Saath Nibana Saathiya- Gopi’s Destiny Part 3


Durga turns around, she seeks Parvati’s blessings. ” Nani, I am so happy it is Diwali today. I have got so much shopping to do and I have to attend a party in the evening.” Parvati starts laughing.
” Youth these days. Why cannot you spend Diwali here, with us?” Parvati asks.
” Eventhough I have been here 18 years, eventhough your family has been my own, celebrating with this family makes me remember my own family. I am still Gopi deep inside.” Durga says. Parvati wipes Durga’s tears.
” For whom do you cry Gopi? That family who betrayed you? A husband who vowed to stay with you till death, he broke that vow. A sister who you grew up with since childhood. She saw you as an enemy. A daughter, who refused to call you her mother. These tears are unneccesary Gopi. Destroy these memories and remember that this is Gopi’s family, not Durga’s family. Durga’s family is waiting for her downstairs for pooja- we have guests here too. Please come down.” Durga comes down- kahani ghar ghar ki title song comes on in the background as Durga greets her family members- Vandi maasi, Kamal, Om and Krishna. Durga sees her parents.
” Papa! Mama!” Durga touches her father’s feet and seeks blessings from her parents. Her supposed parents were Shruti and Sameer Kaul.
” Stay happy, Durga. We have brought lots of presents for you today.” Shruti says.
” Where is Chotu bhai, Gauri bhabi, Suraj and Vishnath?” Durga asks.
” Calm down haha. They are getting the luggage out. They will be here shortly.” Sameer says. Few minutes, Chotu, Gauri and their sons Suraj and Vishnath arrive. Durga runs to greet them.
” Bhai, bhabi! How was your trip to Abu Dhabi?” Durga asks.
” It was brilliant, we had so much fun. Gauri almost got scared.” Chotu starts laughing, Gauri elbows her husband jokingly. Durga turns to Suraj and Vishnath.
” And you two? Your wives and children have been waiting for you. I have heard many complaints from them. You don’t even call them. What is the reason?” Durga scolds them.
” We have been busy?” Both say, holding their ears. Both daughter in laws arrive, Maliaka and Prena.
” Here they are. They will sort you both out.” Durga laughs.

Prena says to Vishnath- ” Don’t ever talk to me. You went to Abu Dhabi and you did not even call me once. I do not want flattery on my beauty later on- Saras is still in USA and Roshni is in Germany. I have been lonely.” Prena pretend to cry, whilst Vishnath tries to comfort her. Prena pushes him gently.
Malaika says to Suraj- ” You are just as bad as your elder brother. What have you ate that makes you two so stone hearted? Our sons, Nikkhil and Akash are still studying in USA and their baap is busy partying in Abu Dhabi?” Malaika storms off.
” Arey! Come back Malaika. She will come back. These girls always create scenes in front of guests. Durga beti, start the pooja.”
” Ji, naani.” Durga sings Gopal Krishna, remembering her times with the Modi family.
After pooja, Parvati and Durga talk. ” Diwali is a day of new beginnings. Diwali was the day when Sita returned with Ram. Today, you will return to Modis. Not as Sita, but as Arjun. If Gopi fought to unite her family, then Durga will fight to destroy her family. Gopi is light. Durga is darkness. Gopi is love. Durga is destruction. When you return to the Modis, their whole life will change.”
In the Modi Mansion, Rashi is sitting on the sofa. She is eating samosas, gulab jamuns and bhajis. A doorbell rings. Rashi shouts, ” Sona! Naiya! Check who is on the door!” Sona arrives quickly, in her veil. She is dressed similarly like Gopi used to. Sona opens the door, enter Paridhi and Vivaan Khanna.
” Greetings, Pari and Vivaan.” Sona says to Pari and Vivaan. The husband and wife ignore her and enter.
” There’s no need to greet such manhoos people Sona.” Rashi scolds Sona.
” Greetings Rashi, you are looking very beautiful today.” Pari says.
” Hi Pari. You are looking very ugly today.” Rashi laughs.
” Mind your langauge!” Pari shouts.
” This is my house and you are standing under my roof. I can do what I want!” Rashi shouts. ” Now are you here give me a headache?”
” Has not Ahem or Jigar told you? There will be a merger between my company and yours.” Vivaan says.
” They did not tell me this. Jigar!” Rashi shouts. Jigar comes running down the stairs.
” Rashi what happened?” Jigar asks.
” What happened? Let me ask you what is going on in this house? A merger between our company and their company? Paridhi, our business partner? The one who kept me imprisoned for 11 years?” Rashi shouts.
” Rashi, please. We did all to prosper our company. Please try to understand. I never did this to upset you. Me and Ahem did this to increase our profits.” Jigar pleads.
” Ahem made this decision. Where is that man now? Tell me where is he?” Rashi shouts.
” He is in the office with Mansi.” Jigar replies.
” Tell you what Rashi, you make a great Kokila. It is like Kokila’s spirit has possessed you and Gopi’s spirit has possessed Sona’s.” Pari laughs.
” How dare you mention Gopi in this house?” Rashi screams, everyone gets scared. ” That witch destroyed our family and you are mentioning her name on Diwali?”
” Rashi calm down!” Jigar says.
” I am calm!” Rashi shouts.
” Let us come back when Rashi has finished her tantrum!” Pari laughs and leaves with Vivaan.
” Sona! Where is Tolu?” Rashi asks.
” He has taken Krishna out somewhere for a meal.” Sona replies.
” Krishna just arrived yesterday from USA. He needs rest.” Rashi says…
Tolu and Krishna are in the car. ” Dad, I am going to market to get something for Rashi dadi.”
” Ok, be quick. I am off home. I’ll send the driver.” Tolu replies. Krishna arrives in the market, where Durga also is. Krishna sees a thief taking a bag from a woman- Krishna stops the thief. Whilst the thief gets up, he attempts to smack Krishna. Durga comes and holds the stick.
Precap- Meera is married to Sankaar. Meera’s mother in law is Tripti. Meera arrives with the Malik family to the grand Diwali party. On the other hand, Durga is on her way to the Modi mansion.

