Saam Daam Dand Bhed 6th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Vijay Gets Arrested

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 6th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sadhna addresses people that she came to seek their help instead of her husband. She says her devar. Baba’s goon says call boyfriend, not devar and alleges that she is having an illegal affair with her devar. His puppets join him and throw rotten vegetables on Sadhna. Vijay after talking to reporters returns and seeing that and goon alleging Sadhna beats goon to pulp. Angad and his friends try to stop Vijay. Sadhna gives her promise. Vijay stops. Police reaches and asks goon what happened to him. Goon alleges he told truth and Vijay hit him. Vijay tries to speak, but inspector warns him and gets him arrested. Vijay asks Angad to take care of bhabhi and leaves in police van. He is thrown in police lockup. Inspector Hukum Narayan reminisces Vijay punishing him in brothel and warns

that Vijay hit him 101 times, now he will hit him 1001 times.

People continue alleging Sadhna and yell she should suicide. Sadhna returns home with Angad. Gayatri and Vasu ask what happened to him. Sadhna runs to bathroom and cleans herself reminiscing people’s allegations. Gayatri continues interrogating Angad. Sadhna comers out and says Vijay is arrested. Agastya says Vijay must have done some mistake. Sadhna warns to stop alleging Vijay and tells Angad they should go and find a lawyer to bail out Vijay. Gayatri asks to tell what happened. Sadhna says she will tell later. Gayatri thinks they are waste, she will inform CM’s daughter Mandira.

Gayatri informs Mandira that Vijay is being arrested. Mandira tries to leave house worriedly. Her mother stops her. Mandira says Vijay is arrested and his family is in trouble, she need to go and help them. Mother scolds not to step out. Baba says let her go and uses his emotional drama. He says she will harm Vijay more if she goes, so he will go and bail out Vijay. He walks out of house asking guards to keep a watch on Mandira.

Raghav calls inspector Hukum and says Pankaj wants to speak. Pankaj while posing for photos orders inspector to kill Vijay in lockup and make it look like suicide. Inspector says he wants to take out his grudge on Vijay before killing him. Pankaj warns to do as he says, else he will be in trouble. Inspector lets off all constables except one. Another constable stays and says if ACP comes on round and does not find him, ACP will dismiss him. Inspector warns to go, else he will dismiss him. Constable throws a note in front of Vijay. Vijay reads that he and his family’s lives are in danger tonight and to be careful. Vijay gets worried for family.

Precap: People head towards Vijay’s house and burn it. Sadhna and family get afraid trapped inside house.

Update Credit to: MA

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