Saam Daam Dand Bhed 7th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Baba Shocks Vijay!

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 7th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tejaswini does Mandira and Ananth’s engagement on Baba’s insistence. Anantht tells Tejaswini that Baba exploded engagement bomb, he is in such a hurry for marriage. Tejaswini says there is something else to it as she sees Mandira is not happy at all, usually one in love would love to spend time with partner. Ananth says he knows Mandira only since a few days and asks her to not worry and start wedding arrangements. Mandira calls Vijay repeatedly, but he is busy.

Vijay drinks water at Kishori’s house and tells Bulbul water is very sweet. Bulbul says well does not dry even in summer, it is special water. Vijay says there are 150 other villages in Kaushalpur which does not get a drop of water and people walk far away. Bulbul says he came for their land, but father will

not agree. Kishori walks in. Vijay requests him to sell his land to government for people’s sake. Kishori says Pankaj is giving him double money and he cannot back off. Vijay says dowry is a crime socially ad legally and asks if he convinces groom’s people for marriage without dowry, will he sell his land to govt then. Kishori agrees. Groom walks on road. A car stops in front of him and leaves. He meets Vijay and assures he will not take dowry. He then smirks and reminisces Raghav meeting him in car and reminding what Pankaj ordered him.

Mandira calls Vijay and informs that baba got her and Ananth engaged forcefully and fixed marriageafter 10 days, she is very worried as even Ananth could not do anything. Vijay says he is going to his new house and will speak to Ananth after grahapravesh pooja. Family asks him to hurry up as they are late. He stands remembering recent events and then walks with them. They reach new govt bungalow. Family gets mesmerized seeing such a big and palace like house.

Baba’s wife asks him he is taking them to meet whom. He says someone special for both him and raja Ananth. He takes them to Vijay’s house and invites for Mandira’s wedding. Family stands shocked. Ananth walks in. Baba says Mandira is marrying Ananth. Ananth asks family if they are surprised. Vasu says Mandira chachi was..Sadhna stops her. Baba’s wife yells why did she call Mandira as chachi. Ananth says he is Vijay’s friend, so chachu for Vasu. Baba asks them to attend wedding for sure and walks away.

Precap: Baba kicks shagun pot while walking out fro Vijay’s house. Gayatri asks Vijay if he is sure Ananth is helping him. Ananth calls Vijay and invites him for party. Vijay says Mandira. Ananth says they will meet Mandira only then.

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