Saath Nibana Saathiya- Gopi’s Destiny Part 11


Parvati comes home after the party. Durga and Sasha are waiting for her. Parvati is crying. Durga runs to her.
” Maa, we found Radha’s passport, showing she came from Dubai. Finally, we can go to Dubai and reveal her true identity.” Durga says happily.
” So? Why are you telling me?” Parvati shouts.
” Why are you so angry and why are there tears in your eyes? What happened at the party?” Durga asks.
” You have to reveal your true identity Gopi.” Parvati says.
” Why?” Durga questions.
” Because if you don’t my parents will die!” Parvati breaks down. ” Trishna, Radha and Rajeshweri have my parents.”
” Your parents are alive.” Durga sobs.
” Yes!” Parvati screams.
” Calm down Parvati aunty. Even if Trishna and Rajeshweri have your parents, it does not mean Durga has to reveal her identity to the Modis. Have you lost your mind?” Sasha says.
” I have already called the police, I am sorry Gopi.” Parvati cries, she tries to hug Durga but she pushes her.
” I regarded you as my mother! I know that you have never met your parents but don’t you care about me? You are a selfish woman. I am not going back to jail for a crime I never did.” Shouts Durga.
” Run away from here Durga. Just go!” Sasha shouts. Durga quickly leaves.
” Gopi don’t go!” Parvati screams. After a few moments, the police arrive.
” Where is Gopi Modi? I was told she is still alive and is here?” The police officer asks.
” She has ran away. She has just left now.” Parvati says. The police leave and Parvati goes along with them. They follow Durga’s car until Durga reaches a cliff. Durga gets out of the car and jumps off the cliff. ” Gopi!” Parvati screams. Gopi had commited suicide.
The news reaches the Modis of Durga’s death. Kaushika, Trishna, Rajeshweri and Saraswati are happy by this fact. One of their enemies was dead. They see Parvati enter the Modi Mansion.
” Oh Parvati, you are here. Well done, you made her kill herself. You will meet your parents soon. I will inform you. On the last trial of Jigar, you will meet them. I promose you.” Trishna says. Parvati leaves and quickly rings someone as she gets in the car.
” Gopi, are you alright? Are you on the airplane?”
” Yes, Maa. I am on my way to Dubai. It is good that our enemies think I am dead.” Durga is revealed to be alive.
” I knew my parents are not alive. I know my sister is lying so I told you beforehand. We both planned this. Take care, my wishes are with you. We need to save Jigar and we cannot risk you going back to jail. We are going along with this plan because I need to trap them witches.” Parvati says. She puts the phone down. Janki Devi and Durga Agarwal will have to fight their enemies. Parvati had to pretend in front of her enemies; she had to be Janki Devi.
Durga, in Dubai, is with Pallavi. They both enter a hotel. ” We need to find the address. Apparently, there is another woman living there. Let us go.” Pallavi says.
” Yes.” Durga agrees. Pallavi and Durga explore Dubai and reach the address after 2 hours of finding it. Durga and Pallavi see the watchman and approach him.
” Sir, who lives here?” Durga asks.
” Sudha Khanna.” The watchman answers.
” Sudha!” Durga is shocked.
” What happened Durga? Who is she?” Pallavi asks.
” She is an old enemy of ours. She kept Rashi ben imprisoned in London.” Durga says. ” She is working with Radha and she will tell Radha that I am still alive. This was our plan to trap them but if Sudha finds out, they will harm Maa.” Durga says.
” Listen, I am here though. What if I pretend to be my old evil self. I was once Parvati bhabi’s biggest enemy. What if I pretend to join hands with Sudha?” Pallavi suggests.
” Of course! Great plan, I will head back to the hotel. You meet her and make sure you get evidence against Radha.” Durga goes back to the hotel. Pallavi enters the mansion. Pallavi sits down on the sofa, waiting for Sudha(Monica Bedi).
” Madam will be here shortly.” The servants says. An evil vamp tune plays and Sudha walks down the stairs, smirking at Pallavi. She approaches Pallavi.
” Yes, how might I help you?” Sudha asks.
” I know you are working with Radha.” Pallavi says.
” Radha? Who Radha?” Sudha laughs.
” Kaushika Basu. Radha. You helped her along with Saraswati Basu. I know everything.” Pallavi says.
” Who are you?” Sudha shouts.
” My name is Pallavi Agarwal. I am the daughter in law of the Agarwal family in Mumbai. I am Parvati Agarwal’s biggest enemy.” Pallavi says.
” Since your enemy is my enemy, I guess we are friends.” Sudha laughs. ” You really hate Parvati don’t you. Poor Parvati, she has suffered a lot. News says Durga Agarwal, her grandaughter, is dead. She was Gopi’s lookalike.”
” Yes. I have met Durga.” Pallavi says.
” So, tell me. What do you need from me?” Sudha asks.
” Is Kaushika Radha?” Pallavi asks. She puts on the voice recorder.
