Saam Daam Dand Bhed 6th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Vijay Gets A New House!

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 6th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Postman stops Vijay and gives him a letter. Vijay sees government letter and feels happy. Postman says now he will get many government letters. He says he did not get promotion since 7 years and now even his children have grown up, requests Vijay for referral. Vijay promises he will do something. Vijay tnen reads letter that he is being alloted government bungalow. Sheela fumes and tells Baba that department did a mistake and gave minister’s bungalow to MLA Vijay. Baba says nobody can pass any order without his permission and it is his plan to keep Vijay from his constituency.

Vijay shows letter to family. Gayatri, Vasu, Angad, and Vijay’s friend dance in excitement. Gayatri says she will name bungalow in her name. Vijay says let us see. Sadhna asks Vasu not to dance

as her leg injury has not healed yet. Vasu says she will also jump and gives her letter. Sadhna reads letter and asks if he wants to leave this house. Vijay reminisces his friend telling about best orthopedist in Bahawalpur and Angad telling about Dhoni visiting Bahawalpur cricket academy. He says he wants to get Agastya treated and get him back into Bahawalpur academy. Angad says he will not leave his house and go to MLA’s bungalow. Sadhna says until she is alive, her family will stay together, be it Bahawalpur or Kaushalpur.

Kishori guides cooks about his daughter’s menu and asks to not make any mistake. Gram Pradhan comes. Bulbul greets him. Kishori asks if he wants him not to sell his land to Pankaj, then he does not want to hear anything and closes his eyes. Gram pradhan tries to tell to think of 150 villages, but returns helplessly. Kishori tells Bulbul that bandmaster will come and she should convince him to lessen 500-1000 rs.

Mandira calls Vijay and informs that Ananth acted really well and made family believe that he is really marrying her. She says she is very excited to marry him and enter his house. Vijay says she will enter his Bahawalpur house and says government allotted him bungalow. She gets very excited and asks if he informed Sadhna about their plan. He says no and he will. She asks not to delay it. He says he is busy and will call her later. She goes down and sees Baba talking about marriage after a week to Ananth. Mother says it is her engagement today. Mandira is shocked. Tejaswini insists her to sit for engagement next to Ananth. Mandira sits sadly.

Vijay reaches Kishori’s house and knocks door. Bulbul opens door and drops color o him and then apologizes, calls him bandmaster. He surprisingly asks what… She says he is bandmaster and asks to lessen 750 rs. Her friend informs he is MLA Vijay. She gets nervous and apologizes him. He asks her to wash his hand. She does engrasped in his dreams.

Precap: Baba gives invitation of Mandira and Ananth’s wedding to Vijay. Family is shocked to hear that.

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