Saath Nibana Saathiya- Gopi’s Destiny Finale

Durga comes down and Rashi comes across her. “ Why are you here?” Rashi shouts.
“ I married Ahem Modi and now I am your new sister in law.” Durga says.
“ What? How is that possible? You were supposed to marry that old man?” Rashi asks.
“ I changed my mind. Make me breakfast. Won’t you treat your new sister in law well?” Durga replies.
“ You will never take Gopi’s place.” Rashi shouts.
“ It is weird. Sometimes you call Gopi a murderer and then an angel. I feel sorry for Gopi’s spirit now; she is seeing all of this. Make me breakfast and bring me a glass of wine.” Durga says.
“ Wine?” Rashi yells, she is shocked.
“ Don’t play games with me, Rashi. I know your grandchildren have alcohol here so I want some too. Be quick.” Durga walks off. Rashi fumes that she used to rule the Modis for 18 years and now she has to serve Durga Modi.
Durga enters her room and looks at Kokila’s portrait. “ Today, after 18 years, I have returned Maaji into this house. I am back as the daughter in law of this house. I am back to return all the happiness. Tomorrow is Diwali and Sita is back into this house, only Raavan is also present here. Tomorrow, I promise you Maaji that I will punish Naiya for her crimes.” Durga walks away and phones Parvati.
“ Hello? Durga?” Parvati answers.
“ Maa. I have to get ready for tomorrow. Naiya will pay for her sins. After 18 years, I will punish her for everything she has done to my family.” Durga says.
“ I will also come. You need my help.” Parvati says.
“ No Maa, this is my battle. You gave me a new life and now its my responsibility to do my own part.” Durga says.
“ Are you sure you can do this?” Parvati asks.
“ I am positive. I will succeed. Bye.” Durga puts the phone down. Naiya was listening and is shocked. She now knows that Durga is Gopi. She had to tell Radha of Gopi’s plan. Naiya arrives at Kaushika’s house. Trishna is also there.
“ Radha, Gopi is planning to expose me tomorrow!” Naiya shouts.
“ What? I told you Trishna that Gopi will do something. It is Diwali tomorrow as well.” Kaushika says.
“ It is simple. We kill her tomorrow. Raavan will kill Ram tomorrow, definitely. Tell your men, Radha, to prepare for tomorrow. I have a big idea.” Trishna says.
It is Diwali day and after the whole day in her room yesterday, she comes down in her heavy lengha along with Ahem. “ It is Durga’s first Diwali in this house and I want her to do the Pooja today.” Ahem says.

“ But I always do it every year.” Rashi says.
“ But Durga will do it this year. She is the eldest daughter in law.” Ahem replies.
“ Rashi calm down, besides it will become abshagun if you do it all the time.” Laughs Durga.
“ Mind your language Durga!” Rashi shots. Durga ignores and touches Hetal’s feet, who still paralysed. Hetal miraculously moves her hand and touches Durga’s head and then puts her hand down again. Durga greets with Kajol and Krishna, ignoring Karan and Raj. Durga does the Pooja- she sings Gopal Krishna.
After the Pooja, Kaushika and Trishna arrive in the Modi Mansion, along with Naiya. Rashi scolds Naiya- “ Why are you here with these two?
“ Why? What is it to you?” Naiya shouts.
“ Behave yourself and tell them to not cause any behaviour!” Rashi walks away.
“ This Rashi is amazing. Wasn’t she the original enemy of Gopi? It is shame she is good now.” Trishna says.
“ I wish Rashi dies too.” Kaushika says.
“ Calm down. One at the time. Let the party start.” Trishna says.
Meera, Sanskaar and Tripti arrive. Meera greets Durga, “ Maa how are you?”
“ I am fine, how are you? How are you Tripti? Sanskaar?” Durga asks.
“ They are fine. They still think you are Gopi Modi, hence they are quiet.” Meera laughs.
“ Where is Vidya and her family?” Durga asks.
“ Why are looking for that churayl? They did not come because of you. I am sorry.” Meera says.
“ It is ok, I need to talk to you about something.” Durga and Meera walk away from everyone. “ Are you ready for the plan?”
“ Yes I am ready for the plan. Naiya will pay for her crimes today. I am sure.” Meera says.
“ Good. Let us go there.” Meera and Durga go outside to celebrate with fireworks. Naiya, Trishna and Kaushika start their plan.
“ My men have set up everything in that outhouse there. Once Gopi enters there, she will die!” Kaushika laughs.
“ Let’s watch the drama, girls.” Trishna says. A courier comes to give a note to Durga, only he collides with Meera. Meera picks up the note saying go to the outhouse.
“ No! Meera picked it up. Someone stop her!” Naiya says.
“ If we stop, she will get suspicious that we are behind it.” Trishna says. Meera goes to the outhouse, far from the mansion. Meera enters the outhouse and a huge firework blows up. Meera gets trapped in the burning outhouse. Durga also comes there and screams. “ Meera! My daughter!” Kaushika, Trishna and Naiya also arrive. Durga goes inside and saves Meera. She brings Meera- she is not breathing properly.

