Saath Nibana Saathiya- Gopi’s Destiny Part 6- Radha’s Return


Hi all, whilst Ahem is busy saving Durga, I will focus on something else. A woman is in a mansion. She has a dark past where she was almost murdered by her sister. She wanted revenge. She saw herself as a demoness but now she saw herself as a devi that could destroy her enemies. Her name is Kaushika but once she was known as Radha. Before Radha could die, she was exchanged with another body. Radha’s face got burned after Gopi stabbed her during a ambulance accdient. When Komolika’s body was found in the mountains, they took a helicopter and it crashed, burning her face. Komilika was dead, but doctors were confused and exchanged Radha with her body, believing Komolika was still alive. Radha is given Komolika’s face and becomes Kaushika Raj.
Kaushika remembers the day when Gopi stabbed her. Kaushika wanted revenge so badly on the Modis for ruining her life. They called her ugly but now she was beautiful. Now she could use new weapons in order to manipulate the Modis for her own use. Radha was reborn as Kaushika, a deadly enemy of the Modis. Kaushika watches TV headlines and sees Durga Agarwal, thinking that both sisters have taken new identities. Kaushika thinks to herself that Gopi will never have her family back.

Precap- Kaushika poses as an innocent woman. Jigar saves her from some goons. Kaushika thinks to herself that now she will ruin Rashi’s married life.

Credit to: Isaaq

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  1. Everyone radha is back what how is radha alive she was dead for ten years and now she came back then modifamily is going to be shocked that radha is alive gopi killed radha 10 years ago why radha just why and also be carefully modifamily rahda is alive again .good bye . !!!

  2. Hey isaaq, i am not sorry but i want to inform u somethin that radha was killed by gopi via trishul and she died on the spot only….it is impossible to return for her….and komolika died on the last ep. Of kzk when saathiya was not started….saathiya was started after 2 years and then it took leap so there is no match…sorry i dont like this twist…sorry if i am hurting your feelings…

    1. It doesn’t hurt my feelings lmoa. But I like my twist. It is a fan fiction.

    2. Because in my fan fiction Kokila and Parvati are friends- therefore events of Saath Nibhana Saathiya took place the same time as SNS. Doesn’t matter if it started 2 years later after Kausati.

      1. Ok you r the writer so you will decide….by the way your ff is rocking…pls. continue…

      2. Yh it’s no problem I don’t mind I will continue

  3. shut up Rianaa this totaly rocks

    1. Ok i am ??sorry…

  4. jasmine Rahul

    yes.its a ff.anything can happen in a i loved this twist.kamolika died n radha hadnt died,so she ot kamolika’s face in plastic she is back 4 revenge.but i’ve a complaint.this part was too short.plz give ne more update 2day as a compensation

    1. Sorry I was too busy yesterday but I promise I will update a longer update today

  5. Guys apparently Jigar is leaving SNS. What the hell!!!

    1. Are you sure?

  6. It was short but it is awesome the return of radha I can’t wait for the next one

  7. We all like radha…..
    She was the one who bring tufan in modis life

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