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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jigar informs family that inspector told that Ahem met with an accident and he is dead. Whole family feels devastated hearing this and start crying. Baa cries vigorously. Kokila sits dumstuck crying. Gopi sits in a shock. Hetal shakes her and says Ahem is no more.

Gopi shouts when she is alive, how can Ahem die. She starts her heavy emotional, dialogues with high-pitched voice that watch cannot run only one needle, etc..etc… She starts beating temple bell with her dialogues and geeta shloks. She lights lamp and says until it is lighting, nothing will happen to Ahem and she is sure that dead body is not Ahem’s.

Urmila calls Kokila and asks if Ahem came. Kokila cries that Ahem is…. Gopi takes phone and tells Ahem is fine and just has not returned home. She should not inform Gaura or anyone there about Ahem missing.

Jigar gets inspector’s call to come and take Ahem’s dead body. Kokila starts crying more vigorously and Parag consoles her. Kokila tells Gopi let us go and bring Ahem. Gopi says she will not come and will wait here and not let lamp blow off. She will also pray for the one who died.

Urmila thinks she should not inform Vidya and Meera about Ahem’s missing. Vidya comes and says Dadi and maa are not picking call. Urmila says they must be busy and she should not worry. She is eager to see how Meera will punish Gaura. Vidya says she should control Meera instead of encouraging her. Urmila says Meera is doing right and she is eager to see Gaura being punished.

Jigar and Kokila reach police station. Kokila says she will not come in. Jigar says they have to go in.

Gopi continues beating temple bell and playing shank and telling her Ahemji will come back soon. Hetal prays god to not let down Gopi.

Precap: Kokila removes cloth from deadbody’s face and looks shockingly.

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  1. Amazing acting by Gopi and Kokila. Awesome face expressions.

  2. I don’t think it ahem he can’t die n i hope someone catches madhuben

  3. I am sure its not Ahem’s body… all serials they show this only….liked Gopi scenes

  4. Can someone please clarify vidya, meera, tolu and molus ages?
    10 years ago, vidya, tolu and molu were 7, and meera was about 10…so now vidya tolu and molu are 17 and meera 20? Vidya is married, and tolu molu are handling business without going to college and finishing at least gradu ate studies? Why don’t they show something worthwhile like vidya and meera making their own careers and being strong independent women. Why do they degrade protagonists characters like this. Meera is so immature, cannot believe that she is gopis daughter.
    Finish gaura’s track fast writers. Make meera into a positive person. Let her become independent, or if you feel she’s incomplete withour a guy, find a nice young guy for her. There’s no point in ruining relationships. Sisters becoming in laws; meera is neither enjoying her married life, nor I’d she getting to do what she wants, she’s just playing revenge games and shouting all the time. Please change the track. It’s getting on my nerves.

  5. Loved the episode❤️

  6. Nice & good pair of gopi.ahem

  7. Really emotional ep…

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