Saath Nibana Saathiya- Gopi’s Destiny Part 13


Kaushika arrives at Rashi Jr’s house. She rings the doorbell, Rashi Jr opens it. “Why are you here?” Shouts Rashi Jr.
“ Won’t you welcome your own mother?” Taunts Kaushika. Rashi Jr gestures her to come in. “ I have not come here to sit down. I want to discuss your challenge. You have your siblings to help you, whereas I have my supporters. My lovely grandchildren, come in!” Karan, Sahaj, Ashweriya, Madhuri, Raj, Neel and Arun enter the household. Rashi Jr gets emotional seeing her nieces and nephews. She approaches Ashweriya.
“ I am your aunty. I haven’t seen you all for years.” Rashi Jr cries. Ashweriya pushes her.
“ Don’t you dare touch me, you foolish woman.” Ashweriya yells.
“ We are not here to comfort you, Rashi. We are here to warn you that if you stand in our way, we will not spare you.” Madhuri says.
“ I am elder than you!” Rashi Jr yells.
“ And I am much more powerful than you. You are a middle class woman and I am an upperclass woman. You should respect me!” Shouts Madhuri.
“ Chill, Madhuri.” Karan says. He approaches Rashi Jr. “ Where is my sister,Kajol?”
“ Where is my brother, Krishna?” Raj demands.
“ We are here.” Krishna arrives from the other room. He approaches his siblings. “ It has been a long time since we have all come together. I remember the times when we all used to play in Diwali every year. We used to play with fireworks and crackers. But today we are playing with each other’s lives. You want to destroy us. Fine then, but Gopi Dadi will win.”
“ You are a little kid and stay as one. Your Gopi Dadi killed Kokila Modi and she tried to kill Radha Dadi. You are supporting a murderer.” Says Raj. “ Don’t listen to Rashi, just forget them. I don’t want to fight with you.”
“ I am not a little kid anymore and I know the truth. Gopi Dadi returned as Durga Agarwal. She is the only one that can make everything fine. In the Mahabharat, cousins fought with each other and today, cousins shall fight once more. Truth will win this time.” Krishna says.
“ Fine, we have no chance. We are currently looking for Gopi Modi anyway. She ran away from Dubai and she is in USA. My men are looking for her. If we find out you have interfered, we will kill you. Understand?” Arun warns.
“ Have you understood, Rashi? My grandchildren will destroy you.” Smirks Kaushika. Karan gets a phone call.
“ Yes. You are brilliant.” Cheers Karan. “ Radha dadi, we have found Gopi. She is on her way here now.”
“ You see, Rashi, you have failed. Do you know what I plan to do when she comes tomorrow, I will get her married off to an old dirty man.” Kaushika laughs.
“ You wouldn’t dare!” Rashi Jr shouts. The evil grandchildren and Kaushika leave.
The next morning, Kaushika and Trishna enter the Agarwal house, shocking Parvati. Om gets angry seeing Trishna.
“ Why are you here?” Yells Om.
“ Calm down, I have some good news. Your granddaughter, Durga or Gopi is alive and she is on her way. She will get married to an old man or I will reveal her secret. You gather her grandchildren against Radha and then you think you will win, no!” Trishna shouts.
“ Please spare her!” Parvati cries.
“ Oh please don’t cry Parvati. Her husband, Ahem hates her, so we will get her a new husband. She will be here in a few hours. I want you to get her ready as a bride. I will be bringing the groom soon.” Trishna leaves with Kaushika.
“ What is happening Om? I promised Kokila that I would save Gopi but I have failed.” Parvati breaks down.
“ Have faith in God, Parvati. He will help us. My Parvati does not give up that easily.” Om says.
It is the night and Trishna arrives with the groom. His face is covered. “ Parvati, I see the guests here. Let’s have some fun. Where is the bride? Priest, let’s start the ritual.” Trishna goes to the priest. The grandchildren arrive as well. Naiya, Nidhi, Tripti, Meera and Vidya arrive at the wedding.
“ I won’t let this happen to Maa.” Meera says.
“ Durga or whoever she is, deserves this punishment.” Nidhi says.
“ She doesn’t. She is my mother.” Meera says.
“ She killed your grandmother.” Vidya shouts. Naiya comes and intervenes, Meera slaps Naiya.
“ Naiya killed Dadi. She’s your culprit and I will prove to you. You understand, you better understand?” Meera shouts.
“ Gopi Modi already accused Naiya 18 years ago, now you are doing the same.” Vidya yells.
“ She is just like her mother.” Naiya cries, Vidya comforts her.
Parvati goes upstairs and brings down Durga, who had arrived two hours ago in India. Durga sits along with the groom. Durga has a weird feeling sitting next to the groom. They get up and walk around with cloth tied. The priest finishes the ritual. “ You are now husband and wife.” The groom lifts his garlands off his face and is revealed to be Ahem. He smiles at Durga, who is shocked. She falls and he grabs her. She stares into his eyes.
“ Ahem Ji.” Saath Nibhana Saathiya tune plays.
“ Ahem! You were not supposed to marry Durga. How dare you?” Trishna yells.
“ I can do what I want. I like Durga and I could not stand seeing her marrying an old man so I did this plan.” Ahem says.
“ Because she is Gopi Modi. She revealed her secret to Kaushika.” Trishna shouts.
“ What bakwas is this, Trishna? This is my granddaughter and if she wanted to get married to Ahem, that is fine.” Parvati says.
“ You stupid woman. Gopi Modi has married Ahem once more. She has deceived us.” Trishna screams. “ Why aren’t you saying anything, Kaushika?”
“ Trishna, be quiet. I am only a guest here.” Kaushika grabs Trishna and whispers, “ Our plan has failed. Why are you making such a mess? If you carry on, Gopi will open her mouth that I am Radha. She has a lot of evidence.”
“ Oh! Such a drama you to do!” Durga finally speaks. “ Do you think I will get married to an old man?”
“ Shut up! Gopi!” Trishna yells.
“ I am Durga Agarwal! And if you try to trap me again, I will not spare you!” Yells Durga. Trishna gets scared. “ I am quite happy I am marrying such a handsome man.” Durga blushes, Ahem laughs.
“ I am sorry Parvati, we will leave from here.” Trishna and Kaushika leave. Vidya approaches Durga.
“ Wah, look at you. My dad was supposed to get married to Mansi, but you interfered once more! Why are you ruining our lives?” Vidya shouts, Meera intervenes.
“ Don’t you dare talk to my mother like that?” Meera yells.
“ It’s good, Meera has accepted me as her new stepmother. But Vidya, still hates.” Durga laughs.
“ Durga, shall we go?” Ahem says. Durga agrees and she does bidaii to the Agarwal family. Durga and Ahem arrive and go to their room. They lock the door.“ So Gopi Modi, Durga Modi?” Ahem laughs.
“ Ahem Ji, you are not angry with me?” Durga says.
“ No, I know you did not kill mom. I overheard Trishna and Radha’s conversation. Then I found out about our grandchildren’s fight amongst each other. With Krishna, Kajol, Adam and Rashi’s help, we managed to kidnap the old man and I took his place.” Ahem says.
“ Ahem Ji, I missed you so much!” Durga cries, hugging Ahem. They caress each other.
“ Don’t leave me ever again.” Ahem also cries. “ I love you.” Manwa Lagee song plays.
In Trishna’s house, she and Kaushika are very angry. They round up the evil grandchildren. Trishna starts smashing things.
“ You stupid people! I told you keep watch of the old man, but you never listened!” Trishna screams.
“ We don’t know how Ahem ended up there!” Ashweriya yells.
“ You stupid girl! Now we need to split up Ahem and Gopi. Now that Gopi is back in the Modi Mansion, she can do anything. Kaushika’s truth will be revealed if we do not finish off Gopi. Ahem now supports Gopi, what can we do now?” Trishna shouts.
“ No point splitting up Gopi and Ahem, Trishna. It won’t work. We need a new plan to trap Gopi. Gopi may be back in the Modi family but we still can finish her off.” Kaushika smirks.
Precap- Rashi is back from abroad. She comes across Durga and asks her why she is here. Ahem tells Rashi to greet her new sister in law, Durga Modi. Rashi is shocked.

