Saath Nibana Saathiya- Gopi’s Destiny Part 10


Kaushika is sitting on her own, in her room. Enjoying the shouting of the Modis downstairs. She couldn’t wait till Durga finally admits she is Gopi. She was planning to make Gopi reveal her true identity in front of everyone.
Kaushika walks downstairs. ” I am leaving from here. There is no need for me to be here.”
” You will stay here, Kaushika.” Vidya says.
” I don’t feel comfortable here. It’s my mother’s birthday today as well. I was still finding her house.” Kaushika cries.
” We call her here. Tell us her name.” Niddhi asks.
” Saraswati Basu.”
” We will arrange a birthday party for your mum.” Meera says. They all agree.
” Ok. That is lovely.”
They arrange a birthday party and Kaushika remembers that today Kokila died and Gopi went to jail. She sends a invitation card. Durga opens the card and gets angry.
” Look Maa on Maaji’s death anniversary. Kaushika has no shame at all!” Cries Durga. Parvati reads it. She sees it is a birthday party for Saraswati Basu.
” Why do I recognise this name? Saraswati?” Parvati asks. ” We have to go. Who knows what Kaushika has got planned.”
” But Maa, me and Sasha had to go to Radha’s real house.” Durga says.
” You two go. If you go, it will be too dangerous. I will go instead.” Parvati says.
” Are you sure?” Durga asks.
” Yes.” Durga hugs her and leaves with Sasha. Parvati goes upstairs and has a scared feeling that she had to become Janki Devi again. Parvati gets her old Janki Devi saris out and her makeup- she transforms into her Janki Devi avatar once more.
The Modis are busy dancing and celebrating with music. Kaushika and Naiya see Parvati enter the Modi Mansion. Parvati enters and the Janki Devi tune plays( Same tune when she and Naiyrani were on the boat in KGGK).
” She looks different.” Niddhi says. ” Naiya look, is that not Parvati Agarwal?”
” It is her, she looks so young.” Naiya remarks. ” Let’s go and greet her.” They approach Parvati.
” Parvati Ji, you look very nice today.” Niddhi says.
” Thank you, very much. My beauty seems to be the best today. I see you two are wearing simple saris today?” Parvati laughs.
” Simple? Mind your language and remember whose house you are in.” They walk off. Later on in the evening, the lights turn off and the wind blows really strong. Parvati turns around and sees Trishna, Rajeshweri and a strange woman enter. Parvati is shocked seeing her biggest enemies enter the party.
” Janki Devi.” Shouts Rajeshweri. ” Oh, it’s Parvati. Long time no see.” Rajeshweri Mehra was back alongside Trishna.
” Trishna. You tried to kill my grandaughter, how did you get released?” Parvati asks.
” None of your business, Sita Maiya. It is good you are in your Janki Devi avatar today. It is a shame that Janki Devi has to lose today. It is always Parvati that accepts defeat, but today Janki Devi will accept defeat.” Trishna says.
” You stole all my children from me and my husband. I won’t spare you Parvati.” Rajeshweri says.
” Stop your bakwas you witches. Do not you two remember the last time you tried to conspire against me? Trishna has gone to jail three times and Rajeshweri, all your plans fail each time. You have no chance against me. No chance.” Parvati laughs. ” Who is this woman?” Before Trishna speaks, Kaushika comes running to hug the strange woman.
” Maa, I missed you so much.” Kaushika cries.
” I know, I know what happened to you and I swear I will not spare this Modi family. Parvati, my name is Saraswati Basu.” Saraswati says. Parvati looks closer to her face. They shared similar facial features.
” Why do you seem familiar?” Parvati says.
” Because I am your sister and your parents are still alive.” Saraswati says.
” No, you are lying.” Parvati cries.
” I am not lying, see.” Saraswati shows Parvati her parents photo.
” You want to meet them Parvati, you tell Durga to reveal her identity that she is Gopi Modi or you will see your parents die.” Kaushika says.
” You would not dare!” Screams Parvati.
” Tone lower. Parvati.” Rajeshweri says.
” Let us go and leave her to cry here. She needs time to think. Save Gopi or save her parents. Will she fulfil Kokila’s dying wish or will she see her dying parents?” Trishna laughs.
Precap- Durga happily tells Parvati that they have found that Radha is from Dubai. Parvati breaks down saying Durga had to reveal her identity as Gopi Modi and return to prison.

Credit to: Isaaq

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  1. Is durga really going to jail again….sad that everyone forgot kokila’s death annniversary…good keep writing

    1. Durga won’t go back to jail as it will ruin the whole plan that thy have been doing for 18 years. This will all be revealed as a trap for Parvati. In 18 days, Trishna Raheshweri Saraswati and Radha will be defeated.

  2. jasmine Rahul

    excited 2 c ur update after a long time.radha wants 2 celebrate her mom saraswati’s b’day n a party is organized purposefully on kokila’s death anniversary 2 insult her.oh..excited 2 c parvati in janki devi’s look as she is in d phase of competing with evils.who is rajeshwari mehra?What?Saraswati n parvati r sisters n their parents r in radha-trishna’s custody.they threaten parvati that if gopi doesnt reveal her true identity her parents will b killed.oh no.plz dont send gopi back 2 jail.she has 2 win.Is saraswati parvat’s sis?

    1. Saraswati is the sister of Parvati. Parvati was brought up as an orphan by her grandmother. Saraswati was the one who sent Trishna to trouble Parvati.
      Parvati’s parents are not alive and Saraswati killed them for money. But discovering that they left their wealth to Parvati Saraswati tried to kill Parvati but she failed and her grandmother took her away. Since then Saraswati has been trying to destroy Parvati life.
      Durga will refuse to reveal her identity and will run away. The police will search for her. Durga will come back just in time to save Parvati from Saraswati.

      1. jasmine Rahul

        if parvati’s parents r not alive why is saraswati n other vamps blackmailing parvati in her parents’ name?
        Who is Rageshwari?
        which actors play these characters..

    2. Raheshweri Mehra was Trishnas partner in crime. They both tried to kill Om.

      1. The vamps will be defeated within the 18 days. Jigar will also be saved and Kaushika will be revealed as Radha and will be sent to jail and will be hanged. Trishna also will have a death sentence. Raheshweri and Saraswati will be imprisoned.
        After this Mahabarat track, Durga will focus on the Modis. Ahem will realise the truth that Gopi didn’t kill Kokila and will support her. Mansi, Naiya and Niddhi get angry by this and plan to separate Gopi and Ahem.

      2. Can u tell me who is niddhi

      3. jasmine Rahul

        thx 4 telling me who rageshwari is

  3. Niddhi is Dharam’s wife. She is a negative character.

  4. Live it its so awesome but I’m sad that in sns ahem is gonna die soon please update next soon love it your awesome

    1. Update is probably today

  5. Jasmine it’s all a plan to trap Gopi. That’s why they are blackmailing Parvati because they know she will hand over Gopi

  6. Woww wat a twist!! I am very excited wat will happen next….and pls dont reveal the next part now itself yaar…it wil loose the thrill…just give a hint or synopsis in short…keep us guessing more….??

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