Durga holds the stick and backhands the thief. ” How dare you, you filthy scum?” Durga shouts.
” Leave me, it hurts.” The thief cries. Then a group of goons arrive. They laugh at Durga as she was only one girl against them.
” Do you think I am on my own? Men, please can you sort these scum out? Beat them until they don’t see the light. You’ll get your money later.” Durga called her goons earlier on as she knew would never stand chance against the thiefs.
” That’s Durga Agarwal! Look how powerful she is!” One woman says. Durga ignores them and approaches Krishna.
” Are you ok?” Durga asks.
” Yes, thanks for saving me maam.” Krishna says.
” You have a lot of courage to face that thief. What is your name?” Durga asks.
” Krishna Modi.” Durga is shocked. ” Your parents’ name?”
” Tolu and Sona Modi.” Durga thinks to herself that this was her grandson. But she had a plan.
” Oh the Modis. Do you work now?”
” No maam. How do you know these goons?”
” None of your business how I know them. You should work for me. Here’s my card.” Durga gives him a card.
” Jaise krishna.” Krishna says.Krishna thinks that Durga resembles Meera and Vidya aunty a lot. He had a strange feeling towards her. He walks off. Durga’s goons come.
” We have done the job.”
” Good. Now I need you to disguise and infiltrate the Modi party. I will also be present there.” Durga says.
” Ok maam.” Her goons go off. Durga heads back to Agarwal Mansion. The whole family are getting ready. Parvati approaches her. ” Where were you?”
” Shopping.” Durga replies.
” Shopping? I hear you brawled with some dacoits in the market. What were you thinking?”
” Oh please, I am Durga Agarwal, Nani! I am the most powerful woman in Mumbai!” Durga says.
” It is good you have started to accept your new identity.” Parvati smiles.
” Nani, I have asked my men to infiltrate the mansion.” Durga says.
” Why?” Parvati asks.
” Because I do not trust my enemies. I know they will try to kill me when they see me in the party.” Durga replies.
” We all off to the party. You arrive later.” The Agarwal family leave for the party. Durga is on her own. She goes to her room and sees Kokila’s portrait with garland over it. She gets teary.
” Maaji. 18 years later, I still miss you. I can still feel your presence.” Durga says. She remembers the day when Kokila was shot by Naiya. ” I still have not forgot your last wish. I will protect our family. I will punish my enemies and your soul will have peace.” Durga walks away from the portrait and gets dressed. She wears a modern designer red dress. She applies her diamond jewellery- earings, necklace and bangles. She applies her makeup and straightens her hair in a fashionable way. The Modi
family was ready to see the new avatar of Gopi.

