Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Durga says Vidya that Meera has lost respect in her eyes and if she supports Meera, even she will lose respect. Vidya asks if their relationship is so weak that it will break easily, she got a big shock of her life and now another shock. She says she will return back to this only when she and Shravan will call her back. Gaura says if torn note and broken slippers are not brought back home, then why will Durga call her back home. Vidya says only time will ttell and walks away with her family. Gaura shouts at Durga get in now.

Vidya while traveling with family says she did not harm anyone till now, then why is she suffering. Gopi consoles her.

Durga goes back to her room and dances/sings happily that her plan worked well. She pciksghungroo and ties them on her legs

and dances again, says she taught Meera and Modis a lesson that they will remember their whole life. Still cliamax is remaining, Meera will be hanged and her photo will be garlanded, only then her revenge will complete and real antim sanskar will happen.

Constable asks Meera to sign register, pushes her in a cell, gives white sari and says she should be having problem wearing it as she is a widow. Meera says she does not need colors. Constable says she knows her history, says keep sari in corner after changing.

Ahem, Jigar, Kokila, Vidya, and Gopi reach police station. Kokila tells inspector that they want to meet Meera Suryavanshi. Inspector says visiting hours are over, so they cannot meet her. Ahem says they want her bail also. Inspector says they can get bail only after Meera’s presentation in magistrate’s office. Gopi pleads to let them meet. Inspectors walks in ignoring them. Gopi cries that Meera has to stay in jail whole night. Kokila says they don’t have any other go. Gopi holds inspector and says her daughter is innocent. Inspector says only court will decide that.

Durga lights lamp infront of Dharam’s garlanded photo and says when she came to this house, she prayed to go out after dying, but he died before her. Gaura comes and kicks her and shouts why she is keeping her hungry and shouts to go and prepare food. Durga leaves. Gaura removes garland from Dharam’s photo and blows off lamp. She apologizes ambe maa that she is garlanding her son’s photo, what she can do, she was dying 1000 times each day because of Meera, so she had to play this death drama to save Dharam from Meera.

Modis reach back home and Ahem informs Hetal that Meera is in jail and nothing can be done by tomorrow morning. Hetal feels dizzy. Gopi consoles her. Baa asks god why is he examining her granddaughters so much. Ahem cries that he could not do anything. Vidya asks him not to cry. Sona consoles Gopi that everything will be alright, they should pray god. Jigar says they will give bail application tonight and Meera will be back home soon. Urmila says Pari they should postpone their plan. Pari says yes. Urmila SMSes someone that tomorrow’s meeting is cancelled. Gopi asks Vidya to go and rest as she is pregnant. Kokila says she will send her milk. Sona accompanies Vidya.

Shravan reminisces insulting Vidya and Vidya reminisces alleging Meera for Dharam’s murder. Meera in jail reminisces Dharam’s words that she should kill her with sword instead of words, promising to take care of her happiness. She cries that she killed him. She loved him more than herself, she is very bad. Dharam is shown in hospital.

Kokila tells Gopi that something is wrong, Gaura was speaking over phone with someone and was smiling, she was eager to take revenge from Meera. Gopi says even she is thinking same. Kokila asks her to control herself. Gopi says how can she when her one daughter is in jail and another daughter here, their life has just started. Kokila asks her to stop crying,else she will not see her face again, Meera and Vidya need her at this critical time and she should console them. Gopi says how can she, she wanted to stop all bad rituals but could not.

Precap: Kokila says they have to joint all the links and find out if Dharam is really dead. Gopi says she will try her best to find out truth.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Is durga or gaura dancing

  2. baa cries why is god examing her grand daughters
    Translation in hindi-patha nahi bhagwan inki itni pareeksha kyon le raha hai..and the correct sentence should be” I dont know Why is god testing my grand daughters so much”

    1. Examining and testing mean the same thing sooooo ?¿

  3. It’s how we use these words in a sentence that makes it appropriate. we should not write god is examining me, we always say god is testing me.

  4. Written updates really help especially wen we don’t find the time to watch the serial.
    The update credit is for MA..I don’t
    know you but thanks to all the writers who watch the serials and post the written updates..many of us have quit watching some serials due to reasons known to them and for them these updates are a good way to get connected.

  5. Faltu nautanki!!!! Gaura is a psycho woman…mad for revenge…

  6. Kokila is annoying dis days….as she n gaura both r real bl***is

  7. Pagal writers…they should show something realistic lyk dharam is saved n he lodges a complaint against gaura for her wrong n psycho deeds…………………..

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