Saam Daam Dand Bhed 5th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Vijay Impresses Public

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 5th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vijay’s supporters meet him at his home. Vijay thanks them for coming and supporting him. Supporters say they have do double hard work. Vijay’s friend enters and says Pankaj bought all news publishers and nobody is ready to print their advertisement. Angad says they don’t have money to print even pamphlets, how will they campaign now. Gayatri comments it is like preparing food without salt. Vijay smiles hearing salt. Angad asks why he is smiling when they are in tough situation. Vijay says he will ask salt from people. He goes to an old lady’s house and says he wants a pinch of salt from her so that when he wins, he can repay debt of salt. Lad says all politicians asked vote as their birth right, he is the only person who is asking salt to repay debt. She brings salt and

drops a pinch in his bowl. He reaches whole locality.

Reporters cover Vijay’s campaign and praise his unique way. Baba watches news with his close aides. Mamaji praises Vijay and says he is very intelligent and will defeat Pankaj easily. Baba asks him to get salad and starts thinking.

Vijay continues campaigning and addresses people in chowk. Someone asks how much money he will give as he can run his house for 4-5 days easily during each election. Vijay says he will not given a single penny, he will give better future to their children and work hard for their village’s betterment. People shout slogan they will vote him. He asks to be louder. They repeat.

Mamaji again praises Vijay and says reporters are giving him free publicity. Baba says he underestimated Vijay. He sees Sadhna slipping and Vijay holding her in news and gets an idea. He asks his aide Sheela to call urgent meeting. Pankaj and all other party members enter and ask urgent meeting is called. Mandira hears that and thinks she needs to know what Baba is up to. They all gather in Baba’s meeting room. Baba asks Pankaj to taste dish on plate. Pankaj tastes and says it is very salty. Baba says salt is playing spoilsport. Mandira enters with tea and says she wants to serve tea to everyone and sit in meeting. Baba says she is not needed and asks her to leave. Sheela takes her aaway. Mamaji comments niece’s ears are very sharp and they need to be careful.

Vijay and Sadhna get ready for campaigning. Gayatri comments on Sadhna to be careful. They both leave on bike. Mandira calls Vijay to inform that her Baba is up to something, but he does not pick call. Baba shows Sadhna and Vijay’s video to party members and explains his plan to allege that Sadhna and Vijay are having an illegal affair. Sadhna gives speech on dias. Baba’s goon mingles with public and alleges Sadhna that she is having an affair with Vijay. Drama continues.

Precap: Baba’s goon alleges Sadhna that she is having an affair with Vijay and Vijay killed Prabhath, they should call Sadhna as sinner. Police arrests Vijay and put him behind bars. Inspector over phone tells Baba that he will finish Vijay in lockup itself.

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