Saath Nibana Saathiya- Gopi’s Destiny Part 1


A few days later, this is the last episode of the current track. In prison, Trishna is explaining her plan. ” Gopi will lose her biggest strength. Tarap tarap ki mari gi- bechari. Pari, are you sure Naiya will come here?”
” I am sure she will come. I am her only hope.” Pari says.
” Yes, my grandaughter is just like me.” Gaura grins.
” We will have to wait for Naiya then.” Trishna says. After an hour, Naiya arrives with the constable to talk to the four women.
” Greetings, Pari and baa.” Naiya says. ” I need your help.”
” See?” Pari shouts. ” I knew she would come for our help.
” What do you want Naiya?” Gaura asks.
” I failed to obtain Vidya’s baby but now I want to rule that house. My in laws kicked me out and now even mother and father will not give me the wealth I want. They are getting me married to that Prateek, Kinjal’s son!” Naiya cries.
” God forbid, that strange boy, your parents are marrying you off to that strange boy. They are marrying you off to such a poor family!” Gaura yells. ” This is all that Kokila’s idea to punish my grandchildren after punishing me.
” Calm down, Gaura. Listen, Naiya. I have a very big task for you. I will not say thank you to you after this. People say thank you to me.” Trishna says.
” But what if I am caught?” Naiya asks.
” You won’t be caught. Do whatever I tell you.” Trishna says.
” But it is Molu’s wedding with Shruti tommorrow.” Naiya says.
” Excellent Naiya, the perfect opportunity.” Tripti says.
” Naiya, do this…” Trishna goes on about the plan.
The next day, it is Molu’s wedding and the Modi family are very happy. They have invited all guests including Parvati and her family. Kokila recieves a phone call from a anonymous person. ” Hello, who is this?”
” Kokila Modi, come to the docks and meet me. I have some valuable information to tell you about your enemies planning to harm your enemies.” The person says. ” Do not tell the police or I will kill your family and shed their blood.” Kokila agrees and goes to the docks.
Enter Naiya and her goons with guns. Kokila is shocked. ” What is this? Why have you called me here?”
” Mera badla. You have harmed my family long enough.” Naiya replies, taking out a gun. Kokila runs and hides. She rings Gopi.
” Hello, Gopi. Please help me. Naiya is trying to kill me.” Kokila cries.
” Maaji! Naiya is doing that! Wait there, I am coming.” Gopi arrives at the docks. She sees Kokila. ” Maaji, don’t worry I am here.”
” Gopi, thank god you are here. My bahu.” Kokila cries. Behind Gopi, Naiya comes and shoots Kokila. Kokila falls into the water.
” Maaji!” Gopi screams. Gopi runs to the water and tries to hold Kokila’s hand. ” Don’t leave me Maaji.”
” Always stay happy, Gopi. Protect my family and never let them any evil eye upon them.” Kokila finally drowns. Gopi looks shocked, crying for her mother in law who was dead. But she did not want to give up. She knew Naiya killed her mother in law. She sees a gun behind her, picks it up, and then leaves it on the floor.
Gopi arrives at the Modi house at her depressed state. The Modis ask her what happened. She said that Maaji is dead. The Modis cry effortlessly. Gopi told the Modis that Naiya killed Kokila.
” Me? Killed Baa ji? Have you gone crazy?” Naiya screams.
” You killed my Maaji. She told me herself.” Gopi shouts, trying to strangle Naiya.
” Where is your proof?” Naiya replies. Gopi does not say anything. ” You have no proof that is why you are quiet!” Gopi slaps her.
” Mind your tone. I am elder than you! Besides, I will punish you. The police are here already. Maaji dropped her phone before she was killed. I gave the number of which person called her. The police will find out who the caller was. Then you will pay.” Gopi shouts. The police arrive. ” Inspector arrest her.”
” Who do you think you are Gopi? You trying to fool the police?” Inspector yells.
” What are you saying?” Gopi asks. The Modis get confused.
” Inspector tell us, who was the caller?” Ahem asks.
” The caller was none other than your wife, Gopi Modi! And if you want more proof that Gopi did all of this, her fingerprints were on the gun found near the crime scene. She also has a crime record of killing her sister.” Inspector says.
” No inspector ji. I did not do this. This is all her plan to trap me.” Gopi pleads. Ahem grabs her and slaps her.
” You killed my mom!” Ahem yells.
” I did not kill Maaji Ahem ji. She was my mother. Why would I kill her?” Gopi cries.
” Inspector, take her away from her. I do not want to see her face.” Gopi is arrested and taken to prison.
It is Gopi’s trial and the whole Modi family is present. The judge starts the trial. ” Gopi Modi, on trial, for the murder of Kokila Modi.” During the trial, evidence against Gopi is presented. Gopi pleads that her only evidence is her family, who will tell the whole court how much Gopi loved Kokila.

