Saath Nibana Saathiya- Gopi’s Destiny Part 7


Ahem is still shocked by Durga in his arms. Ahem thinks that Gopi died, how can she be still alive? Ahem comes out of the burning building and places Durga on the floor.
“ Gopi wake up!” Ahem says. He flicks water on her face and she wakes up. She is shocked to see Ahem. She quickly gets up. “ Gopi? You are alive?”
“ Oh you belong to the Modi family?” Durga mocks. Ahem is confused. Suddenly, he remembers that Gopi killed his mother.
“ Shut up! You killed my mother and now you come back into our lives. You disgusting woman. Why did I ever marry you? The woman who chose you as my wife, you killed her. The woman who loved you so much, you killed her!” Ahem yells.
“ You insulted me? You called me disgusting? You are Ahem Modi right? I am Durga Agarwal. Your daughter told me all about you and how you married someone after your wife’s death. You know I feel sorry for Gopi Modi that she had such a bad family. A stupid husband and a psychotic daughter.” Durga says.
“ You woman! How dare you?” Ahem yells.
“ Excuse me? Shall I recommend a solution to your family’s problem? Get a portrait of Gopi Modi and place on the wall. Shout at the portrait, throw darts at the portrait or burn the portrait. Understand?” Durga shouts. Mansi is also shocked to see Durga and steps out of the car.
“ Ahem, it’s Gopi!” Mansi screams.
“ Oi, I am Durga Agarwal, you foolish woman!” Durga yells, she scares Mansi.
“ That is my wife you are talking to!” Ahem yells.
“ Wife? She looks ugly and old enough to be your grandmother. Sorry madam. I did not know.” Durga laughs.
“ Why are you laughing?” Ahem shouts.
“ Your whole family are clowns.” Durga laughs again.
“ Listen Gopi, I won’t let you win this time. You killed my mother and I will get my revenge.” Ahem warns.
“ And you listen Ahem Modi. You have insulted me enough. I will destroy Modi Industries and your whole family. Your family members tried to kill me and my building is on fire. This is your family’s doing. You wait and watch Ahem Modi of how I punish your family.” Durga shouts.
“ Deal? I will make sure I destroy the Agarwal Industries and you will make sure to destroy Modi Industries. This is business, Gopi Modi. Not household chores. Let’s see who wins. Me or you?” Ahem smirks.
“ Deal. My grandmother always taught me to never bow down to enemies. I will live up to my name and eradicate the evil that harms me and my family. Just like Durga Devi, I will punish you Ahem Modi.” Durga walks off. Durga sits in her car, crying that she just insulted her own husband. Her own soulmate was her biggest enemy. She remembers her marriage with Ahem. Sad version of Saath Nibhana Saathiya plays. Durga reaches home and she sees Parvati and Pragati. Durga is still crying.
“ Why are you crying?” Parvati asks.
“ Why am I doing this? Why am I hurting my own family?” Durga sobs.
“ What are you saying Durga?” Pragati says. “ Why are you losing hope all of a sudden?”
“ I just challenged my own husband.” Durga breaks down in front of them. They run to Durga to lift her up.
“ Durga beti, you cannot give you up. Your husband broke all ties with you 18 years ago. Every wife’s duty is to support their husband and put them in the right path. You love Ahem, right? You are fighting him because you want to save him and put him in the right path? You watch Gopi, how Ahem will be yours again. You have lived 18 years without him and now you will get him back. Bagwan never allows harm to the blessed. Nothing can break Gopi and Ahem’s love. You are destined together.” Parvati says. “ I lived 20 years without my husband. But I always knew he was alive and I always knew he would come back. That’s what love is. During this battle, you must keep faith on your love for Ahem.” Durga lightens up and sleeps on Parvati’s lap.
Kaushika meanwhile, is on the road, she poses as an innocent woman. A car almost runs her over, but then Jigar runs and saves her. Jigar is aroused by her beauty and can’t stop staring at Kaushika.
“ Thank you.” Kaushika starts blushing. Kaushika thinks that all men will fall for her. “ I am lost in this city. I am from USA and I came here to look for my family. I have nowhere to stay.”
“ You can stay at my house with my family.” Jigar says.
“ Ok.” Kaushika agrees. Jigar was so foolish. Jigar was just about to bring back the Modi’s biggest enemy.
Kaushika arrives at the Modi Mansion- she wanted to see it burn. She thought that now it is going to be so fun. Kokila was dead and Gopi was Durga Agarwal. Kaushika enters the Modi Mansion and a storm occurs- glass smash and light turn off.
In the Agarwal house, Durga’s diya is blown and there was no fire left. Her diya was destroyed- the idols of Ram and Sita start shaking, Durga rushes to catch them. Durga senses that something bad was about to happen.
Kaushika thinks to herself, “ Modi family. A big storm will destroy your family now. You tried to kill me with a trishul. Now I will plunge this house into eternal darkness… Evil vamp tune plays.

Precap- Rashi gets irritated seeing Kaushika with Jigar. She plans a trap, planning to make Kaushika fall down the stairs. Meanwhile, Durga enters the Modi Mansion, making the Modi Family shocked. Ahem and Mansi tried to stop her from entering.

Credit to: Isaaq

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    !st Ahem cared 4 Gopi,then thinking of gopi killing his mom he blamed means still some luv is left in his heart 4 gopi.Loved Parvati’s advise that gopi is doing all this 2 save Ahem n 2 bring him on d right path.Good that Gopi’s real aim is not 2 destroy ahem but 2 get him back.Waiting 4 more gohem passionate scenes.Jigar bringing Kaushika to Modi house thinking that she is alone.foolish he can he bring a random lady 2 his house without knowing who she is?Jigar luvs Rashi so much,still he got attracted 2 Kaushika’s beauty.How could u Jigar?Kaushika is in a revengeful mood.Hope Durga wins over her.hope Kaushika falls in Rashi’s trap.

    1. At the meantime, Kaushika/ Radha will help Durga defeat the Modis and the other vamps. She will pretend to be her friend.

    2. Kaushika wont fall into Rashi’s trap. Durga will instead, which will make Durga very angry. Durga will vow to the Modis that she will destroy them, shocking them. Durga’s first plan will be to cause problems between Mansi and Ahem.

  2. jasmine Rahul

    This is Part 8,not 7.

  3. jasmine Rahul

    By writing d wrong no actually u r reducing the no.of chapters u worked hard on.plz b careful

  4. Love it awesome can’t wait for next one

  5. jasmine Rahul

    y r u not updating?plz update soon.plz be careful abt numbering the title as part 9.plz give 2 updates 2morrow as a compensation

    1. I’m sorry but I am quite busy studying as exams start soon in the UK.

  6. jasmine Rahul

    so when is the next update?
    All the best 4 ur exams

    1. Friday and thank you!!!

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