Saath Nibana Saathiya- Rashi is Alive- FF Part 4


” What bakwas is this?” Ahem shouted, watching the husband and wife laughing. ” How could you take our property just like that?”
” Simple, Ahem Modi. Paridhi has been in your household for 11 years, she learnt everything and so I used this information against you. We would of initiated this plan 11 years ago if it wasn’t for Gopi murdering her own sister and you leaving the family.” Gopi gets on her knees, pleading the Khannas.
” Please, spare us. We have not done anything wrong to you. Please, my family has already suffered enough!” Gopi cries, Rashi tries to calm her down.
Rashi says, ” Gopi everything will be fine. We need to get back to India.”
” That won’t be possible. We won’t let you. My men will be watching you three. You are to stay in England. You are not allowed to inform your family about Rashi. If you do go against my orders, I will kill you three with my bare hands.” Said Niraj.
” Oi! Who are you to order us around!” Ahem yells.
” Tone lower Ahem Modi or you will die now!” Shouts Niraj. Niraj pushes Ahem, Ahem falls on the floor. Gopi pushes Niraj to the sofa.
” Don’t you dare touch my husband again or I won’t spare you.” Gopi yells. Rashi looks in shock of how much Gopi has changed. From a shy weak girl, her sister has become a fearless woman.
” Take them away from here!” Niraj orders the guards. The guards grab Rashi, Gopi and Ahem and throw them out of the mansion.
In India- Paridhi has just recieved a call from her uncle. ” Has it been done?”
” Yes, we have just kicked them out as well. Enjoy your rule in Modi Mansion.” Laughs Niraj.
” Of course, today I am going to have a party for my victory. Today my lovely family will dance with me.” Paridhi puts the phone down. She takes out some new designer saris and exp*nisve jewellery, next minute she is a new vamp avatar. ” Now I am ready for a party!”
The Modi family arrive at the mansion during the evening. They are shocked to see the state of the mansion- a party with people playing poker, alcohol, vulgar dancers and Pari as the host- in her new look.
Kokila shouts, ” What is this?” All the guests turn around in fear, watching Kokila.
Baa cries, ” I can’t witness all of this. My temple facing such profanity!”
Urmila and Kinjal also start shouting at the guests to leave, but nobody listens.
” Arey, the budda party is here. My refugee camp- three devis and two pagal devils- although Kokila looks like a devil herself- a complete ugly witch.” Laughs Pari, walking down the steps and she approaches the family.

” Watch your language, Paridhi. Explain yourself!” Kokila raises her hand, but Pari holds her hand and twists, throwing Kokila on the floor.
” Don’t you dare touch me, Kokila. Anyone tries to help her, I will give you all a slap or two. This is between the snake and the lioness.”
” Paridhi, why are you doing all of this?” Hetal cries.
” Because I want to mother in law. Since I am the malikan of this house now.” Pari shouts, the Modis break down.
” Kaise? How is this possible?Kokila questions.
” Your beloved Gopi and Ahem accidentally signed a contract stating that 80% of Modi property belongs to me- meaning this house and the Modi empire. This was all my plan and in my victory, I wanted a party.” Pari requests for the music to turn louder, she grabs Kokila’s hand and forces her to dance. Kokila, in pain, is laughed and humilated by all the guests. The Modis watch in sorrow, crying. Kokila falls on the floor, on Jigar’s feet, Jigar lifts Kokila up.
” What is this Paridhi?” Jigar shouts.
” I tricked Ahem jiju and now Modi property belongs to me. Any problems? Jigs I never loved you. I only love money and you were only means to an end.” Pari laughs. Pari sees Tolu, Molu and Sona besides their father, in anger. Jigar breaks down, and faints.
” Oh crap, he fainted.” Laughs Pari.
” What is this mom?” Tolu yells.
” Don’t call me mom. I am not your mom. I have never considered myself as your mom. I have never loved you and I always wanted a child of my own but that could never happen. Rashi was your mom and she died. Rashi deserved to die anyway. She was nothing but a bad curse. She died and I became the daughter in law in this household. Look how I have paid my respects to her. I placed a champagne bottle next to her portrait and removed the diya, look how happy she looks.” Pari points at the portrait, where the Modis endulge in shame. Kokila approaches Pari and slaps her, grabbing her hand and throwing her to entrance.

” Get out of this house!” Kokila yells. Pari approaches Kokila once more and slaps her hard on the face, shocking the Modis. ” I am the malikan of this house. You are all finished. Get out of my house.” Pari gets their luggages and throws them at the Modis. ” Come on, get out. You are interrupting my party. For too long, you have irritated me for 11 years. Aaj Kokila Modi you have lost your power.” Pari closes the doors on the Modis- the Modis leave the house gates. Kokila looks at her house once more, thinking when will Gopi come back and stop Pari.
In England- Rashi, Gopi and Ahem are walking down the streets talking about what has happened in Rashi’s absence. ” After your supposed death, we lost a lot of a happiness. Because of Paridhi, Radha came back and you know the result at the end. With Radha’s death, our whole family had torn apart. Then Gaura came and wanted revenge for her brother’s death. Gaura brainwashed Meera and used her. Gaura troubled us a lot and she completely destroyed our family. Now Paridhi has done all of this…” Gopi tells Rashi.
” How are Tolu and Molu? They are grown up.” Rashi enquires.
” They may have grown but they are still mischeivious.” Gopi laughs. ” Tolu married a young girl called Sona. She is a lovely girl who loves to keep her family happy. She is just like me. Rashi, you will love her as much as maa ji loves me.”
” I can’t wait to meet my daughter in law. I cannot believe I am a mother in law.” Rashi smiles for the first time. The three walk until they bump into a young girl…

Precap- The Modis arrive at the Suviyanshi mansion. Vidya opens the door and asks why is everyone crying. Kokila says Paridhi kicked us out. Vidya looks in shock.

Credit to: Isaaq

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  1. Nice episode.. i love to read dis rather dan d current track..

  2. Nice story…. When will part V continue???

      1. Sorry guys part 5 will be tomorrow. I have too much school work today. Exam season…

  3. Yah it is more realistic than that pyscho gaura track

  4. How long modi family wil get troubles’

  5. Love it love it your amazing at writing can’t wait for thexample 5 part

  6. How about Nayya? I mean what happened to her in ur story?

  7. Yes there is no mention of nayya in the story. She supposed to become wealthy after grabbing Vidya child. What happened to her story???

    1. Yh nayya is currently in the suvanyashi house. Vidya hasn’t had the baby yet. The nayya track will be starting after rashis return.

  8. The old gopi and rashi story will be recreated with Sona and Nayya.

  9. Nayya will fail to claim vidya baby Nayya story is linked to this current track so I cannot reveal anything

  10. After this track Sona finds her long lost family Gopi is scared that Sona might suffer the same fate when Radha harmed Gopi Gopi fears it will happen to Sona too

    However not sure if you lot would like another radha? Would you like another radha?

  11. Part V not came yet???

  12. What happened to the part V story???

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