Saam Daam Dand Bhed 5th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Vijay Doubts Mandira’s Hand In Bulbul’s Sudden Change in Behavior

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 5th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sadhna tells Vijay that she asked Bulbul to stay in her room. Bulbul walks down saying it is lie, asks Sadhna why she is lying as an elder, she wanted a big room, so took it. He warns other family members that she will stay the way she wants and nobody should dare to oppose her. She walks to her room. Vijay follows her and angrily asks what is she doing. Bulbul says what wrong did she do, she just asked room and did not ask Sadhna to get out of house. Vijay angrily holds her hand, but the calms down and says he knows something is wrong, she is not the Bulbul he loves. He says that Bulbul is dead, every girl dreams about living in a big house, what is wrong in that. She asks him to go now as she needs to shift things. Vijay angrily walks down.

Gayatri provokes Sadhna to beat Bubul

with broom and teach her a lesson. Servants bring down cartoons. Ananth with Mandira walks in and asks Vijay if they came in wrong time. Vijay says no and asks reason for coming. Ananth says he prepared party candidate list. Mandira walks to Sadhna and asks if everything is fine. Sadhna nods yes and leaves. She walks to room and sees Vasu crying, Vasu says she will go and confront Bulbul. Sadhna stops her and says soon Bulbul will realize Vijay’s goodness and will change her behavior. Bulbul repeteadly calls Mandira,
but Mandira rejects it. Vijay notices it followed by Vasu.

Bulbul walks out of house alone. Vasu follows her. Bulbul reaches mall and meets Mandira. Vasu thinks why chachi is meeting Mandira didi. Bulbul tells Mandira that she cannot misbehave with Vijay and family more, they don’t get angry at all, she is feeling guilty for misbehaving with Sadhna. Mandira asks her to continue misbehaving even more if she wants Vijay to hate her. She sees Vasu peeping and says whole family has come for shopping and calls Vasu.

Vijay reminisces seeing Bulbul’s number on Mandira’s mobile. Angad shows him investor list and his speech to impress them. Vijay praises that he took care of his work well and asks what he wanted to say. Angad happily picks nomination file, but someone calls Vijay before seeing it and leaves. He meets people in garden. Manoj pushes Angad in front of Vijay. Angad falls on Vijay’s feet and says he is taking his blessings. Vijay is surprised. Angad says since he cannot play cricket, he is thinking of joining politics and is filing nomination via his party. Vijay gets happy.

Bulbul drags Vasu home and yells at Sadhna that she sent her daughter to spy on her. Sadhna slaps and beats Vasu. Vijay rushes to rescue Vasu. Bulbul feels guilty, but continues her drama..

Precap; Bulbul asks salesman to show costly saris as she is MLA’s wife.
She goes aside. Vijay sees Mandira’s phone in her mobile. Bulbul returns and gets tensed.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. the show started off nicely but as usual the good girl had to be bad. bakwass serial let go of the serial before it goes down worse

    1. I completely agree with you

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