Saath Nibana Saathiya- Gopi’s Destiny Part 8


Durga thinks to herself that something bad is happening to her family right now. She had to go straight away to Modi Mansion. Meanwhile, Kaushika is confronted by Rashi.
” Who is this woman, Jigar!” Rashi shouts.
” She was all alone, nowhere to go. She can’t find her family.” Jigar pleads.
” You bring this stranger into our house without my permission.” Rashi yells.
” Please, madam, if you mind, I will leave from here.” Kaushika says. Jigar holds her hand, making Rashi jealous.
” Don’t leave.” Jigar pleads.

” If you insist, then I will let her stay here, but I am keeping an eye on her.” Rashi agrees, Jigar takes Kaushika to the guest room.
Durga comes to the hallway. Parvati and Om stop her. ” Where are you going, Durga?” Parvati asks.
” Modi Mansion. I fear something is going to happen to my family now.” Durga replies.
” Durga, you are not Gopi. If you go now, your identity will be revealed.” Parvati says.
” Parvati is right. Don’t go.” Om agrees.

” I have to go. They need me.” Durga runs from there and tells the driver to take her to Modi Mansion.
Jigar leaves Kaushika in her room. Kaushika rings a woman. The woman is revealed to be Sudha Khanna, the woman who kept Rashi imprisoned for 11 years. She was back from prison in Dubai.
” Ji Radha? Have you reached the Modi Mansion. Good, now do what I say right now.” Sudha says.
” Yes, Sudha Aunty. After all, you are my mother’s sister in law, Urmila’s sister. Of course, you have treated me like a daughter for 29 years and I am grateful. I will put down the phone before anyone listens.” Kaushika puts the phone down. She calls Jigar over to her room. Her plan was just about to begin. Jigar enters her room, Kaushika locks the door.
After half an hour, Durga reaches the Modi Mansion and sees police cars outside the mansion. Her fear was right. Something had happened. She enters and sees the whole family crowded around Rashi, who was devastated on the floor. She was lifeless. Durga was concerned of what happened. Durga was too late to save her family. Durga walks on and Rashi spots her.
” This is all her fault. She brought a curse to our family.” Rashi pointed at Durga. The whole Modi family see her and get angry. Ahem comes in her way.

” Why are you here? ” Ahem shouts.
” I came to discuss some business work with you but it appears you have trouble.” Durga smirks.
” You devil. Get out of my house.” Ahem yells, he grabs Durga and pushes her. Durga still rushes in and then sees Jigar in handcuffs- she is shocked.
” What happened?” Durga asks.
” Jigar dadu is accused of molesting a woman that had just arrived to stay here for a few days.” Krishna says.

” Which woman?” Durga asks.
” Her name is Kaushika and she is in the courtyard. I’ll take you there.” Krishna takes Durga to the courtyard and leaves her there. Kaushika appears to be crying but wipes her tears. She laughs at Durga.

” It’s been 29 years Gopi Modi. I love your new look. You look like a queen.” Kaushika says.
” What are you on about? I am Durga Agarwal.” Durga shouts.
” Don’t fool me. We have a very close bond together. Gopi Modi. Can’t you recognise your own sister?” Kaushika laughs.
” My sister Tanu is dead. What are you on about?” Durga says.
” I am not talking about your fake sister from the Agarwal family. I am talking about me, Radha!” Shreiks Kaushika. ” I am Radha, I did not die. I am back. Face it Gopi, you cannot hide your identity from me.” Durga breaks down, she is shocked. She remembers the day she stabbed Radha- when Radha slapped Kokila and made her rub her nose on the floor.
” How dare you come back here to harm my family?” Durga shouts.
” I will not rest until the Modis burn. It is true that Jigar did not molest me, I drugged him and then it appeared he did, but he didn’t. He was confused himself. Jigar has always been a vulnerable man.” Kaushika laughs.

” You will never change Radha. You evil woman. I tried to kill you to save my family but you came back.” Durga says.
” You could easily defeat me Gopi. But the problem is, if you defend Jigar, your identity will be revealed. You are not a Modi anymore. You are helpless!” Kaushika howls.
” I will find a way to destroy you. I am Durga, not Gopi. I am not the same Gopi anymore. I have been reborn once more, in a form to destroy darkness.” Durga says.
” It has been a battle between us Gopi. I am darkness, you are light. We are destined to fight together for eternal lives. I want to end this battle.” Kaushika says.
” Why destroy Rashi’s marriage?” Durga says.
” Because it is the perfect opportunity. Let us go inside. If you reveal my idenity, I will reveal yours.” Kaushika warns. The sisters go inside. The family is divided, one at Jigar side, and one at Rashi’s side. Ahem, Krishna, Tolu and Karan are on Jigar’s side. Naiya, Kajol, Dharam, Tripti , Meera and Niddhi are on Rashi’s side.
” Let’s see in court who wins. We will save Jigar.” Ahem yells.
” Dad! Kaushika and Rashi maasi deserve justice. Jigar will be punished!” Meera yells back.
A mahabarat had begun in the Modi family. Kaushika joins Rashi’s side. Durga watches her divided family. Everyone was against each other.

Precap- Durga warns Kaushika that in 18 days, she will save Jigar. Kaushika accepts her challenge.

Credit to: Isaaq

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  1. Well I’m back guys and here is the twist. Radha has once again destroyed the family and this time she has divided the family. Will Gopi/Durga reveal her identity whilst trying to save Jigar? Radha perfectly knows that Gopi would do anything to save her family so she knows perfectly well that Gopi will reveal her identity and go to prison.
    Let’s see how Durga succeeds in saving her family and maintains her identity. This is the Mahabarat track right now.

  2. Tolu”s daughter will also make her entry soon- along with Meera and Vidya”s children. They will also divide and choose the sides of Jigar or Rashi.

  3. And jasmine it was supposed to be part 9 but the people in charge changed it to part 8

  4. jasmine Rahul

    radha was saved n kept safe by sudha,urmila’s sis.she as kaushika made everyone believe that jigar tried 2 molest her.even rashi n other girls do not trust jigar.gopi radha confrontation was nice.they both revealed their identity 2 each other.anyways as gopi challenged i hope she saves jigar n unites d divided family.sad that like kaushika said gopi cant do anything directly as it will bring out her identity.can u tell me how kaushika is dressed?is she dressed like kamolika or simple like radha on the show?plz explain kaushika’s dressing in next update

    1. Kaushika will be wearing designer sarees along with heavy jewellery. Today’s update she was wearing a gold sari with a red blouse.

      1. To keep her image as Durga Agarwal, Gopi will be wearing modern lenghas.

      2. Rashi will be wearing heavy sarees with a jura hairstyle.
        Kajol will be wearing simple indian dresses.
        Naiya will be wearing heavy sarees.
        The other grandaughters will wear modern dresses.
        Gopi will stand out as the queen with her luxurious lenghas

  5. jasmine Rahul

    again ur title number is wrong

    1. Yes I put part 9 but they changed it to part 8

  6. Love it can’t wait for next one

  7. Have I lost viewers due the reentry of Radha? Nobody seems to be commenting.

    1. No no its very interesting…after radha’s entry it has becom double interesting…i am a silent reader of ur fan ficion from the first part…please continue ur story further isaaq…

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