Saath Nibana Saathiya- Rashi is Alive- FF Part 3

Niraj hears footsteps out of the door. ” Who is there?” Rashi quickly runs from there. ” Someone was there Sudha, someone was listening.
” I did not hear anything. You are just tensed. You know how worried I get when you are tensed.”
” Bakwas band kar. Stupid woman. You women and your emotional dramas. I am your malik and you are my shoe. Your are my belonging. Who told you to speak so freely with me!” Niraj pushes Sudha.
” Ok, Ok, I won’t annoy you.” Sudha gets up and walks out of the room. ” Pagal buddha. How dare he touch Sudha Khanna that way? I swear I will kill that man one day! But what can I do? I am trapped by him.”
Flashback- Sudha is in a burning car. Niraj comes and saves her. Sudha has a burnt face and Niraj takes her to hospital. She is given a new face. Niraj asks her, ” What is your name? And explain how you were in that situation?”
” I am Unniti Shah, my husband tried to kill me. He did this accident.”
” Listen, I saved you but you must become my wife in return.”
” But my bachi, Paridhi. She needs me.”
” I am your husband’s cousin. Today, you will be Paridhi’s aunt. Today you are Sudha Khanna.

Present day- Sudha thinks that she is Pari’s mother and she never died. She wanted Rashi ever since the day she learnt that Urmila was with the Modis. She never wanted Urmila to be rich. Sudha wanted power and wealth, she did not care about her sister welfare. Sudha was the one who brainwashed Pari and ordered the kidnap of Rashi to destroy Urmila and the Modis. Sudha goes to the hall and approaches the servant. ” Eh nukrani. I have you given Rashi her food. Is she dead or alive? Meri maa answer me!”
The servant thinks back to herself when Rashi bribed her with stolen money from the safe. ” Ye…yes biji. I have given her the food.”
” Good. The Modis should be arriving soon. Tell the other servants to prepare the food!” A doorbell is rang. ” Uff. Bagwan. They are here already. I wanted my massage done and these nakame had to come! Meri moo kyu dekri hai, open the door!” The servant opens the door, enter Ahem and Gopi. Sudha gets up from the sofa and greets them. ” Jaise krishna. Aye I will call Niraj down.”
” Ok, you have a nice house.” Said Gopi.
” Of course, we are the Khannas.” She laughs.
” This woman is too full of herself.” Ahem muttered.
” Shhh Ahem. We don’t say that about our hosts.” Niraj comes down and meets with Ahem and Gopi.
” Have you had a safe journey, Mr Modi?” Said Niraj.
” Yes, but I have a bit of a jet lag.”
” That is fine. You can stay here tonight.” Niraj exclaims.
” No, that is not necessary. We will stay in the hotel.” Hesitates Gopi. ” Ahem ji, tell him that we will stay in the hotel.
” Mr Khanna we will stay in the hotel. In fact, we have already booked a room.”
” That is fine. As you wish. Will you sign the contract now?”
” Sure.” ( Ahem won’t even read the contract.)
While Ahem and Gopi are sitting with the Khannas, Rashi arrives as a servant. Rashi knows Ahem and Gopi are here. She brings them juice. She puts it down on the table. Gopi sees her face on the reflection.
” Soniye. I am sorry but you seem familar.” Said Gopi. Ahem signs the contract. Rashi removes her veil and reveals herself to Gopi in front of everyone.
(Thunderstorm background tune) Saath Nibana Saathiya title song plays… Gopi remembers all her memories with Rashi.
” Meri Rashi zinda hai!” Gopi cries, running to Rashi. While the sisters hug, Niraj and Suddha smirk. Ahem looks at Rashi in shock.
” Gopi ben. Ahem jiju. It is your Rashi. These people have kept me here for 11 years.” Ahem looks at Niraj in anger.
” Explain yourself!” Ahem shouts.
” Sure! Guards kick these people out. Including Rashi as well. It is true Ahem Modi that we have kept Rashi here for 11 years. We have kept her here to help Paridhi Modi. She is behind this!” Gopi breaks down.
” Ha Gopi. Paridhi did all of this. She swaps my body and then sent me abroad.”
” Rashi is right. But now, Ahem Modi. Do you think it is still that simple? Do you even know what was written on that contract? In small print, it said that 80% of your property will now belong to the Khannas and Paridhi Modi.” Niraj and Sudha laugh.

Precap- Paridhi slaps Kokila and says that now I am the malikan of this house. Now you all are finished. Get out of my house.

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  1. What a story I loved it I hate pari in this ff you have done a amazing job waiting for part 4 it’s just amazing how you manage to keep us up interested I loved it nobody can ever write a story like this I love this story I can’t wait for next part I love this more than the real serial your fanfiction is awesome I love it

  2. Pari mom wow what a twist love it

  3. Again April fool

  4. Seriously you are amazing ….please help the original writer of sns with your ideas

  5. Fabulous episode…what a twist yar

  6. To inform you guys part 4 will be uploaded tommorow as I have to do some school work today.
    Overall thank you for your comments. And indeed that this is way better than the serial. This track is a combination of all the different stories I have loved from different dramas on star plus over the past.

  7. If anyone has ever watched kahani ghar ghar ki
    Pari will be as intelligent as Pallavi and as dangerous as Trishna.

  8. patakha princess

    woooooooooooow…………its nyc………..

  9. You r dazling i think the writers of sathiya should be fired and the job should be given 2 u

  10. Thank you everyone. Im so happy that everyone loves my story. Today I am really busy with school work so unfortunately you have to wait for part 4 tommorow.
    Ik how part 4 was going to be really exciting. Hopefully I will upload it tommorow.

  11. Kaash sns ESA real me bhi hota

  12. Tishlemplemple


  13. Good story. When will this story aired on TV??

    1. Unfortunately it won’t be aired on TV. This is a fan fic.

  14. Hope both Gopi and Ahem come back with Rashi and save before Paridi throw out the modi family.

  15. Part 4 uploaded guys as promised.

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