Saam Daam Dand Bhed 9th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Vijay’s Family Is Attacked

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 9th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vijay reminisces goons alleging Sadhna that she is having an affair with her devar. He realizes that he was forcefully trapped and sent to jail to harm his family. He thinks he has to do something to save his family. Raghav shows Vijay holding Sadhna and stopping her from falling to people and and says this is the proof for their illegal affair and provokes them hat Vijay’s family should be punished for their heinous act. Villagers hold fire torches and rush to Vijay’s house. They break windows and throw fire inside. Gayatri panics and ask what is happening, why they are taking Sadhna and Vijays names. Family runs into rooms to save themselves.

Constable sees Vijay’s jail cell empty and walks him. Vijay attacks him, wears his clothes and walks out. Inspector Hukum stops

him and asks where is he going. He points to empty his bladder. Hukum asks him to return soon.

Mandira pleads constable to free her or at least let her talk to Vijay’s family as they are in danger. Constable agrees, but mom warns constables not to else they will lose their job. Villagers enter Vijay’s house and start burning it. Agastya tries to oppose them, but the hit him and he sits at a corner crying. They then attack Vasu. Sadhna comes out and pleads to spare them. Baba’s goon comes in front and says they don’t have any right to stay between good people and he will spoilt her dignity. He pulls her pallu, but a man comes and holds pallu and dorns it back on her, apologizing for coming late. People discuss he is Kaushalpur’s raja Ananth Singh Baghel. Ananth asks Sadhna to relax and assures Vasu that nothing will happen. He orders his secretary to call ambulance right now. He then scolds people that this is his second home and Sadhna is his bhabhi maa. People say he does not know what they did. He says he knows them well and sleeps on floor ordering to burn him first and then touch his family. He requests people to leave. They wall walk out. Baba’s goon helplessly follows them. Vijay reaches home and panics seeing his home burnt. Anant consoles him.

Mandira goes for hunger strike. Her mother walks in and tries to convince her. She asks mother what if she dies, she cannot even bear child at this age. Mother asks what is she telling. Mandira tells she and papa are not bothered about her, so it is better to die. Mother warns her not to do anything and walks out taking knife.

Vijay thanks Ananth for saving his family and hearing police siren says he has to run. Ananth asks him to surrender. Hukum enters with his team commenting.

Precap: Vikay drinks poisoned water. Hukum says within 15-20 minutes, Vijay is finished. Vijay collapses. Hukum fixes noose in his neck and orders constables that Vijay’s murder should look like suicide.

Update Credit to: MA

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