In Modi Mansion, Meera enters with Sanskaar Malik and his parents, Tripti Malik and Prem Malik. Rashi is talking to the guests, wearing Kokila’s jewellry and designer sari. Rashi sees Meera and the Maliks. ” Meeru!”
” Oh please, maasi. I am only here on your request. You know how much I hate this family and if anything happens today, I won’t be happy.” Meera says.
” Why do you still hate us? She died 18 years ago. Move on.” Rashi says.
” She is still my mother and she died because of this family!” Meera shouts, alerting the guests.
” Calm down Meera.” Tripti says. ” Sorry Rashi, I will try to make sure Meera does not cause any problems here.” Tripti scolds Meera.
” How are you Sanskaar?” Rashi asks.
” Are you talking to me buddhi?” Sanskaar replies.
” Mind your language Sanskaar.” Prem shouts. ” Sorry for Sanskaar and Meera’s behaviour.” The Maliks join the party, Rashi grabs Meera to talk to her.
” What’s all this Meera? Why are you being nasty to me?” Rashi asks.
” Everytime I come here, I see no portraits of maa.” Meera replies.
” You need to understand that everyone thinks she killed Kokila.” Rashi says.
” Do you think she killed Kokila?” Meera asks.
” No and I couldn’t save her. I was so selfish 18 years ago.” Rashi cries a little and then Meera comforts her.
” Don’t worry, she is probably in a better place now.” Meera says.
” Where is Tarun?” Rashi asks.
” He is gone partying with his friends.” Meera replies. The conversation goes on…. Durga is in the car, remembering all her times in the Modi Mansion. Sad tune of Saath Nibaana Saathiya plays.
” Kahna ji, please support me today.”

In the Modi Mansion, Trishna arrives with Dharam, Dharam’s wife- Niddhi (Trishna’s long lost daughter from her dead lover), Gaura, Shravan and Vidya. Rashi greets her. Parvati is already at the party and approaches the family. ” Trishna! I have not seen you for a long time!”
” Janki Devi! Oh no it is Parvati Agarwal. Sorry, I am so caught up in the past. I have not seen you for 18 years. How are you, Sita Maiya?” Trishna says.
” I am good. And it is good that you mentioned Janki Devi. Try anything funny and I will become Janki again and destroy you. Understand?” Parvati says. Trishna scowls at her and walks away. Vidya, Shravan, Gaura, Niddhi and Dharam are talking to Rashi. Meera comes and gets angry seeing Vidya.
” Why is she here?” Meera says.
” Didi?” Vidya says.
” Don’t call me didi. You lost that right when you betrayed my mother 18 years ago!” Meera walks off. Vidya starts crying. Gaura, Rashi and Niddhi comfort her.
” She will forgive you one day, Vidya.” Gaura says, obviously happy with the two sister fighting.
Trishna approaches Parvati once more. ” So Parvati, who is in charge of Agarwal Industries?”
” My grandaughter, Durga Agarwal. She is the CEO.” Parvati replies.
” Durga? I have never met her.” Trishna asks.
” She was Malaika’s daughter but when Malaika died, Shruti became her mother.” Durga arrives at the Modi Mansion. She has teary eyes and then wipes her tears. She remembers her time when she got married- she places her foot inside the mansion. The lights turn off and a strong wind blows hard- smashing all the glass.
” What is happening?” Rashi sceams. A spotlight comes on Durga. Everyone sees Durga and get shocked. Durga smirks evilly while entering Modi Mansion. Evil version of Saath Nibana song comes on.
” Meri grandaughter, Durga Agarwal.” Parvati smiles.
” Gopi?” Rashi says. All the vamps are shocked at the arrival of Durga.

Precap- A veiled lady tries to shoot Durga. A laser is aimed at Durga’s neck. Parvati notices and gets scared and wonders who is the veiled lady.

Credit to: Isaaq

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