Saath Nibana Saathiya- Gopi’s Destiny Part 12

Adam, Meera, Rashi Jr, Krishna and Kajol arrive at the Agarwal Mansion. Parvati is there on her own. She sees them and pretends to be angry.
” Why are you all here? Is it bad enough that I lost my grandaughter and now you people are troubling our family?” Parvati pretends to cry.
” We know Gopi maa is still alive.” Rashi Jr says.
” What bakwas? Durga is not Gopi.” Ensures Parvati.
” Please tell us the truth, we need Gopi maa. Why is she doing this?” Krishna pleads. Parvati thinks that Gopi needs her children’s help more than ever. Gopi cannot fight alone.
” Please?” Meera also pleads.
” Ok, she is Gopi Modi and she is still alive.” Parvati says. The children get happy by knowing this truth.
” But why is Gopi dadi pretending to be Durga Agarwal?” Kajol asks.
” Because she is doing this to escape from your mother’s trap. Your mother Naiya, killed Kokila and blamed it on your Gopi Dadi.” Parvati says.
” Maa did this heinous act?” Cries Kajol.
” How could Naiya aunty do this?” Rashi Jr also cries.
” It is also true that your mother Radha, is Kaushika, Rashi.” Parvati says.
” You mean?” Says Rashi Jr.
” Yes! The woman who tried to kill you as a baby. She has come back and destroyed everything. She trapped Jigar only to make Gopi paranoid. She has won and Gopi has lost.” Parvati sobs.
” Radha maasi is back? This cannot be! Maa cannot lose.” Meera says.
” We need to help Gopi Dadi.” Krishna suggests. ” Who is helping this Radha?”
” Trishna Agarwal, my biggest enemy, has helped Radha for 18 years. I am powerless. Today, Janki Devi has lost.” Parvati sobs. Krishna wipes her tears.
” We will make sure nothing happens to Gopi Dadi.” Krishna says. Rashi Jr storms out and goes to Kaushika’s house. Rashi Jr arrives at Kaushika’s house and rings the bell. Kaushika opens the door.
” Hello, how might I help you?” Kaushika asks.
” I need to speak to you.” Rashi Jr says.
” Ok, come in.” Kaushika says. She tells Rashi Jr to sit down whilst she brings some juice. Kaushika brings some juice, Rashi Jr throws the glass from her mother’s hand. ” What are you doing?”
” I will never drink from your hands, Radha!” Rashi Jr shouts.
” What bakwas is this? I am Kaushika.” Kaushika shouts.
” I know who you really are. I am your daughter and I ashamed that I came from your womb.” Rashi Jr.
” Rashi? My daughter has come to meet me at last. You watch, we will destroy the Modis together.” Kaushika says, trying to caress Rashi Jr.
” Don’t you dare touch me, Radha! You can never be my mother! You are a disgusting woman. How dare you consider me as your daughter? You tried to kill me as a baby. You are a witch!” Rashi Jr shouts.
” I see the Modis have brainwashed you. I should of killed you when I had the chance, but Gopi saved you.” Kaushika says.
” Well, consider this your second chance and I will make sure, that this time, I will punish you myself. I know you have trapped Gopi Maa and let me make this clear that Gopi Maa started this Mahabarat, I will end this.” Rashi Jr shouts.
” Deal. Your Gopi Maa has lost but now I will fight my own daughter. If you lose, you will be killed.” Kaushika laughs.
” I am not alone. I have my siblings on my side.” Rashi Jr says.
” Your siblings shall die as well.” Kaushika says, Rashi Jr storms out. Kaushika calls Naiya. ” Naiya, tell Karan and the other grandchildren meet me tonight.” The remaining next generation shall definitely join Radha’s side.
In Mumbai airport, Meera’s children arrive. A daughter called Ashweriya(Sana Khan). She was a vulgar girl. She liked to trap boys and go to night clubs. Two sons called Neel(Barun Sobti) and Arun(Gurneet Chodury). These two sons were big gangsters, taught by their father, Sanskaar.
Vidya’s children arrive. One son called Sahaj(Karan Singh Grover) and one daughter called Madhuri(Tia Bajpai). Sahaj was an arrogant and ruthless lawyer, whereas Madhuri took care of the family business. Both were equally evil.
Tolu’s other son, Raj( Arjun Bijlani). He was Krishna’s brother and a big gangster, helping his cousins with their criminal acts.
Ashweriya, Raj, Neel, Arun, Karan, Sahaj and Madhuri arrive at Kaushika’s house. Kaushika sees them and gets happy.
” You are probably wondering who I am. Karan obviously knows who I am but you rest need an introduction. I am Kaushika, but also Radha Modi. The Modis have done very badly with me. They tried to kill me.” Kaushika pretends to cry.
” Oh my god, are you okay?” Ashweriya asks, running to Kaushika. ” Who tried to kill you?”
” Gopi Modi and that’s why, because of Kahna Ji, I am back. I was supposed to get married to Ahem Modi but Gopi tried to kill me. I love Ahem.” Cries Kaushika.
” Why are you asking us?” Karan says.
” If you help me get my revenge, I will give you as much money as possible. 500 crores.” Kaushika pleads. The boys agree.
” I don’t care about the money though.” Sahaj says. ” I am a lawyer.”
” I can make you a great lawyer if you help me. I know powerful connections.” Kaushika says. Sahaj agrees. ” And Madhuri and Ashweriya, I know a powerful family and I can get you married off into that family. Imagine that life!” Kaushika says.
” Deal.” Asheriya says happily, thinking about a luxurious life with a handsome husband.
” Good, your other siblings, Rashi, Kajol and Krishna are supporting Gopi Modi. Gopi is back as Durga Agarwal and we need to defeat her.” Kaushika says.
” Krishna is supporting her? That boy never learns!” Raj shouts.
” We will win. Trust me!” Kaushika says, they all join together.