” Yes, Kaushika is Radha. She has been in my custody for 29 years. I found her when she had her plastic surgery. Recently, me and Radha have trapped Jigar to make Durga reveal her truth but of course Gopi is dead now.” Sudha says. Suddenly, a scream is heard. A woman comes out of the cellar. It was Urmilla; kidnapped by her sister for revenge.
” Who is she?” Pallavi asks.
” My sister. The guards will be here shortly. She has been here. Her daughter was in my custody for 11 years and now her mother is in my trap.” Sudha laughs. Pallavi gets worried; she had to inform Durga.
” We to plan to get rid of Parvati.” Pallavi suggests.
” Yes. Parvati is a strong enemy. Radha and Trishna have already planned the attack on Parvati. You see, Radha will admit that she lied and Jigar will be released tommorow. This was all a plan to make Gopi mad. And she died. Parvati shall also fall. Trishna informed me yesterday Parvati is dressed up as Janki Devi. But now, Janki Devi shall also fall and burn.” Sudha says.
” What?” Shouts Pallavi. She drops the voice recorder. Sudha slaps her.
” Do you think I am foolish to not realise your plan? My guards informed me that Gopi was with you outside. Gopi will go back to prison and your Parvati bhabi, she will also go to prison because she will be blamed for someone’s death today.” Pallavi is shocked.
Meanwhile, in India. Parvati was called by her enemies to a ruin. She enters the ruin and finds a dead woman on the floor. It was Saraswati. She is shocked. She picks up a knife.
Back in Dubai. Durga prays for her family’s safety. ” Please help us Kahna Ji.”
The police arrive and Parvati runs away. God has saved her, otherwise Parvati would of have to go back to prison again like before. Parvati gets away from the place before the police find her.
Pallavi reaches the hotel and tells Durga that they had to leave from Dubai and to the US. Durga and Pallavi leave. Durga rings Parvati and is relieved that Parvati is safe.
In the Modi Mansion, Rashi Jr(Jennifer Winget) and Adam (Gautam Rode) arrive. They had both eloped years ago because Adam was muslim and the Modis would never approve, but now learning that her Gopi maa was back as Durga Agarwal, she was certain she will be accepted. Rashi Jr arrives wearing modern clothing, she sees Kajol and runs to hug her.
” Kajol, I missed you so much.” Cries Rashi Jr.
” Rashi, where did you run off, did you know how much you worried us all?” Sobs Kajol.
” This is Adam, my husband.” Rashi Jr says. Suddenly, a little girl arrives named Khushi(Rhaunika Dhawan). ” This is Khushi, my lovely daughter.”
” Hi.” Kajol says.
” Hello aunty.” Khushi says.
” I just hope your family accepts me.” Adam says.
” They will. Gopi Maa is back.” Rashi Jr says happily.
” Gopi Maa? Who is she?” Kajol says.
” She used to live here, but she was thought to be dead. I heard she is back as Durga Agarwal.” Rashi Jr says.
” But Durga committed suicide yesterday.” Kajol says.
” Oh, you are silly. This must be her plan.” Rashi Jr says. Naiya is listening. Gopi could still be alive? Naiya goes and gets angry seeing Rashi Jr.
” How dare you come back here? And Kajol, you are standing here talking to this girl who did not even care about her own family? Saasumaa was right. You do have Radha’s impure blood.” Naiya shouts.
” Mama! Don’t you dare!” Kajol finally shouts at her mother. Naiya tries to slap her, but Kajol grabs her hand. Naiya thinks that she is Gopi’s granddaughter, of course she will fight back.
” How dare you?” Naiya shouts. Rashi comes running.
” What happened? Jigar ji is coming back tomorrow and I was doing all the preparations.” Rashi says, she turns around and gets furious seeing Rashi Jr. ” You? Radha’s daughter is back?”
” That is what I was saying, Saasumaa. But Kajol here, is fighting with me instead.” Naiya says.
” Listen, Kajol. This second Radha is a very impure girl. She is a bad curse on us all.” Rashi says, she pushes Rashi Jr, Adam and Khushi out of the house.
” Please listen me.” Rashi Jr pleads, Rashi shuts the door. Krishna, from upstairs, listens to the whole thing. He was happy that Rashi Jr. was back but was also happy that Durga might be the Gopi Modi his mother,Sona, always talked about. Him and Kajol go and meet Rashi Jr.
” Do you think Durga is Gopi Dadi?” Krishna asks.
” Of course, I know Gopi Maa very well. This is all her plan to get revenge on whoever killed Baa ji.” Rashi Jr says sadly, remembering how Kokila brought her up.
” But if she faked her death the second time, where is she?” Adam says.
” We have to ask Parvati Agarwal where Gopi Dadi is.” Kajol says.
” I will help as well.” Meera arrives.
Precap- Parvati explains the whole situation of Radha’s and Trishna’s plan. Adam, Kajol, Meera, Krishna and Rashi Jr agree to defeat Radha and Trishna.

