Saam Daam Dand Bhed 9th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Bulbul Threatens Sadhna

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 9th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angad fills nomination form and taking Prabhath’s photo’s blessings tells Sadhna that Vijay needs him at this time and he wants to take Prabhath’s ideologies to new heights. He takes her blessings and walks into Vijay’s cabin, sees him sleeping and keeps form in his file. Manoj enters and silently checks papers. Vijay wakes up and asks what is he doing. Manoj nervously says he is cleaning room. Vijay asks not to.

Bulbul orders TV. Sadhna asks what is all this. Bulbul says she is MLA’s wife and should get all the luxuries she desires. Gayatri yells if she brought money from her father’s house. Bulbul says she should not forget that even she is living on Vijay’s money and eating his food. Gayatri yells and asks Sadhna why don’t she

speak. Manoj comments that he is worried for Sadhna as Bulbu may throw her out any time, Sadhna took care of family with so much difficulty alone. Vijay walks in. Gayatri complains that Bulbul ordered TV and misbehaved with Sadhna. Sadhna says let it go. Vijay says he will call Kishori to come and take his daughter from here.

Vijay in his new party office tells Ananth it is difficult to form party without investors. Angad says he will speak to his college trustee. Ananth says their problem is solved. Manoj serves juice to them. Vijay checks Agastya’s nomination form and says they found one candidate at home itself. Angad gets happy thinking it is him. Ananth asks is it okay to nominate 2 candidates from same home. Vijay tells its benefits.

Sadhna checks monthly expenses and says expenses are going overboard. Gayatri asks why don’t she inform Bulbul to cut her lavish expenses. Bulbul walks in and asks Sadhna why don’tshe cut her expenses and ask her son to world. Gayatri warns how dare she is to misbehave with Sadhna. Bulbul says it is better she leave this house. Sadhna asks them to stop fighting. Bulbul warns if she goes away, Vijay’s political career will end, they know about upcoming election and if people will know Vijay is fighting for women empowerment bill and if he throws his wife out, he will not win next elections. Gayatri tells Sadhna that Bulbul slapped them with her blackmail.

Bulbul then walks aside crying,calls Mandira and says she continue misbehaving Sadhna. Mandira says she is doing it for her and Vijay and should continue.

Precap: Vijay gives money to Sadhna for monthly expenses. Bulbul takes it and says as his wife, it is her right to run his house. Vijay says nobody can take Sadhna’s place. Bulbul says she already told Sadhna if she is stopped, she will leave this house.

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  1. what is happening to this show its better it goes off air now its really disgusting

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