Saam Daam Dand Bhed 8th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Vijay Gets A Warning!

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 8th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Baba taunts Vijay that his bungalow was alloted to his cabinet minister and now allotted him and says when fate is one’s favor, they dig gold. He asks Vijay to show his bungalow to him and his family. Vijay says yes, and Baba walks ahead. Mandira eagerly looks at Vijay. Sadhna asks what is happening. Vijay says he will explain later and walks behind baba. Mandira tells Sadhna that it is her, Vijay, and Ananth’s plan. Baba returns with Anath and Tejaswini. Tejaswini taunts Vijay that he grew so well because of Ananth. Aannth says it is Vijay’s hard work and he wants to say that.. Tejawini stops him and says they have to go and look after wedding arrangement. Baba asks them to leave as he needs to talk politics with Vijay. He threatens Vijay that independent candidate is not

more than a door watchman and says he wont against his cousin Pankaj and once daughter’s marriage is finished, he will each him a lesson. He walks with wife and purposefully kicks grahapravesh kalash and with his wife taunts Vijay and family well.

Sadhna and Gayatri ask Vijay what is happening. Sadhna asks if he does not trust her. Gayatri says Ananth does not look like helping and was happy like it is actual marriage. Even if everyone forgives him, bald Baba and his wife will not spare him. Vijay stands tensed. Agastya taunts Vijay that he is very selfish and does not care about family, Vijay did not care when he and Vasu were injured and risked his family. He continues venting his anger out.

Ananth and Tejaswini thank Baba for keeping him at his house and invites him for party tomorrow. Mandira asks what party. He asks to attend and see the surprise. Baba says Mandira will not understand and promises to attend with whole family. Ananth then calls Vijay and invites him for the party tomorrow with whole family. Vijay tries to speak and says Mandira. Ananth says he will find her there. Vijay stands tensed.

Vijay meets Kishori and says bride easily agreed for marriage without dowry as he is getting most precious gift, bride who will be his house’s lakshmi. Bulbul gets impressed with this words. Groom pressing Pankaj’s feet says he trapped MLA in their game. Pankaj tells Raghav that his pawn will defeat Vijay and baba will punish him.

Party starts at Ananth’s palace. He eagerly waits for Mandira and Vijay’s family. He orders a special gift for Mandira and says it will be surprise gift for her. Drama continues.

Precap: Vijay over phone tells Mandira that he will explain Ananth that he loves Mandira andw will marry her in 2 days. Sadhna asks him to free her from lies before taking her to Ananth’s party. Agastya says even he will accompany MLA and see his new drama. Ananth gets ordered gift and smiles.

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