“ Poor Gopi, she lost Kokila and now Meera. Do you want to know a secret Gopi? Naiya never killed Kokila, the bullet came from my gun. Me, Radha killed Kokila Modi!” Kaushika laughs. Durga gets shocked, she thought Naiya killed Kokila.
“ How could you be so evil?” Durga screams.
“ Don’t cry Gopi. Your second day in this house and you are about to leave. You will go back to jail!” Trishna laughs.
“ You all will pay for crimes today. Look at the projector screen where everyone is celebrating. Come!” Durga says, they all go. Trishna, Naiya and Kaushika are shocked to see the whole thing recorded, right in front of everyone. Everything was over. Rashi comes and slaps Radha on the face.
“ You ruined this family! I can’t believe I did not help Gopi because of you. Radha, you destroyed our family. Without Kaki Ji, we are ruined. But I have my Gopi behen back. You will rot in jail now! And you! You Naiya, were part of all of this. You tried to kill Kaki Ji.” Rashi yells, she approaches Gopi and hugs her.
“ Meera and Kokila are still dead, Gopi you have still lost!” Radha screams. Meera arrives, alive. “ How?”
“ Yes, Radha Maasi, I am alive. They were fake fireworks that we changed. We knew you three will plan this today, Maa called Parvati on purpose to alert Naiya. This was all our plan. Thanks to Krishna and Kajol, we recorded your revelation of the whole thing.” Meera says. The police arrive.
“ Inspector, these three women killed Kokila Modi and tried to kill me and my daughter. Arrest them!” Gopi says. The police arrest Trishna, Naiya and Radha.
“ Don’t think this is the end Gopi. I will be back to destroy you!” Radha screams. They are taken away. Parvati arrives while everyone is celebrating with Gopi.
“ You did it, Gopi. You have succeeded today. Kokila would be proud of you today. Goodbye, Gopi.” Parvati says.
“ Why are you going? I need you.” Gopi pleads.
“ You have your family now. You don’t need me.” Parvati hugs Gopi and walks away. Ahem comes.
“ Gopi, why don’t we all dance and celebrate?” Ahem says.
“ Sure.”
First Jigar and Rashi dance to Merebahaan- Bang Bang.
Then Ahem and Modi dance to Gerua- Dilwale.
Then Sona and Tolu dance to Khuda Jaane.
Then Rashi Jr and Adam dance to Main Agar Hoon- Om Shanti Om.
Everyone is happy and Gopi has her family back.

One year later-
Rashi Jr and Khushi are out in the park. Khushi runs off and meets a veiled woman.
“ Hello.” The veiled woman says.
“ Hi.” Khushi says. Khushi walks away and then she turns around and sees a group of men grabbing her. They take her away. They tie her up.
“ I am your grandmother.” The veiled woman takes off her scarf and is Radha.
“ My grandmother is Gopi dadi. Not you!” Khushi screams.
“ Shut up or I will slap you!” Radha screams. Radha calls the Modi Mansion. Gopi picks the phone up.
“ Hello? Who is it?” Gopi says.
“ Me, Radha. I have my granddaughter, Khushi.” Radha laughs. Gopi gets shocked, phone falls on the floor.

This is the end of Saath Nibhana Saathiya- Gopi’s Destiny. In a few weeks, I will be starting the next part called: Saath Nibhana Saathiya- Khushi and Anjali.

Precap- It has been 10 years and Khushi has grown to be bullied by Radha and Radha’s step-granddaughter- Anjali.

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    i was quite confused abt rashi.she knew that durga is gopi but 2day she said durga can never take gopi’s place.loved ahem telling that gopi will do puja instead of gopi.naiyya overheard gopi’s plan 2 expose her n informed d other vamps.i thot they really trapped gopi by harming meera.but surprise is that its they got trapped bcz of d intelligence of gopi, meera,kajol n krishna.rashi supoorted i’m rly confused abt rashi.sometimes supports gopi,sometimes against her.all vamps got arrested.but rashi jr’s daughter khushi got kidnapped by radha.oh no…
    though naiyya got exposed its not revealed that kajol is not her daughter.when will kajol know her birth secret..

    1. Like I’ve said before, the only reason why Rashi was negative is because sudha had Urmila. Along with Radha sudha was arrested and Urmila was set free.
      Now, Rashi and Gopi story will recreated with Kajol and Anjali. Khushi grows up as an orphan, as Radha lied to her that her parents are dead.

      1. Kajol birth secret will be revealed later on when Naiya returns.

      2. Khushi and Anjali*

  2. It was like reading a thriller story! And the end part made justice to it giving way to next sequel…u already said before this story wil be continued till july but ended today itself so i got little confused at frst but i got cleared after knowing thr is som more in coming days….i am happy finally u showed good wil triumph evil in all ways in diwali day…gopi’s destiny is an epic!!????

    1. Thank you!!! I’m really excited to the write the sequel. The sequel will be better than gopi’s destiny. In 2 weeks after my exams i will start the sequel- set 10 years after the kidnapping of khushi. Khushi will grow up as a orphan bullied by Radha and her granddaughter. Khushi hopes to seek a new family through marriage.
      Both Khushi and Anjali will marry into the same marriage.

      1. Family*

      2. Khushi will be Gopi, Anjali will be Rashi, Radha will be Urmila.

        The Dixit family want a new daughter in law and so Radha wants her granddaughter Anjali to get married into their family. The Dixit family like Khushi instead.

  3. jasmine Rahul

    waiting eagerly

  4. Ohh dats great to hear!!??? Waiting curiously for it!! And all the best for ur exams dear☺☺ do perform well and come out wit flying colors!??????

    1. Thank you!!!

  5. You r a grt. Writer…..hats off to gopi’s destiny….its really an epic….pls. publish 2nd season soon…

    1. Thank you all so much! I want to be a lawyer/writer when I’m older so writing is my talent.

  6. isaaq yu seem to know everything about saathiya. do u know why when tolu molu were in the Krishna mandir school, used to call gopi pari miss???? why did they call her pari miss? plz anyone answer me because this question has been in my head for the past 2 yrs. thank you

  7. who is kushi

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