Saam Daam Dand Bhed 4th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Mandira Goes Against Parents

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 4th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vijay reaches Mandira’s house and asks servant where is Mandira and if CM is at home. Servant says everyone have gone out except Mandira and he will call her. Vijay calls mandira. Mandira comes smiling. He says she does not seem injured. She says she is deeply injured in heart. He says if she had informed, he would have come without any problem. She says he is busy in election campaigning and is not even picking her calls. She wishes him best of luck for his elections and wish he wins. Their romance starts. She asks him to go now as her parents must be coming. Parents walk in from temple and see Vijay descending stairs. Vijay stops seeing them. Baba asks why did he come in. Mandira comes and says she called him. Baba threatens Vijay that he told him not to use Mandira and his

name. Vijay says he will win with his confidence and not by anyone’s name. Baba feeds him prasad and says he prayed god that Pankaj should win. Vijay smiles and feeds sweets to Baba and says his would be damad will win and he does not pray any god, his bhaiya bhabhi’s blessings are enough for him. He gives sweet box to mamaji, wishes goodbye to Mandira and walks out.

Mother angrily drags Mandira to her room and slaps her. Mandira says Vijay does not even touch her, though she will not resist if he touches her. Mother angrily tries to slap her, but Baba comes and stops her and scolds she should not beat grown up daughter. Mandira says she did not do anything wrong. Baba asks not to mix Vijays personal and professional life. Mother says Baba that he handles whole state, but cannot handle street man Vijay.

Vijay with his friends and Angad drives bike on secluded street when a speeding car stops. Vijay walks towards car to check while his friends ask not to. He gets pulled into car and car speeds away. Friends and Angad follow car, but car escapes. Vijay comes out of car with Mandira. Mandira shows him 50 lakhs rs and says she broke her FD, he can use it for his election campaign as he does not have funds. Vijay says she knows him well, if she respects him, she should just wish him good luck. Mandira agrees. Vijay’s friends reach and laugh that bhabhi kidnapped bhaiya. Mandira asks Angad to wish her love to family and leaves in her car. She reaches home. Mother scolds if she went to give stolen money to Vijay. Mandira says Vijay did not accept money and he will not use their name to win.

Vijay reaches home. Vasu says his guests have come and she will serve them snacks. Vijay says she has grown up now and is helping her in election campaign. She says she loves it and used to evaluate papa’s friends, gets sad. Vijay consoles her. He walks into room and cries looking at Prabhath’s photo.

Precap: Vijay tells he will ask something else along with vote from janta. He with supporters meets janta. Baba watches news and news reporter says Vijay is using unique way for his campaign.

Update Credit to: MA

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