‘Saam Daam Dand Bhed 3rd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Badki Daadi Does Bulbul’s Makeover

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 3rd July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bulbul wearing face pack throws rose petals on bed and lights perfumed candles thinking BD is forcing her to all this, but hopes Vijay’s anger calms down. She imagines Vijay getting romantic to her and feels shy. Kyun Aata Hai Seene Me…song… plays in the background. Vijay returns home in rain and sees Mandira standing in parking lot crying. He asks if she is crying, let us go inside. She says is afraid if she is remarried, her new husband will torture her like Ananth. Vijay says she does not have to worry, he will enquire about groom thoroughly and BD is very experienced, she will also enquire about groom. Mandira continues acting and says she does not want to marry, but cannot back off as the person who helped her a lot will feel bad. Vijay asks who is it. Mandira acts

and says Bulbul. Vijay is shocked and asks if Bulbul is forcing her to marry. Mandira thinks if she tells yes, Vijay will question Bulbul, and her lie will be caught, so she should not lie. She tells Bulbul did not force her, but if she gets married and gets out of their lives, he and Bulbul will reunite. Vijay asks why she is blaming Bulbul then, Bulbul never thinks of harming anyone. He says if she does not want to marry, she should not. Mandira says if her new husband comes to know about her past with him, her husband will trouble her. Vijay asks her not to think much and come in. Mandira thinks she will marry Vijay at any cost.

Bulbul eagerly waits for Vijay and sleeps sadly seeing candles ending almost. Vijay enters late night and walks away, leaving Bulbul sad. Next morning, BD asks Bulbul if she lured Vijay last night or not, she does not even show her waist, how will she lure Vijay. Bulbul says she tried last night and even lit perfumed candles, but Vijay came late night and did not even look at her. BD says she has to become Menaka and lure Vijay and now she will teach her how to get attractive and show her sensuous move. Bulbul says she is her mother. BD says she is her saas, but mother to Mandira. Bulbul gets sad. BD says she will see off Mandira like a mother and wants a great grandchild form Bulbul and Vijay. Bulbul gets shy. BD then gives makeover to Bulbul.

Gayatri works in kitchen yelling BD gave her work when boys are coming to see Mandira. BD calls Gayatri and scolds to do her work properly. She asks Agastya to recheck all CCTV cameras and thinks she will watch Mandira and boys’ drama. Gayatri shockingly shakes hands. Sadhna asks what happened to her. Gayatri says ugly woman became beautiful. Bulbul walks down. Even Sadhna is surprised seeing her makeover. Vijay gets mesmerized with her beauty. Mandira comes and stands in front without noticing Bulbul. Gayatri says she is looking too beautiful. Mandira thinks she is addressing her and says thanks. Gayatri walks to Bulbul ignoring Mandira and asks if she gulped turmeric and sandalwood paste, she is glowing. She pinches her waist. BD says her bahu is very happy and glowing. She asks Vijay to comment on his wife’s beauty. Vijay sits silently. BD taunts he has to praise his wife’s beauty. Agastya taunts their eyes are locked. BD asks Bulbul to get Mandira ready before boys come. Mandira says she herself will get ready. BD says let her give some work to her bahu.

Bulbul walks towards Mandira’s room when she see Vasu smiling at Yug and ask Angad if they know details about Yug. Angad says Yug works for Vijay, and she should not bother to know much. who fumes in anger and taunts she is copying her. Bulbul says she will never copy her. Mandira says she cannot. Their nok jhok starts again. Mandira asks to stop swayamvar drama. Bulbul says it is not a drama and warns not to eye on her husband and to get married and leave this house. Mandira sits fuming.

Precap: no precap.

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