashi begs to Kokila to not call police and leave Jaggi. Kokila will now make Urvashi and Jaggi cry and get punishment. Urvashi asks Gopi and Parag to explain Kokila, Jaggi is innocent. Jaggi consoles Urvashi and asks her not to worry. Jaggi is innocent and reached the accident spot with his truck after Ahem died. How will Jaggi be proved innocent now? Keep reading.

    1. thank god there is a twist in the story and jaggi is not ahem’s murderer because then gopi would have regret her all life as she married jaggi

      thanks for the updates boss

    2. Chithu

      Thanks for updates Sid. Thank god Jaggi didn’t kill Ahem. It must be Gaura who had arranged to kill Ahem else Mansi. Mansi is mentally unstable so chances are thr that she killed him. Exactly after his death krishna enters and pretends to b loving n caring man. Then came the twist. Here also its going to be a major twist and revelation

  6. Boss(Siddarth)

    In the upcoming episode, Gopi and Kokila gets shattered when they comes to know that Jaggi is responsible for Ahem’s death.

    Kokila could not tolerate this and suffers heartattack, everyone gets shocked and rushes towards Kokila.

    Everyone rushes Kokila to hospital and they gets really worried for her.

    Gopi cries and prays to god to save Kokila, Jaggi comes near Gopi to console her but Gopi gets angry.

    Gopi decides not to forgive Jaggi for killing Ahem

    Gopi blames Jaggi for everything and slaps him for killing Ahem.

    Gopi says that she will never forgive him for snatching her husband from her.

    Gopi determines to put Jaggi behind bars for killing Ahem.

    It will be interesting to see that what will Jaggi do now.

    Stay tuned for the upcoming twist

    1. Chithu

      Jaggi got slapped by gopi. It will be a tough time to prove his innocence and to get a place in Gopi’s heart. Jaggi has got his hands full.

  7. P.N. Bhargava

    You have a good joker in Mona,


  8. Hi Nandini. How are you?I don’t know Tamil.sirf dochar words janta hu.Vanakkam, venga,ponnu, ukkaru,vaayi mudu,etc.Maine sathnibhanasathiya serial first time first episode TELUGU mein hi dekha tha.Baad mein Hindi mein dekhna shuru Kia.Hi Sabadi thanks to welcome me& blessme.Hi sowmya,sid,priyanka akka,chanu,Prateek and all Sunshiners.Cheethu Thanks to you also for welcome me in sunshine family.

    1. Hii Rose! I am good!? ohh dats okay for not knowing tamil except few words…even i also dont understand telugu that much…but i also watched saathiya in telugu few of its episodes because i couldnt resist watching the old episodes due to the awesomeness of the serial…the old times of saathiya when rashi was alive is always the best to watch anytime and in any language.?

    2. Chithu

      Hi Rose how r u doing. I too don’t know Telugu.

  9. Saath Nibhana Saathiya deberia terminar. Serial ilogico.

    1. Isaaq

      Just because you can speak Spanish doesn’t make you clever- just shut up and if you don’t like serial- stop commenting!!

      1. Or what. What r u gonna do about it?

    2. Boss(Siddarth)

      Idiot john u dnt hv guts to speak in English so u are just barking like dog in Spanish.

      1. Yes. And I am gonna continue to bark and there is nothing you or your sunshine group can do about it.

      2. Chithu

        TU please block this John. He is spreading so much negativity

    3. Boss(Siddarth)

      Then you only accepted that u are a barking Dog then keep on barking nobody is scared abt barking dogs Lol?.

  10. Isaaq

    Guys Iike Sid has said that there was a confusion of Ahem accident, I think Ahem is Jaggi.

    My prediction…. please everyone listen… I think both Jaggi and Ahem had an accident and those people brought Jaggi to the Modi house instead. Urvashi must of confused Ahem for Jaggi and brought him home.

    Jaggi must of died in a truck accident… I’m fully sure they were swapped. Ahem cannot be dead as he is Gopi soulmate (I prefer a classier, arrogant and smart man like Ahem because my lover is like Ahem). Jaggi is too childish and Ahem was much more of a man. I hope Ahem is still alive according to my theory

    1. Chithu

      Even if the dead person was Jaggi how was he dressed up like Ahem. If so who changed it. That’s the twist. Waiting for what Rashmi Sharma is going to reveal. Isaaq I too prefer Ahem upon Jaggi.

  11. Does anyone still watch this show???? Wow I was like “spellbound” with the track going on…. Ha ha ha ha… No words… Just waiting n watching how far can the writers go…. let’s see who wins. People’s patience or writers dumbness.. On a serious note pls yaar stop it. It’s gone way beyond limits????

    1. Chithu

      Krysty then stop watching it. There are number of new shows go n watch that

    2. Chithu

      Krysty then stop watching it. There are number of new shows go n watch that. If u r not interested y r u wasting your time

    3. Boss(Siddarth)

      Krysty ppl like u and john are trying to seek attention from others thats it . If I dont like then jst get lost from this page Better u understand ?

      1. Chithu

        Yes Sid u said it right. If you ppl don’t like sns y bother to come here n comment. Do some other work. Just because 1 or 2 ppl hate this don’t change anything. Sns is one of India’s top loved serial and will continue so. Here no one is gonna listen to u guys

  12. Boss(Siddarth)

    Issaq u are right Ahem cannot be dead as his character is main in the serial. As urvashi said Jaggi reached accident spot in truck after accident.
    Wen ahem and Dharam was coming in car ahem’s car stoped and Dharam went in horse. After repairing the car i guess car’s break failed and Ahem hit Jaggi . And bcoz of fear of going to jail ahem would have kept jaggi in car by wearing his clothes and he took Jaggi’s truck and went and he fully transformed into Jaggi . Wen people brought ahem’s body he dint hv any beard he was clean shaven his look was similar to now Jaggi’s. But Ahem had full beard that time so i doubt dead person is Jaggi.

    1. Chithu

      That’s a good finding Sid. This must the track

  13. Boss(Siddarth)

    And Ahem stayed away from his family bcoz hi might hav thought that if he arrested for Jaggi’s murder case Modi family’s reputation may fall . So he might hav hiding from everyone frm last 4years.

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