Credit to: Isaaq

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  1. Story synopsis for next part- Rashi vows to cause problems for Durga and Ahem, just like when she used to trouble Gopi and Ahem at the start. Both daughter in laws will fight again.
    On the other hand, Kaushika plans her next scheme.

  2. Hi isaaq! I waited for ur ff all these days and u finally posted…even though its late its actually worth to wait for with each episode coming wit surprise and shocking twists…i am happy to see ahem found out the truth and accepted gopi back…while reading the ff on the go, i thought parvati
    and durga will plan something and they wil change the bride but the opposite thing happened?…the synopsis for next episode is also exciting as rashi is back in her old form but dis time i think gopi will not be dat much foolish to face troubles from rashi as she did before….dis time i expect that gopi will outsmart rashi….

    1. True. With the arrival of Durga Modi, Gopi will soon challenge Rashi’s power. After Kokila’s death, Rashi took over. Now Durga is the eldest daughter in law, Ahem will give the house keys to Durga. Rashi will get jealous.


    hi isaaq,u have to update it everyday..ive been waiting since ages

    1. Sorry I can’t guarantee as I have exams.

  4. jasmine Rahul

    Sad that own blood is fighting against each other bcz of kaushika.they planned 2 trap gopi by getting married 2 an old man.but wow…it was ahem.what a happy twist!Ahem realized d truth n so with their well wishers he kidnapped d old man n in his place he stood.Glad that instead of dragging Gohem fight n mu u united them.But what will Mansi do?Why is Rashi troubling them eventho she knows d truth that gopi didnt kill Kokila?
    Loved meera supporting Gopi against Vidya.But on SNS always Meera is portrayed as d selfish arrogant girl

    1. Rashi is negative once more because she is jealous of GOPI that she will lose her power in the Modi house.
      Mansi won’t be in the episodes until the end- she will have a big role. Now it’s Rashi vs Durga.

  5. hi isaaq can u tell me why tolu molu used to call gopi pari miss. plz someone tell me

    1. Because she was their teacher “miss” and they thought she looked like a fairy “pari”

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