Saath Nibana Saathiya- Gopi’s Destiny Part 9 (Mahabharat)

” Why are you still here?” Ahem shouts at Durga, who is still broken down after seeing her family divided.
” I was just…”
” Shut up! You have no right to interfere here because you died for all of us 18 years ago!Do you hear me, you are dead to me!” Ahem yells at Durga. Durga walks out and starts crying. Kaushika follows her.
” Aww Gopi. What happened? Have you already given up? Your tears show your defeat Gopi Modi.” Kaushika laughs.
” Eh you charayl! I won’t lose to you, Radha.” Durga warns.
” What will you do to me? I am a rape victim; you inflinct harm upon me and I shall report you for helping Jigar. Simple!” Kaushika laughs.
” Laugh all you want. In 18 days, I will save Jigar from your trap.” Durga challenges.
” I accept your challenge. Gopi Modi.” Kaushika says.

” Just like in the Mahabharata where Draupadi’s honour was almost destroyed, you have destroyed Jigar’s honour and now you have started a Mahabharat. Jigar will gain his justice and you will be defeated.” Durga warns.
” The Mahabharata occured years ago Gopi. These days evil wins and good loses. Your family pray to Lord Krishna all the time but your family has suffered endlessly- your Kahna Ji does not care about your family. Let me recount everything. First Rashi decieved the Modis and made your marriage life miserable. Then Anita fought with you over Ahem. Then I arrived and you lost Meera. Because of me, you were separated from your family for 8 years. I made Kokila Modi lose her memory. I returned and I made your family dance to my tunes until you eventually destroyed me. You lost Rashi to Paridhi and she was in London for 11 years. Gaura arrived and she tortured your family members- even your own daughter became your enemy. Then Paridhi threw the Modis out of the house. Then Kokila was murdered by someone and you took the blame…” Kaushika says.

” How do you know that I did not kill Maaji? Did you know Naiya did it?” Durga asks.
” Did not Naiya kill Kokila Modi? I know the whole matter Gopi Modi. There is a lot I know. But like I was saying, has your family ever had peace? Why will Kahna Ji save you?” Kaushika says.
” Kahna Ji supports all those who are righteous and truthful. Light shall always win, darkness shall always lose.” Durga says.

” 18 days? Deal?” Kaushika holds out her hand. Durga shakes her hand.
” Deal.” Durga agrees. They both depart from each other and Durga goes back to the Agarwal Mansion. In the Agarwal Mansion, Parvati, Gauri and Shruti are sitting around the table in the hallway. Parvati comes over, concerned.
” Was your fear correct? Were they were in danger?” Parvati asks. Durga nods and explains to her the whole thing.
” This is horrible. Your sister is that horrible?” Shruti asks. ” But we have seen evil people harm our own family as well.”
” Trishna, Sasha and Pallavi have always done the same as Radha has done now. All three have divided our family. Thank god Sasha and Pallavi are on our side now but Radha is just like Trishna. Wasn’t your battle to defeat your enemies enough that your sister is back in a new form?” Parvati says.
” I am sure Durga will think of something.” Gauri says. Pallavi Agarwal arrives with Sasha and Gunn. The four greet them.
” What happened bhabi why are you so tensed?” Pallavi asks. Parvati explains to her. ” That Radha! Don’t fear Durga. We all are on your side and you will definitely win against Radha.”
” I have an idea!” Sasha says.
” What?” Parvati asks, everyone gets excited.

” Your family will definitely believe Jigar if we reveal Radha’s true identity.” Sasha says.
” But if I reveal her identity, she reveals mine.” Durga says sadly.
” No. If we find out where she has been for 29 years and find out who gave her plastic surgery then we can prove she is Radha. Who gave all this wealth, we need to find out. Who is with me on this plan.” Sasha holds out his hand, Durga puts her hand there, followed by Gopi, Shruti, Gunn and Gauri.

” Let us vow to never give up and reveal Radha’s truth in 18 days.” Durga says.

Precap- Sasha and Durga arrive in Kaushika’s mansion. They find her passport showing she is from Dubai.

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    finally u updated.i rly missed ur ff.radha mentioned how modis suffered thru out,but she 4got tht at last truth won,good won over was a surorise that pallavi n sasha turned good on kggk in d last stage.happy that in ur ff u didnt turn them evil sasha suggested will durga b able 2 prove Kushika’s real identity?I rly want Jigar 2 b proved innocent.
    When is ur exam ending?want daily updates like b4.

    plz do read my ss Dooriyaan part 2 n part 3 n comment

    1. I will check your update
      Well Durga has 18 days to save Jigar. Hopefully she will win and defeat Kaushika. But Kaushika won’t lose that easily…

  2. It will be ending in 2 weeks then I have more exams in June

  3. isaaq can u read my ff you write so good and tell me how my ff is its name is saathiya a new start

    1. OK I will do 🙂

  4. Love it your awesome

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