Saam Daam Dand Bhed 9th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Ananth’s Surprise For Vijay

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 9th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vijay emotionally tells Prabhath’s photo that he wanted to hold his hand and take him to his new house and tell his incompetent brother has become competent. He continues that now he will take care of family well, get Vasu and Agastya treated and get Agastya’s cricket career back on track. Sadhna cries holding Prabhath’s photo while Vijay’s friends vacate home. Apne to Apne Hote Hain…song..plays in the background. Family cries emotionally looking at home and leaves. Vijay finally looking at door and reminiscing Prabath’s words leave on his bullet. They reach home and fix Prabhath’s big painting. Vijay then informs family that they have to attend Ananth’s party tongihgt. Vasu gets excited hearing that and tells Agastya they will enjoy a lot. Agastya says he will not

attend it. Sadhna says why did he agree to attend without her permission, she will not come until he tells truth to Ananth about his and Mandira’s relationship. He says he will and asks to trust him. She says she will not attend party until he solves his problem as no relationship can stand on lie.

Mandira calls Vijay and says she does not want to attend Ananth’s party and cannot continue this lie. Vijay says he will inform Ananth and tell they are marrying in 2 days. Baba cmes and asks whom she is speaking to. She nervously says Ananth. He says let him also speak and tell they are all attending party. Mandira nervously gives phone to him. He is about to speak when assistant comes and says governor has called. Baba leaves. Mandira relaxes.

Ananth checks his clothes and asks his assistant Mehtaji what to wear. Mehtaji says he looks charming in anything. Ananth asks him to bring his surprise gift and once he brings describes his plan in detail.

Vijay and family get ready for party and request Sadhna to accompany them. She says she will not until he tells truth. Bulbul calls him and after a bit of drama asks him to accompany her father for her groom’s tika ceremony. Vijay says he is attending a family function and cannot come. She sadly says bapu does not understand MLA is always busy, she will inform him. Vijay requests Sadhna to attend party, he will go and attend some other function and then come to party and tell everything to Ananth.

Ananth’s party starts. His friends from Mumbai flow in for party and taunt him he got more charming after coming to Kaushalpur and asks if he in love. Ananth asks to wait and watch. Vijay’s family then attends party. Ananth greets them. Gayatri and his jokes start. They ask what is the reason for party. He says he is will and once Mandira walks in he says here is the surprise.

Precap: Ananth throws rose petals on Mandira and walks holding her hand. He dances with her in front of everyone while Vijay and family look sadly.

Update Credit to: MA

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