Saath Nibana Saathiya- Rashi is Alive- FF Ending Part 1


I have decided to fastforward the track to introduce a new track- this track is dragging and I want Rashi to return to her family, the Khannas are starting to be really annoying. However, I will inform you what happens after pari kicked out the Modis. The Modis go to Vidyas house and stay there. They inform Meera, Vidya, Shravan and Dharam of the situation. Naiya hears this and decides to inform Pari of her decision to help Pari.
Vidya is due for birth and Naiya wants Pari s help to claim the baby. Pari and Naiya both try to kidnap the baby, but both fail as Meera defeats them. However, Pari threatens Meera to not disclose anything as Gopi and Ahem are in her clutches and would die. Meera does not say anything and brings the baby back to Vidya. The Modis worry about Naiyas in laws- who will come later on.
In London, Gopi, Rashi and Ahem come across a young girl called Shruti who belongs to a rich family that are enemies with the Khannas. Shruti was in love with Niraj’s son, Karan Khanna. However, both families hated each other so Karan and Shruti could not be together. Gopi Ahem and Rashi agree to help Shruti as long as she persuades Karan to help reclaim the papers. Karan and Shruti reclaim the papers and give them to Ahem- who files a complaint against the Khannas for fraud. Out of revenge, Sudha tries to kill Shruti but instead kills her own son. Shruti is heartbroken and her family cannot comfort her. Gopi agrees to take Shruti to India to build her life again.
Gopi Rashi and Ahem return to India and discover that Pari has kicked out everyone. Gopi confronts Pari and kicks her out. Only a few moments later, a group of goons kidnap Rashi once more. Pari sends the Modis a ransom note- Gopi agrees to go and save Rashi. Gopi arrives at the place.
” So Gopi! You are here! It has been a long battle. 11 years I have troubled your family. But today it will finally end. Today Gopis story will end!” Pari laughs. Gopi looks at her, confused.
” What are you saying?” Gopi shouts. Rashi comes, with a gun in her hand, pointing at Gopi. ” What is this Rashi? Please?”
” I have to kill you Gopi. Paridhi told me that once you are dead, I can finally be free.” Rashi cries.
” Rashi ben. Do not do this! Do not listen to her!” Gopi screams.
” Arey Gopi. Be quiet. Rashi end her life.” Pari said, Rashi comes closer to Gopi. Gopi lashes the gun out of Rashi’s hand. The gun falls on the floor. Both Gopi and Rashi fight on who can get the gun. Gopi pushes Rashi and then gets the gun. Rashi grabs Gopi. ” Rashi kill her. She is your biggest enemy. She has always made you her slave. Kill her!” Then a gun shot is heard, Rashi has blood coming from her.
” Rashi ben?” Gopi cries. Rashi collapses on the floor.
” What have you done? First you killed your sister Radha. Then you killed your sister Rashi?” Pari asks, kneeling down to the body of Rashi.
” Rashi!” Gopi screams. Gopi breaks down, seeing her her sister dead on the floor. ” I didn’t kill you Rashi…”
” You are right, Gopi. You did not kill Rashi. I did. I also had a gun. Initially, I was supposed to kill you, but Rashi got in the way. You have a very bad kismat Gopi. First, you went to jail for killing Radha. Today I committed the sins and your will suffer for the sins. Today because of me you will go to jail perhaps 10 or 20 or even a lifetime!” Pari howls.
” How could you do this to me? To my family?” Gopi cries.
” Because I want wealth. I did all of this just to be rich. 11 years I had your Rashi in London and I tortured her so much. All the evidence is against you! You will pay now Gopi!”
” Yes all the evidence is against me! But today you will pay for your crimes!” Gopi gets up. ” Meera!” Meera reveals herself. ” Meera was filming the whole thing. We knew you would do something like this.” The police come, along with the Modis and Suvanyashi family.
” Arrest her.” Says Meera. The police handcuff Pari, whilst Gopi remembers that today the day of Diwali, Ram defeated Ravan. Today, Gopi defeated Pari.
” I will suffer for my crimes, Gopi. But you have to suffer the loss of poor Rashi.”
” You are wrong.” Rashi says, revealing she is not dead. ” This was all mine and Gopis plan. There were no bullets in your gun- I took them out earlier. I was to get kidnapped by you again. Ravan has been defeated today by Gopi and now Sita will return to her family.” Rashi looks at her family, crying. She firstly approaches Jigar and hugs him- then Tolu Molu, Kokila Hetal, Vidya, Meera,Baa and finally Urmila.
” Meri Rashi is back.” Jigar says.
” I always knew my Rashi would come back.” Urmila cries, hugging her daughter.
” She is like my daughter too. Rashi I am so happy you are back.” Kokila smiles at Rashi, and her hugs her again.
” Look at my Tolu Molu. Look at how grown up they are. And you must be Sona.” Sona cries seeing her mother in law and touches her feet. ” She is as lovely as Gopi described her.
” You won’t speak to us maasi?” Meera says.
” How could I forget my Meeru? You are my favourite?”
” Excuse me?” Vidya says angrily.
” Oh, both of you are like my daughters. We have a lot to do once we get back, but I would like to speak to Paridhi.” Rashi appraoches Pari. ” 11 years. 11 years you kept me away from my family. 11 years in my absence you tortured them and they did not even fight back. Likken in these 11 years because of you a new Rashi was born and a new Gopi was born. Gopi and Rashi two sisters transformed because of you- we both learnt how to win our battles and destroy our enemies. You listen to me. You try to take away this family’s happiness. Today, I will take away your zameen.”
” You have won Rashi. You have defeated me. You have your family back. I will take my leave. Police take me away.” The police take Pari. Rashi and Gopi hug each other, happy of their victory. Saath Nibana Saathiya title song plays.