Credit to: Isaaq

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  1. How did you update.

  2. How you update ur episodes? ,issaq

  3. How you update ur episodes? ,isaaq

    1. Excuse me? Not sure what you mean?

    1. Thank you! I knew bringing the next generation as Gopi’s supporters would make this more interesting.

  4. The true Mahabarat begins now. Gopi’s children will begin their battle against Radha and Trishna. Interestingly, Radha will have to face her own daughter, Rashi Jr.

  5. Synopsis of the next part- Rashi Jr will face her mother Radha and says to her that she can never be her mother because she is evil. Radha says to her that she should of killed her when she was a baby but now she’s trying to destroy her own mother. Rashi Jr declares that Gopi started this Mahabarat and now she will end this Mahabarat. Mother and daughter begin their battle…

  6. Mind-blowing episode!! How do u get such criminal ideas??????? and at the same time u r also making the solution for them???

    1. Lol I am a devious person in real life?? I’m quite clever and manipulative that’s why I’m a expert in kalakaris ?

      1. Dats great!!! You should get ur hands in publishing more thriller fictions☺??

  7. jasmine Rahul

    PAEVATI ASKED GOPI 2 SURRENDER GOPI left cursing parvati.i was sad abt d rift btw parvati n gopi.but surprised that it was all a plan of parvati n gopi.gopi escaped with fake suicide drama.i thought vety intelligently pallavi will trap sudha by befriending her.but shocking that sudha knew her plan.she has even kidnapped pallavi.Why is Sudha angry with Parvati?She killed Saraswati n put d blame on parvati?How cruel!But parvati escaped from d police n is safe.

    Happy 2 c Rashi junior n her hus Adam with daughter khushi’s come back.Love Genam n Ruhanika.she was thrown out as she married a man of another caste n she came back knowing abt gopi’s come back n hope that she will b accepted.Loved Rashi’s confidence that gopi’s suicide is fake.sad that rashi threw jr Rashi out.Y is rashi angry with her?Is it bcz Rashi is Jigar Radha’s daughter?Loved Kajol supporting jr rashi n gopi.loved her courage 2 stop nayya from hitting her again.hoping 4 regular updates like b4

    1. Sudha does not personally hate Parvati she just working with Trishna.
      Saraswati wasnt even Parvatis sister she was an actress who was later killed by Trishna and Radha.
      Rashi hates Rashi Jr because she ran away from home and she is Radha’s daughter.

      1. And yes Kajol has got some courage now. She is played by Sanjeeda from Ek Hasina Thi so soon Kajol will be like Durga Thakur.

      2. jasmine Rahul

        Parvati hasnt seen Saraswati?She doesnt recognize her sister?

      3. Saraswati was an actress that came to the party remember? She was told by Radha to pretend to be her sister. Parvati lost her family when she was a baby so she has no idea about her family.

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