Saam Daam Dand Bhed 3rd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Vijay Is Cheated!

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 3rd November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vijay is cheated!

Sadhna busy salaris for Mandira. Vasu says they are very beautiful. Gayatri says she will gift this sari in shagun. Vijay returns home tensed. Sadhna asks what happened and serves him food. Mid way, someone informs Gram pradhan has come to meet him. Vijay gets up midway. Angad and friends also follow him. Gram pradhan shows him water dam project file and introduces him to contractor. Vijay asks why did he stop work. Contractor says work did not start at all as government bought farmer’s land on market rate except one farmer Kishori who is selling his land to Pankaj Chaudhry at double price for his daughter Bulbul’s marriage. Vijay asks them to leave file with him, he will study it and inform tomorrow. He gives file to Babban and asks him

to take it to Ananth and ask him to call after studying . Angad asks why Ananth. Vijay says government office will not give right opinion and only Ananth can.
Kishori’s house is shown. A boy comes to see his daughter Bulbul. Bulbul comes wearing pallu and her friend says Bulbul wants to speak to boy once. Boy speaks shyingly. Friend says Bulbul walks to speak to him alone. Boy walks in. Bulbul removes veil and shows her face. Boy falls for her beauty. Bulbul says she liked him, but not hsi moustache, so if he can remove his moustache and tells a cooked up story. Boy says moustache is his family’s price and he cannot remove it. She asks to choose her or moustache. Boy says he fell in her love, so he will remove it. She laughs and says she was testing him.

Mehta tells Ananth that his film shooting will start after 1 week of marriage. Ananth says his honeymoon will start after 1 week of marriage. Mandira comes and asks if they are speaking something. Ananth says Mehta was cracking a joke and sends Mehta. Mandira nervously says she is worried if their plan will work. Ananth says not to worry. Mandira says engagement, etc. Ananth asks her not to worry. She is worried their role play will go wrong. Ananth says not to worry he will follow this rule whole life. Mandira asks what. . Mehta comes and says producer has called. Mandira says she will speak to him later. Ananth apologizes.

Vijay explains his work list to his friend. Gram Pradhan comes and informs Kishori’s daughter’s engagement is fixed and groom’s family is asking dowry. Vijay asks him not to worry. Groom’s father asks Kishori about dowry. Kishori says he will.

Pankaj informs Baba that Bulbul is getting engaged and Vijay is risking even his life to ward off dowry issue. Baba says it is good, let his lose his life.

Vijay calls Ananth and asks if he studied dam file. Ananth says if he knows he is getting married. Vijay thinks someone is around and acts. Ananth says he will be performing a permanent lifetime role. He asks Vijay if he will not congratulate. Vijay says thank you. Ananth says he has to congratulate him and says he is studying file and suggests not to commit before he replies. Vijay says yes. Family hears his conversation and Vasu asks whom Ananth is marrying. Vijay thinks if he should inform family about the drama or not.

Precap: Vijay goes to meet Kishori. Bulbul thinks him as band master and scolds him. Vijay over phone informs Mandira that he will soon tell bhabhi about the drama. Mandira gets tensed hearing Baba telling Ananth that marriage is fixed next week. Baba does Ananth and Mandira’s engagement.

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