Precap- Kaushika says to Rashi Jr that she challenged her and now here is her supporters- enter the evil grandchildren. Rashi Jr gets shocked, Gopi’s diya loses light.

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  1. OMG!!! Meera vidya’s children’s are evil minded…..sad that kaushika or radha had trapped them….

    1. Radha has always been trapping people. She is winning so far. The evil grandchildren are too powerful that now the story will become more complicated…

  2. Hey isaaq…your story is going very good…continue it…pls. comment in my ff saathiya ek nayi kahani as soon i am going to introduce a leap…

    1. I’ve commented on your FF and thanks! I will continue it. This is a very interesting track and I am sure you all will like this story.

  3. Synopsis for next part- Kajol, Krishna, Rashi Jr and Adam focus on Ashweriya. They plan to trap Ashweriya. The good grandchildren will plan to destroy each evil grandchild, then Radha herself.

    1. It is sad that cousins are fighting each other but that’s what happened in the Mahabarat.

  4. jasmine Rahul

    From parvati they came 2 know d truth.Kajol is shattered 2 know that its her mother nayya who killed kokila.How will she react when she comes 2 know that nayya isnt her real mom?Loved Radha Rashi jr was so thrilling.but how cud radha say that if rashi jr loses she will b killed with her siblings?so cruel.sad that kaushika trapped d evil grandchildren of modi dare she say that she used 2 luv ahem n so gopi tried 2 kill her?Loved d new entries.Gurmeet n Barun too.But cant imagine Arjun bijlani ,gurmeet n barun as evils.

  5. jasmine Rahul

    thx 4 quick updates.plz update daily

  6. Nice intro of next generation characters….its sad and terrible to see dis generation youngsters are against each other in same family…evryone has equal status but still enemity in mind against same family members for more money and luxury…dis is today’s reality?? hope evryone gets united soon….

    1. Yh the grandchild I hate the most out of my characters is Ashweriya. Without Gopi and Kokila, these children have had poor upbringing.

      1. Yup! Totally agreed!…

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