Saam Daam Dand Bhed 3rd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Vijay Gets Public’s Support

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 3rd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sadhna enters Sarvoday Chowk and picks Vijay’s election campaign pamphlet from ground and walks to dias. She speaks that she is Sadhna Namdhari, Prabhath Namdhari’s widow. She is a housewife and does not know to speak well, she wants to bring good changes in Kaushalpur like her husband. A few days ago, Pankaj Chaudhry came to their house and frightened her husband not to stand in election against him, but her husband did not deter and stood for Kaushalpur’s people, he was murdered by some miscreants, now her devar wants to stand for them, if they will support him. She calls Vijay on dias. Prabhath’s students come in front and says they will support Vijay. Pankaj’s puppets laugh that now students will bring change. Students say when nobody was ready to even touch them, Prabhath

sir educated them, they will support Vijay via social media and internet. They repeat slogan Vijay Namdhari Aage Badho, Hum Tumhare Saath hain. Vijay and family gets emotional.

Gayatri enjoys music and relaxes at home when Vasu returns from school and asks to give something to eat. Gayatri yells that her mother went for campaigning and left her here to trouble, she should go and have chana till her mother comes. Vasu walks in sadly. Vijay with family returns. Vasu runs and hugs Sadhna and cries. Gayatri lies that Vasu is crying since she came and did not want food even when she offered. Vijay notices her expressions. She says she will prepare food for everyone, but she is having headache and body ache. Sadhna says she will prepare food and walks into kitchen. Vijay walks behind her, touches her feet, and says he is touching a devi for rescuing him; without her support, his campaign would not have been successful today. Sadhna says she came for Prabhath. Vijay says he will help her prepare food and insists. He walks out and calls whole family and says they all will support each other in campaigning and even household chores, pointing at Gayatri. Gayatri makes her usual weird expressions. Whole family then prepares food with Ek dusre se karte hain pyar in the background. Next morning, Angad asks Sadhna to give money for grocery as Vijay’s supporters are coming for lunch. Sadhna says she does not have money. Vijay gives money and says he knows she does not have money, else she would not have prepared only aaloo poori yesterday.

Baba gets ready to go to temple and tells Pankaj he prays in this temple each year on vijayadashami and always wins, even Pankaj should pray for his win. Pankaj says he will win over Vijay easily. Baba’s BIL taunts that Vijay may easily smash him and win. Baba scolds him and asks his wife to call Mandira. Mandira is busy looking at her and Vijay’s pics on laptop when she sees mother entering and closes laptop. Mom asks to get ready for temple. Mandira murmurs in ears that she is having monthly problem, so she cannot come. Mom asks if she is telling truth and goes down and informs Baba. Family leaves. Mandira jumps in happiness and SMSes Vijay that she is severely injured at home.

Guruji comes to meet Vijay and asks why did not he take his opinion before taking such a big decision. Vijay says he respects Guruji a lot, but will take his decisions himself. Guruji says he is happy to hear that, but how will he win without gram pradhan’s support. Vijay says he will manage. Guruji suggests him to take Kaushalpur’s raja and his childhood friend actor Ananth Singh Baghel support. Gayatri gets excited hearing that. Vijay says he will not as their ways are different. Guruji says in politics everything is allowed. Vijay starts thinking.

Precap: Mandira tells Vijay that papa did not her to meet him outside, so she thought of calling him home. She gets closer to him to kiss when family members enters and shocked to see their intimacy.

Update Credit to: MA

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