Saam Daam Dand Bhed 4th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Mandira Troubles Bulbul

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 4th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mandira as Misri apologizes Bulbul for throwing away food. Bulbul says she will bring another food. Mandira asks to bring spicy food. Bulbul says she told she does not like spicy food. Mandira thinks who knows what else Misri h ad told. Bulbul says she forgot pregnant women crave for different foods, she will bring her spicy food. Mandira thinks wait and watch what she will do to Bulbul. Bulbul walks down to prepare food for Misri. Sadhna says this food is not so spicy, she can give it to Misri. Bulbul says Misri needs spicy food. Vijay says Misri can sprinkle spices on food. Bulbul says it is just spicy kofta and paneer, she will prepare it fast. Gayatri says Mandira used to like spicy kofta and paneer.

Bulbul serves food to Misri and tired goes to have food. Misri calls

her again and says she is having leg edema and pain, if she can press her legs. Bulbul happily agrees. Gayatri hears that and tells Sadhna that she has seen Sadhna pregnant twice, but never leg edema so early, Misri is overacting a lot. Vijay feels same and confronts Bulbul that she is doing good job, but cannot take care of Misri alone, so he will hire a nurse. Bulbul says she will not let anyone else take care of her child. Vijay says child is not born yet, it is for Misri. Bulbul insists, she does not need anyone else’s help to take care of her child. Vijay helplessly gives away.

Mandira enjoys troubling Bulbul and thinks after 3 months, she will come out in front of everyone and will show her rights on Vijay. She removes her burnt mask and thinks it is very irritating, but she is enjoying troubling Bulbul. Bulbul walks in . She hides face. Bulbul asks what happened. Mandira starts drama. Bulbul leaves.

Vijay is sound asleep. Mandira walks to his room and holding Vijay’s hand thinks he never let her come near him, now he has to accept her at any cost soon. He wakes up sensing someone holding his hand. Mandira hides. Vijay walks out and sees Bulbul sleeping in Vasu’s room. He sends Vasu to his room. She taunts if she should fix do not disturb board and leaves. Vijay sleeps next to Bulbul. Mandira watches them and thinks she has come here to trouble Bulbul. She returns to her room and shouts. Bulbul runs to her room. Mandira says she is having stomach ache. Bulbul says she will call doctor. Mandira says she will be fine with hot water massage and asks BVulbul to bring hot water. Bulbul gets her water. Mandira locks herself into bathroom and kicks out bucket and shouts. Bulbul gets worried and asks what happened. Mandira continues acting. Vijay enters and forcefully opens bathroom door and asks why she was shouting. Mandira says she slipped. Vijay says good nothing happened to her. Bulbul says what if she had falled on her stomach and something had happened to her child. She continues panicking while Vijay tries to calm her own unsuccessfully.

Precap: Vijay walks into Mandira’s mental hospital room while nurse tries to stop him and seeing Mandira missing asks where is Mandira. Bulbul opens Misri’s room’s window and stands shocked.

Update Credit to: MA

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