Precap- The Modis do Rashis bride welcoming ritual- Rashi kicks the bowl of rice. The Modis are happy with Rashi’s return.

Credit to: Isaaq

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    i also wish Rashi was alive.Rashi was kidnapped by Paridhi 11 yrs back n was tortured.I was shocked when Rashi tried 2 kill Gopi n rashi got killed by Paridhi n put d blame on gopi’s head.thankfully it was all rashi Gopi’s plan n paridhi got happy that rashi is alive

  2. jasmine Rahul

    this is my comment on last few parts:Glad that dharam came back n saved Meera n gaura is in jail.

    I was wondering how rashi is alive.But its clearly shown that Pari changed d body of rashi with some other body during cremation n rashi is in Sudha’s house as a servant.shocked 2 know that actually sudha is paridhi’s mom with a new face?She wanted 2 torture Urmila as she became jealous of her richness.Pari is so bad 2 modis now.Modis got trapped n pari got 80% property.she even became rude 2 tolu molu.Anyways gohem meeting rashi n escaping from her was nice.But niraj Khanna has blackmailed not 2 reveal d truth 2 modis.oh no…Sad that Sruthi Karan luv story had a bitter ending as sudha killed Karan instead of sruthi by mistake.glad that Sruthi is with Gohem now.Nayya with Pari.hope nayya changes 4 better

    1. Naiya will be really negative in the upcoming track. Next track is Molus and Tolus wedding. Rashi missed Tolus wedding and wanted to experience her son getting married.
      Molu will be matched with Shruti but Naiya won’t allow that to happen… cannot reveal anymore 😀

  3. I will also upload a fan fiction on the villains of Saath nibhana saathiya meeting each other. Tripti Gaura Premlatha and Pari all share their stories on how much they hate the Modis. It’s going to be funny. The four villains trouble the other prisoners.

  4. It would be funny of Radha meeting Pari in prison but Radha is dead.
    Can anyone else inform me of any other villains I have missed out?

    1. Madhuben

      1. She is dead

    2. Vihan – Paridhi’s ex-boyfriend and the masterji who killed Rashi, I think these two characters are still alive in jail.

      1. Oh thanks!

  5. Love the story it was awesome

  6. this story is way better than the present horrible crap

    1. Thank you!!! And I agree its gone so boring. Gopi is Spiderwoman now

  7. Gopi is not spider woman she is RATWOMAN and I m waiting for the villans fanfictiont do it fast please please

    1. I will upload it this evening uk time. It will called Revenge Nibanna Saathiya…

      1. First part of Revenge Nibanna Saathiya will be the arrival of Pari and her confront with the SNS villains.

      2. In prison

  8. jasmine Rahul

    what will happen to dharam meera n durga?

    1. Durga dies during gaura track. Meera and Dharam are together. I know it’s disgusting of their relationship but it’s true love and I know how it feels two lovers deserve to be with each other

  9. Very good story. Waiting for part 2 story.

  10. jasmine Rahul

    I think I missed Durga’s death scene n Dheera’s union in ur ff.When did u show that scene?Its true that Dheera chemistry is fantastic.But I really don;t understand y Dharam could’nt luv Durga tho she is nice n loving.He pruduced 2 kids with her which means they were close once.Then later y Dharam stopped sharing his room with her?If u can plz give a reason 4 that in ur ff

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