Saath Nibana Saathiya- Rashi is Alive- FF Part 2


In the Modi Mansion, Gopi is in the kitchen with Kokila. Gopi seems tensed and Kokila notices. ” What is wrong Gopi Bahu. Ever since yesterday, you seem worried. Something is on your mind.”
” I don’t know myself maa ji. We are all together and happy. But still I feel something is wrong.”
” It is just your imagination. Just try to stay calm.”
Gopi agrees and then leaves the kitchen. Junior Rashi approaches her. ” Maa, who was Rashi maasi?”
” Rashi, my lovely late sister that we named you after, was a brilliant woman. She came to this house along with me. But we were so different. I looked for a good family, whilst she looked for wealth. However, over time we became close and we both worked together to protect this family. Rashi sacrificed her life to save me- Rashi had shown her love for her sister. I am proud of having a sister like my Rashi.” Gopi cries, remembering the time when Rashi was killed.
” Was she really that good?”

” She was an angel. I really miss her and I wish she was here.”
Ahem arrives at the door, interrupting the conversation. Rashi runs to Ahem. ” Papa!”
” How is my daughter. Today I have brought my princess a doll.

” Wow! Very nice doll.” Ahem takes out a sari.
” Gopi, here is a red sari for you.”
” For what happy occassion. Ahem ji you only give me romantic gifts on special occassions. I never see you so happy?”
” Gopi I have got a very important business deal in London. A mega company called Khanna Industires has decided to make this deal.”
” That’s so good!” Gopi hugs Ahem, Rashi starts giggling. Gopi moves away in embarassment.
” I need to tell mom. Mom!” Kokila comes.

” Why is my dikra so happy today?” Kokila smiles.
” Mom, I have got a very big business deal in London. Me and Gopi have to go there today.”
” Kahna ji ka lakh lakh shukr hai. This is excellent news. We must have a small party.”
” Yes maa ji let me call Meera and Vidya too.”

The party- Meera and Vidya arrive. Gopi goes and greets her daughters. Both daughter touch Gopi’s feet, Gopi gives them blessings. ” Both you always stay happy. Do you know you always remind me of how me and Rashi were. You two always stick together.” Vidya and Meera hug their mother.
Meera says,” Maa, of course me and Vidya will stick together. She is my little sister. Over the past year, I hurt my Vidya so much. But not now. Now I will protect her no matter what. ”
Vidya says, ” I am glad I have my sister back. A few days ago, I thought I would lose my sister. Thanks to Kahna Ji, Meera is safe and sound and that Gaura witch has finally gone.”
Kokila calls from the hall, ” Can you three stop your rona dona and smile. There is a party here.” Kokila laughs, so does Gopi, Meera and Vidya.

The trio join the gathering. Ahem and Gopi cut the cake. Parag and Jigar’s dad both hug Ahem, congratulating him (no special dialogues as usual) Hetal then gives blessings to both Ahem and Gopi.
” May God always keep us happy. Gopi, especially you, I thank you. You have protected this family ever since you have stepped in this house. We are all happy after so long.” Pari gets jealous after hearing this.

” Congratulations Gopi ben.” Pari thinks to herself that why does Gopi always get all the praises and she doesn’t. Pari thinks to herself that soon Gopi shall be destroyed too.
Gopi walks away from the gathering and to Rashi’s newly mended portrait. ” Rashi only if you were here. Look, our whole family is happy. Only you are not here.” Gopi cries. Urmilla comes over.
” Even I miss my daughter till this day. I still think about Rashi all day.” Urmilla hugs Gopi. ” But I still have one daughter left.” Both cry together, remembering Rashi.
After the party, Gopi and Ahem come down to the hall with their luggages and go to the cars. Everyone bids them farewell.
Kokila says, ” Have a safe journey you two. Jaise krishna.”

Jigar drops Ahem and Gopi at the airport, both Ahem and Gopi go off on the airplane- to London.
In London- Sudha Khanna enters a room with a tall man in a grey suit with a beard and sunglasses. He is Niraj Khanna, husband of Sudha. ” Are the Modis on there way?”
Niraj says, ” Yes, Ahem and Gopi Modi will arrive in London soon. Pari had informed me.”
” And are you ready for the plan?”

” Sure!” Niraj gives a evil smirk to his wife. They both laugh. Rashi is a servant, listening to their conversation. She is shocked.

Precap- Ahem and Gopi enter the Khanna Mansion. Rashi is a servant there, but Rashi does not see them. Ahem and Gopi meet Niraj and Sudha.

Credit to: Isaaq

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  1. Part 3 as well today everyone. That is a bit more interesting. Upcoming twist.

  2. Sarayu(honey)

    Wow, eagerly waiting for next update. I wish this happens in real serial that rashi is alive and living somewhere. Well this is not going to happen anyway. Please continue issaq and thank you for starting this ff

    1. Thanks! and your welcome. Part 3 has been posted. It is really good. Hope you all like it.

  3. Supeeeeeeeeeeer this is called twist ….present and is worst

  4. It is amazing I’m waiting for next update love it

    1. Lol it is amazing how eagerly everyone is excited for my updates rather than the actual serial 😀

  5. Rocking serial thank u so much for it

    1. Thank you so much for all your comments.

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