First comes Ahem. ” Gopi was shy at first when she became Modi bahu. But slowly she became very assertive and arrogant. She wanted to become powerful and so she killed my mother. She destroyed my family, she ruined everything. Betrayed our trust.”
Then Rashi comes, ” Gopi can never do this. She loved Kokila. But the evidence against her, I do not know if I should trust her.” Rashi thinks to herself that if she takes Gopi’s side, she will be kicked out. ” Gopi definitely killed Kokila for power. Kokila was the head and then Gopi wanted to be head. I ashamed to call her my sister. She has destroyed my family.”
” How can you say this, Rashi ben.” Gopi cries.

” It is the truth.” Rashi says, trying to control her tears. She wanted to say sorry, but she could not.
Next comes Vidya, ” My mother can never do this…” Gopi looks up in happiness. ” She is not my mother.” Gopi looks in shock. ” She is one of those selfish mothers who only care about power and money. She is a powerhungry woman. She is the worst mother in the world!” Gopi cries endlessly. The judge speaks-

” I now pronounce Gopi Modi guilty. I sentence you for life in prison.” Gopi cries. The police take her.
A few days later, after being taunted by Gaura, Pari, Tripti and Trishna in prison and tortured by other prisoners. A veiled woman enters weak Gopi in the cell. She tells Gopi her story and how she was in a similar situation. She hands over a knife to Gopi, telling her to be with her Maaji or live in hell forever in the prison. Gopi takes the knife ands slits her throat.
The Modis arrive and cry seeing Gopi’s dead body. Gopi is sent away for cremetation.

18 years later….
In the Agarwal house in Mumbai, Parvati enters a room with a young girl. ” Durga, my grandaughter, is looking so lovely today.” The girl turns around, she is none other than Gopi.

Precap- Durga/Gopi sings Gopal Krishna while praying to Krishna with the Agarwals. Parvati informs her that Diwali is a day of new beginnings.

Credit to: Isaaq

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  1. There you have it guys. Kokila is dead and now Gopi has lost her biggest supporter. The Modi family hate her now. Gopi has returned as Durga Agarwal. She will get revenge on the villains and also punish her family for betraying her. Gopi will be seen as arrogant and ruthless. Parvati will be her mentor.

  2. Are you all excited about what happened to the Modis after 18 years?
    Gopi is now the CEO of Agarwal Industries. She will pretend to be the grandaughter of Parvati.

  3. She will also punish Ahem by being his business rival!

  4. What is your opinions on the Modis reaction when seeing Gopi?

  5. I named Gopi as Durga referring to Durga goddess who is my favourite goddess in Hinduism just like durga is the goddess of victory of good over evil gopi will destroy evil and fulfill Kokila’s dying last wish

  6. We will also be introduced to the next generation too! This is going to be really exciting. There are at least four families introduced in this generation leaps. So many characters and so many plots.

  7. The families are: Modis, Khannas, Suvanyashis and Maliks. Durga/Gopi has a lot of enemies. Will the most powerful woman in Mumbai able to defeat them?

  8. Btw due to plastic sugary Gopi will now appear to be the same age as Meera and Vidya. Even though she is about 56, she is pretending to be 40 years old.

  9. Leap is unique…pls. continue

    1. Thank you! I will, probably tomorrow.

  10. Very nice.

  11. Very interesting i think writers of satiya should think of it.yaar continue

  12. Always keep writing and never end this and please update regularly

    1. I will I promise lol. Part 2 is uploaded guys…

  13. jasmine Rahul

    They were planning 2 get Nayya marroed to pappu/prateek?Nayya killed kokila n put the blame on Gopi.Oh no.,Cant imagine SNS without Kokila.Rashi is so selfish that she didnt take gopi’s side only 4 safety.How cud Ahem n Vidya also disbelieve Gopi just bcz of proofs?What was Meera’s reaction?Who was the veiled lady in the jail?Did gopi really cut her throat?Then how come she is alive?If she was pretending to be a dead body how did she escape?I was wodering how can Gopi be Parvati’s grand daughter Durga.Now i understand that due to plastic surgery she looks young.but y did Gopi do plastic surgery?Just to look young?Or did her face become disfigured?But how did her face get disfigured?Modis only kicked out Gopi.Then why r they shedding tears seeing Gopi’s fake dead body?Since Gopi is with Parvati I thought maybe the veiled lady will be Parvati.But how can parvati be in jail?This was the most interesting track in KGGK.nice to see it here in SNS form

    1. veiled lady was Parvati and she came to visit Gopi after finding out what happened. Gopi never actually slit her throat- Parvati gave her a death serum so she only pretends to be in a dead state.
      The only Modis that were crying were Hetal, Baa and Meera. The rest were shocked with Gopi’s death.
      Gopi did plastic surgery to look young and remove any birthmarks and fingerprints.
      Meera still loves Gopi and never believed Gopi could do that.
      Vidya hates Gopi.
      Besides, the proofs were pretty strong. Why didn’t Gopi inform anyone about Kokila being in danger?

  14. jasmine Rahul

    Durga is nice 4 Gopi.But there is another Durga in the ff

    1. Current SNS serial- Gaura will kill Durga because Durga found out Dharam is alive- so Durga Suvanyanshi is dead.

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